Janet Jackson Likes Being On Top

Janet Jackson After a 30+ year career in the entertainment industry and a 20+ year career on top of the music charts- Janet Jackson shows no signs of giving up her position. Hits Daily Double guesstimates that Janet’s new CD, “Discipline” sold about 180,000 copies- enough to put it in the #1 position on this week’s Billboard chart. Janet didn’t start promoting her new CD until last week when she performed on Good Morning America and MTV’s TRL, which makes her sales even more impressive. Look for Janet to keep up the heavy promoting this week as well. Janet appeared on the Tyra Banks show earlier today and is scheduled to perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live later on tonight.

Janet’s first single from her Discipline CD, “Feedback”, is also enjoying a resurgence on the charts as it continues to climb the Hot 100 and digital downloads chart, jumping from 76 on the iTunes chart to #6 in only a matter of days.

“Rock With You”, the new single and video from Janet will also debut tomorrow night on BET’s Access Granted.

Congrats Janet and welcome back to the top of the charts, where you BELONG !


  1. Good for Janet. I am glad to see her back with a #1 album, even though it sold less than the last one did in the first week. I’m sure her record label is thinking about longevity. Can’t wait for the tour. I hope she performs on HBO again.

  2. Janet is so so cute i adore her her voice her ways she is too cute

  3. Congrats to her. I’ll have to watch Jimmy Kimmel tonight. :brownsista:

  4. Janet is our BLACK GOLD and I am always going to support and LUV her. Can’t wait to see the video for Rock With You and I’m already ready for them to make a video for LUV which is my favorite single from the album. This is Janet’s comeback year and I am happy to see her going ahead with plans for a tour and everything. LA needs to work his magic on Toni Braxton next :thumbsup:

  5. Today was the first time I ever watched Tyra Banks’ show and I nearly fell out when she asked Janet if she could smell her. :noway: Was this woman for real? My God she is no Oprah. Janet was laughing on the outside but I bet inside she wanted to slap Tyra silly.

  6. It was a fun interview–although Tyra is wayyyyyyy hyper.




    THE QUEEN IS BACK IN CONTROL AND IS HERE TO DISCIPLINE US :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :banana: :banana: :banana: :dance1: :dance1: :dance1: :dance1: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: 😎 😎 😎 😀

  8. Congratulations to Janet Jackson and she looks great :thumbsup:

  9. I am HAPPY for her…she shut some folks up! People really made her out to be an awful person since 2004–girl didn’t deserve all that! I love black women…they know how to persevere. Congrats Janet and her fans! If the album falls off the chart tomorrow (which I know it won’t!), she had a number #1 and in this fickle world that’s all they seem to remember. JANET do your damn thing…I’m doing mine. LOL

  10. I Loooooooove Janet, I knew she was going to Rock it. :dance1:

  11. I thought it would be more. How strange is the music industry. Mary j blige sells 600000 copies with an arguably lesser hit than janet’s feedback. I thought the more successful the single, the more successful the entire album.

  12. I’m so happy for Janet, I’ve been a fan since the Control album and I can’t wait for the tour!


    Toni will not work with LA anymore, remember they fell out about the release of her last album with Laface/Arista. It was so bad she broke her contract with them. Which is too bad, she did make great music with him and Babyface.

  13. Janet now holds the record for the Female w/ most #1 albums. Enjoy it Janet, this was a long time coming no matter the sales.

  14. OK Billboard & Soundscan Just released JJ’s official #’s. Its only 1k more setting Janet @181k for the 1st wk. I’m still very happy 4 Janet. This might b enough for JJ 2 take the #1 spot on the world charts. BTW, MJ is the current #1 on the world charts w/236k last wk.

  15. janet’s career is in the the toilet, her last album suxed, just like this one. She has fizzled but I loved, her in the Tyler Perry movie.

  16. 180k is a little low for someone like Janet! But oh well congrats anyway!

  17. Discipline is a great r&b-dance album. Janet deserves to be #1 and it’s the fans who are buying her CD and putting her on top. She looks great and she has been way more gracious than the media and most of those interviewers deserve after the way they crucified her in the past. Ms Jackson is a survivor tried and true.

  18. @Blank

    If the entire industry sold less than her–then it is about record sales being low overall—not about Janet. Perhaps if people stopped illegally downloading everyone’s albums, the record sales would look the way they did some years ago.

    Number One is Number One.

  19. [quote comment=”22447″]janet’s career is in the the toilet, her last album suxed, just like this one. She has fizzled but I loved, her in the Tyler Perry movie.[/quote]
    yo shut the freak up :loser: . if you are gonna hate then don’t leave a comment. i don’t understand why you dumb “haters” can’t figure that out :stop: :hater: :stop:. if you don’t like it then don’t pay attention to it……and seriously is it that hard to spell sucked correctly…..what the freak is suxed :confused: ? it’s nothing. get out of here dude. :thumbsdown:

    on to better comments….

    i loved the album discipline. i was rooting for janet the whole time……and i still am rooting for her. i hope there are a few more music videos that will be released…..like so much betta, rollercoaster, cant be good and such. i bought her album….and i’m trying to get the japanese version with the joint “let me know” on it. i hope her sales are higher than that, period. i can’t wait for the tour…..i hope she does something with hbo again. i’d watch.

    oh and i’m trying to see janet stay number one for months at a time here. so for everyone else here who bought the album and loves it……..tell your friends about it…..your family…. your co-workers? lol. tell somebody to get the album. :banana: :dance: :lol2:

    :bowdown: <— yo i promised the first time i saw this i thought dude was raising the roof……but it’s labeled bowdown. lol. silly me. :lol2:

  20. Go head Janet, I am going to support you regardless. No matter how many albums she sells I will always purchase it.

  21. Just saw her CD out in my area yesterday. I am glad Mama is back :banana:

  22. Janet’s single Feedback jumped from #52 on the charts to #19. It’s Janet’s highest charting single since 2001’s “Someone To Call My Lover”. The Discipline album is also the most digitally downloaded album in the country. Oh Janet is back and don’r forget to watch the new video tonight at 7:30 on BET Access Granted.

