Janet Jackson Does BlackBook+Performs On SNL

Singer Janet Jackson graces the April 2008 edition of BlackBook Magazine- and what a stunning cover it is. Janet is pictured all caged up in a Mathew Rolston photo shoot that is not only provocative, but a little bit scary. I love the cover- but one has to wonder what Mathew was thinking of when he had Janet don that head gear for the second pic.

In other Janet news, the singer has been confirmed as the musical act for the March 15th episode of Saturday Night Live.

Update: Janet Jackson’s representative has played down reports of the singer’s hospitalization in Los Angeles on Monday, insisting she was just suffering from influenza. The R&B superstar sparked fears for her health after she was admitted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center late on Monday “with a shortness of breath”, according to US Magazine.com. But the “Nasty” hitmaker’s spokesperson has reassured fans about the star’s illness, saying, “She’s just battling this flu like everyone else. Janet is fine.” As WENN goes to press, it is currently unknown whether or not Jackson has been discharged from the hospital or whether she will still perform on SNL this Saturday, as previously reported.

(Janet’s SNL performance has officially been cancelled according to her press agent)

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  1. This is what you do when you really can’t sing. Any questions? I’m not surprised at the second pic, at all.

  2. I LOVE B&W photography, can’t help it, and I love both of these pictures because I can take the concept and run with the meanings. The second picture, of course, makes you think about oral sex because the focus in on the mouth. Or maybe I’m just very gutter minded at the moment and decided to take Janet’s usually sexual image and say that. Or, um…the only things that really matter mentally is what you see, what you say, or what you hear. I’m rambling, I like the pictures anyway. Makes me want to splash color some pictures.

  3. He was thinking about
    Discipine in terms of the obvious S&M theme of the album and Janet’s promotion of it. That second shot–of the mask, actually IS a device used to facilitate oral sex. I don’t like the pic, it is extra scary–but it is in keeping with the theme.

  4. [quote comment=”22830″]sidk[/quote]

    Before any argumentative types assume that I meant to type
    “sick” here….I merely typed some letters so that I could select the option to receive follow up comments which I had forgotten to do in my real post.

  5. Mathew Rolston is very avant garde, which is a cute word for strange. He directed En Vogue’s “Whatever” video, the one everybody hated. That ugly video killed the single and produced their first flop.

  6. first pic is stunning the second pic is very marylyn manson-esque…im feelin the concept..goes along with “discipline” theme of her cd…..

  7. For those that says Janet does pics like these because she can’t really sing, please explain Mariah’s excuse. While her pictures are not avant garde, she always is in a skimpy out fit that she has to hold down at the bottom. Not hating on Mariah, but stop hatin on Janet. Its quite disturbing and a waste of your time if you don’t like her. Obviously your intrigued tho!

    BTW, the pics are hot. Understand the vision of Matthew before you make negative comments.

  8. The second photo is quite disturbing and very creepy.

    Glad to see Janet is having success with this new project.

  9. [quote comment=”22825″]This is what you do when you really can’t sing. Any questions? I’m not surprised at the second pic, at all.[/quote]
    Hmmm, I thought pretty much every artist did photoshoots for magazines during their album promotion phase? Regardless of whether they can “sing” or not.
    [quote comment=”22835″]Mathew Rolston is very avant garde, which is a cute word for strange. He directed En Vogue’s “Whatever” video, the one everybody hated. That ugly video killed the single and produced their first flop.[/quote]
    You know, I actually liked that video, but that’s my tastes. I like the dark, goth, creepy, Tim Burtonesque, crazy, insane asylum, Toolesque music vids. I like Rolston’s style. Unfortunate for EnVogue that it didn’t work out for them, but at least they took a chance and tried something new and atypical of what they usually did. 🙂

  10. I think the picture is very different i like it. I love different things people does in there life. I do not like trends at all i love looking different from other that what janet is doing. I love the way rihanna dress just very different. They take risks and it going to right direction in my eyes. Go janet do the damn thing. Yes i agree with B im tired seeing mariah pulling down her little dresses lol. If it do not fit u must not wear it lol.

  11. she looks fierce….did you know it is reported that she is now in Cedars Sinai Hospital for “shortness of breath”, check it out…I got it off of perezhilton.com

  12. I dont like to see Janet this way. The first picture is fine but she looks like a damn fool in the 2nd one.

  13. I realized a few years back when I saw her concert on DVD that she had some interest in bondage and S&M. I didn’t realize that is probably way into it–as in a submissive–until the Discipline album and single came out.

