Janet Jackson Cancels Unbreakable Tour

Janet Jackson Cancels Unbreakable Tour

Janet Jackson Cancels European Leg of Unbreakable Tour

So, I’m sure you guys have heard by now that Janet Jackson has canceled the European leg of her Unbreakable Tour. As a longtime fan I wish I could tell you this comes as a shock to me, but honestly, it does not. Janet’s ability to tour without repeated cancellations has been compromised for quite sometime now. The minute I heard Janet was touring last year, I knew in the back of my mind it would eventually be canceled. If you’re a longtime Janet fan as well, then you know what I’m talking about.

Janet is finished with music. It’s been my opinion for a while now that she no longer has any desire to perform or be in the public eye. Janet’s been famous since she was about 8 years old and I think she’s done with it all. The grind, the hustle, the game… I don’t think it excites her anymore.

This entire Unbreakable era has felt like an afterthought. She’s only released one single and video from the album. She hasn’t done any interviews or any real promo. Janet just hopped right on the touring circuit and I think after a few months it started to get to her… the monotony of it all.

Janet’s either tired of the grind or whatever illness reportedly caused her to postpone the tour last year has returned. I pray it is the former. I don’t think the world is ready to lose another Jackson, I know I’m not.


  1. I think we all saw this coming.
    Good luck Janet with whatever comes next.

  2. Well, this news is unfortunate. I am so glad I saw Janet on her last three tours (Discipline, Up Close and Personal and Unbreakable), two of which were cancelled (Discipline and now Unbreakable). All three tours while not elaborate in production were fabulous and something to see. Love Letter to Janet: I have been a Janet fan my whole life and own all of her albums and DVD concerts and video releases. I want the absolute best for Janet personally, as she has given the world her God given talent and entertained most of us our whole lives. Janet was entertaining before I was born, and is a legendary singer, dancer, writer, producer, actress, visionary, and philanthropist. Janet has given more than enough to the public and paved the way for many of the Pop/RnB artists of the last 20 years, and unfortunately the appreciation she has received from the public and mass media has been sporadic. They either wanted to tear her down or build her up, even unfairly comparing her to MJ when he was alive and saying that she was better than her brother. In an effort to perhaps tear down MJ, and we’ve never seen or known of a greater entertainer. Now they put down Janet to build up the newer acts like Beyoncé and at a time Britney. Like Whitney, Janet was respected and adored at times, and brought down when it was convenient. Unlike Whitney, Janet appears to not have any vices and appears to have a solid marriage to fall back on. However Janet’s last name is Jackson, and to some that is disturbing and cause for ridicule. The “Famous Black Family”, the baby of the dynasty, the torch bearer, MJ’s baby sister, The Queen of Pop, to some she has to be brought down and desecrated.

    The guidance/management/creative output between Damita Jo and Discipline was uneven, although some musical out-puts and videos from those eras were wonderful and should’ve received more push/attention/sales. However the projects lacked support from her record label, television and radio. I am sure the black balling and lack of respect by the industry that she grew up in has/had affected Janet in more ways than one. Other Artists at Janet’s level during this same time for example Madonna were still able to have a strong touring presence and overall respect from the industry based upon her past musical legacy, while putting out mediocre music compared to her past music.

    Why Janet decided to cancel the European Leg of her Unbreakable tour is simply speculative at this time. I wish Janet the best, as life is more than a song and dance. One thing I do wish is that Janet will give an at length interview whether it be print media or visual, just to set the record straight. If Janet chooses to do this, I hope she picks a journalist who is respectful and honest about Janet’s musical contributions. To hear what Janet really thinks would truly be refreshing, but at this point Janet may not care to set the record straight, as she may be done playing the “Game”. Regardless, I’ll be a true Janet fan till the end.

  3. Mrs. Jackson can be described in 3 words Fierce, Stylish, Smooth, On Point and Amazing ok ok that’s 5 words. LOLOLOL I couldn’t stop at 3. I remember seeing Janet for the first time in concert about two years ago. I must admit my heart stopped for an instant. I was soooo happy seeing her up on stage dancing like she was floating on air. She looked amazing her outfit was off the hook and her was voice was amazing.

    Janet has given the music industry soo much she has went above and beyond the call of duty, but she continues to get disrespected and compared to other artists. Plzzzz I don’t appreciate hearing all the gibberish and ridiculous gossip going around about her as do many of her fans.

    As for Janet canceling the rest of her tour I hope everything is ok with her. She’s tired she just wants to sit back and enjoy her time being married. She has put over 20 years into the music industry ok she needs a bit of a break. I am hoping that a new album is on the horizon but Mrs. Jackson has paid her dues and given her fans more than enough.

  4. Janet has been behaving erratically for a while now. The tour cancellations have seriously hurt her standing with fans and the public. To cancel a tour and not even announce it yourself or why is just unprofessional. There is no mention of it on her site at all. After 30+ years in the business you would think Janet would have amassed a team of professionals that know how to handle her affairs, but I guess she hasn’t. Fans in Europe deserve answers, Janet. Without answers all they can do is speculate and worry that something awful may be happening to her. I pray she does not end up like Michael.

  5. I wish Janet nothing but the best. But, it looks like she’s trying to walk a tight rope between being extremely private and also a marketable entertainer. I think she did/does a pretty good job of that in the US. EU is a different ballgame and I think we are seeing the results. In another article, a Live Nation source said that the tour was selling ok. Could some major promotion have made a difference? I think it’s telling how all of sudden before the cancellations were announced, we got all these short vids of Janet talking about the tour. So somebody was obviously telling her that she needed to do something.

    Why is she not doing traditional promo? For some reason, she’s shut down the visuals and her visibility for this era. For someone who’s known for these things, it is a disaster for her brand. Things are just not the same. She wants to be a recluse in this day and age, yet fill venues on a world tour. It doesn’t work that way. I love her and will ALWAYS support, but I wonder if it’s not time to just retire to Doha, play the dutiful housewife role and just be the full on recluse that she seems to want to be. As for her husband, no comment. Since she’s been with him, she hasn’t seemed quite like herself.

    Janet has reached a level of success that few people (let alone black women) have achieved. She has a platform that can be used positively to impact people’s lives — especially in this country. I wish she used it more….hell, I wish she used it at all. I’ve followed her career since I was a little girl and it pains me to see her seemingly a shell of her former self. I’m not talking about the previous overt sexual imagery. She seems to have lost her voice.

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