  23. I love me some Janet and all but I miss social awareness Janet.

  24. “So Much Betta” is hot! My fav track on album besides “Luv”

  25. La Domina

    Child please, it does not matter if the word is misspelled or not you knew exactly what i meant, because you got off of janet’s clit long enough to cry that someone told the truth abouty her suck a$$ cd and poor record sales…LOL
    Janet’s career is over I guess she will be fat again like you in a few months…LOL

  26. Po folks insulting rich folks, it never ceases to amaze me. LOVEY is a typical hateful sista who has nothing going on for herself so she believes if she can down talk someone else long enough it will make her feel better about her own useless, worthless life. It won’t. Do half as much with your life as Janet has done with hers and then throw out insults.

  27. :thumbsup:@Dana

    But she can’t. Bitter hateful people are bitter and hateful because they are unhappy with themselves. If she were accomplished in anything significant, she wouldn’t be bashing strangers.

  28. I think the new Video is great. I wish it had more color.
    Though this will b made official Thursday, early reports say that Janets song FEEDBACK is now a top 20 hit on the BillBoard hot 100. IF true feedback will come n @ #19 this wk. Last wk it was #53.

    Also FEEDBACK is 2 take the #1 spot on the dance charts where it is currently #3.

    Lastly, the single LUV has moved up 12 spots 2 #34. Again the actual spots will b posted Thursday.

  29. @ Mandy

    Mary J sold a lot more albums because her CD came out right before Christmas when everyone was in the stores looking to spend $$ and get those last minute presents and stocking stuffers.

    I’m so happy that Janet is #1 because she deserves it and Discipline is truly a good album. I’ve had it on replay for a week and still am lovin’ it.

  30. [quote comment=”22479″]La Domina

    Child please, it does not matter if the word is misspelled or not you knew exactly what i meant, because you got off of janet’s clit long enough to cry that someone told the truth abouty her suck a$$ cd and poor record sales…LOL
    Janet’s career is over I guess she will be fat again like you in a few months…LOL[/quote]

    that was precious. but you still suck balls…..i’m not here to force you into believing the truth. the music industry has been in a major slump since 2003. people don’t sell like they used to. you call 20y.o. a suck ass album but you fail to realize that “call on me” been on the charts for damn near two years now. two years dude. not a lot of people you like can say that their joint has been on the charts for two years. and so what if janet gets fat. people are people no matter what size they are. i’m not fat. so nice try but no dice. damita jo was a good album as was 20y.o. so i guess there’s only one thing to say to you…….learn to spell….it’s not that hard. i’m not your child so don’t call me that. and kick rocks. peace. :thumbsup:

  31. Toi Boi, daughtry’s album also debuted around the holidays in 06 but managed to only sell 60000 copies, but their singles did well and managed to sustain the album to triple platinum status. I hope that happens for janet too

  32. I remember back in the day when Janet did Control/Rhythm Nation and I was all over the place, sliding on the floor, kicking my legs and feet in the air, sticking my neck out trying to do that “cut it short” move…lmao…I really love Janet for all that she has contributed to the entertainment industry and the image of black women. It’s no wonder that she is as successful as she is today despite what people have to say. Folks will not agree with everything that you say or feel or about someone, but that’s why:

    “men/women lie, but numbers don’t” – Jay Z :mrgreen:

  33. @Nesh Nesh,

    Sorry sis. Numbers do lie. hahahahahahaha Trust me. Jay Z tells you that–but his Certified Public Accountant and his Tax Attorney will tell you differently. Numbers are manipulated like everything else. Sales are affected by many different factors. We are in the midst of a serious economic slump heading toward recession. People are tightening their budgets and spending as little as possible. While a person may be more willing to splurge on Mary J during the Christmas season (societal pressure encourages this), people tend to get more fiscally minded (i.e. squeeze a dollar till it bleeds) right around this time of year when they begin to pay attention to their finances as they prepare for tax time and/or recover from the holidays. This is a bad time of year to release an album–especially during an economic slump.

    That’s why I believe that No.1 is what is most important. Numbers do lie. Please know that.

  34. La Domina

    speaking of sucking balls, have you heard janet’s latest cd discipline?

  35. Everyone here who visits this site regularly know that I am The R&B fan but there is a reason why Janet outsold the likes of Whitney, Anita, Stephanie back in the day. She has it, it’s in her blood. This album is hot hot hot. Go Get IT!
    I am getting Michael’s Thiller album too; everytime I hear songs from that album I want to cry. Right now in 2008 The Jacksons are still standing strong and it all started on 2300 Jackson street!

  36. What’s Ur Name is a really hot and sexy song. Something I haven’t enjoyed (without a video) in a long long time

  37. [quote comment=”22608″]La Domina

    speaking of sucking balls, have you heard janet’s latest cd discipline?[/quote]
    dude what are you trying to say? :confused:

  38. @Blacksista

    I really love that song too. I wish she could do a video for that one and for “This Can’t Be Good”

  39. @Nefertari
    Oh yeah that one is good too! Basically all the slow songs are great!

  40. Hey,hey,hey. How y’all doin’? Please do youselves a big favor and read what Nefertari is sayin’ because the precious sweetheart knows what she’s talkin’ about. Let’s all throw our hands in the air in honor of Nefertari…..\o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ :thumbsup:

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