Janet Jackson Covers Gotham

Janet Jackson is covering the Jan/Feb 2010 edition of Gotham Magazine. The singer talks about her upcoming career plans- which include a new movie (Why Did I Get Married Too), book (True You) and album (untitled). Janet also quickly touches on her brother’s death, as well as why Jay-Z and Alicia Keys’ “Empire State of Mind” reminds her of time she spent with her brother when she was younger.


  1. those pictures are old. those are from when she was doing promo for her album “discipline”. besides that i hope she is truly doing well.


  2. Miss Janet looks amazing! I hope her new album is out sooner rather than later.

  3. i wish miss jackson all the luck in the world. she deserves a great year.

  4. Pray For The Children, yes those pics are old and I think were actually used in another magazine. Have no idea why Gotham would use them. The interview however is new.

    Heads up- word is Janet has two new covers and photo shoots coming up- one with Essence mag.

  5. Janet looks great in these pictures…….I wonder if they were taken this year??????

  6. All the years I’ve been a fan, I have never heard her refer to herself as a Christian. Nice to see her seeking a stronger relationship with the Creator.

  7. I love Janet! My favorite concert was one hers! And this bish can definitely put on a damn show! =)

  8. Much love to J and the entire Jackson family. May they always endure and never let outside forces pull them apart. I wish nothing but the best for her and the entire family.

    Michael Jackson & The GOLDEN 80S 4EVER!!!

    Peace in the spirit of my hero, Malcolm X.

  9. Love the interview. Old pics but still FIERCE! And Im not going to even front…IM SO HAPPY JANET IS A CHRISTIAN!

  10. @ Kanyade, im gonna echo that:
    LOVE. HER. that is all.
    recycled pics or no…PERIOD!
    her inner and outer beauty knows no boundaries.

  11. Janet is such a sophisticated glamorous woman. Wow, didn’t know she’s been living in NY for the last 12 years, here I thought she was still living in Malibu.

    I’ve always love Janet, but the woman Janet seems more interesting and more real. From her fashion to her aura, and emerging as the backbone to her family, love that. I hope since she is seeking out the truth, she is blessed to find it as well. I, pray that she finds it.

    How cool was MJ , taking his baby sister to Studio 54? MJ was the coolest. Love him always.

    Janet will always be my superhero. lol. Glad she broke up with JD. Sorry but the Princess deserves a Prince.

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