    I’m not going to lie–the second picture scares the heck out of me everytime I’ve seen it, but I also acknowledge that it is part of that S&M culture, and that if anybody is going to be getting tied up and bound during sex–its going to be my man and not me…so I’m biased. I’d rather have the whip etc. (Smiling but can’t use smileys on my phone).

    But after I heard the singles and the look of her for this album, I started thinking about her personality overall…and she is a sub…so in that context it makes sense.

    There are black people who are into the latex, leather, whips paddles, and headcages…so I’m not knocking them, its just that my “freaky” has limitations. Call me a chicken but I don’t find pain to be a turn-on.

    But I will give Janet this–She is so free right now. She knows exactly what these pics represent and she is just like “this is me…deal with it”.

    Ialso think she is thumbing her nose at the “puritans” who tried to crucify her for her sexual image.

    Whew…I want to be just like her when I grow up 🙂 minus the submissive scary headcage thing…


  14. LOLOL nefe you too much. But i respect what you saying. I love doing freaky things in the bedroom too with my man but as far a belt going across my butt going to give me flashback when my mother used to beat my butt lol. But im happy she so open and free. I remember when she was shy everyone was getting on her about her sexuality but now she full force with it some people have a problem with it. Go janet do you boo-boo do you.

  15. I don’t know you guys. These photos of Janet look pretty typical for her. It reminds me of the video “Scream”.

  16. I like both pictures and for the person who said that’s what you do when you can’t sing, grow up. The pictures are hot :loser:

  17. hey you guys! :brownsista:

    the pictures look great to me. i can’t figure out why some of you feel that the second picture is scary. :confused:

    the mind that slips into the gutter can figure out what the device her head is in is used for….tee hee hee 😉 dirty me. lol. :booty: 😎

    i like black and white photos….i mean seriously would you have felt some emotion towards the photos if they were in color. :confused:

    i’m new to blackbook magazine so hey but as for the photographer….some say he is avante garde…..i guess that means strange in a creative way. i think he knew what he was doing in this photoshoot. and if janet posed in them then she liked the idea also. :hifive:

    i remember when she was on jimmy kimmel live and he showed these two photos. there was a little silence when he asked her what was the thing in the second photo used for……janet laughs then says ……you know what that’s for. 😎 haha…like kool-aid says”OH YEAH!” :koolaid:

    i think janet CAN sing. obviously. you can trick people once but for more that 30 some odd years in the business…..c’mon dude :hater: . she has talent. so don’t go there :stop: . oh and if you are commenting i can tell you are a fan. don’t deny it be proud of it……you’ll live easier if you let go of some of that denial.

    as for the whole s&m theme. hmm…… i guess whatever you’re into, you do what you want. pain and pleasure…….i have no problem with that. then again i have no experience in the sex department so this is purely an opinion formed by the imagery in my imagination…..it’s quite over-active :lol2: …..lmao it keeps me company during the day :brownsista: . leather, latex and such 😉 …….if it enhances the experience why hate on it. i don’t hate anything or anyone so i guess if i had a partner that was into that i’d try it. but i’d choke the mess out of them if they leave bruises… :booty: …my skin’s too sensitive and pretty for that ish. lol.

    you know i lost my point like 5 times typing all of that. i can’t help it…..i was listening to J DILLA “SO FAR TO GO”. i’ll be back to clarify later if needed. but to put it simply…..these pictures don’t scare me. i don’t feel it’s typical of janet to do these types of pictures. if madonna did this mess everybody would sing her praises. america is one of the most freakiest places if you pay attention. just like everywhere else on earth. i think janet can sing. i actually like them…the pictures that is…..and that dominatrix outfit she has on in the first picture looks appealing….but i think my body needs to finish puberty before i even try to think of wearing something like that. lol :lol2: . peace out you guys. :banana: :dance2: :dance1:

  18. Wow, it actually if for Oral Sex? That is so interesting. What if it doesn’t fit? 😆

  19. It’s official. She HAS cancled her performance on SNL. I wanted to see her live. Sometimes I think she records a different version of the track and then sings over it for her live performances. That’s why I was looking forward to her SNL gig. You HAVE to sing live on their show. Unless you’re Ashley Simpson. ( 🙄 ) As for the photos… I’m all about creative expression, however, I am somewhat disenchanted with this foolishness. I do like the black and white though.
    Okay, okay, we get it. She’s a self proclaimed freaky deaky. We get it already, now can we get to the music? I’m sooo over it. It’s almost like watching your dad go through a ‘mid-life crisis’, YUK-A-MUK!! I love you Janet, but DAMMIT MAN!!! Just sing and dance already…..eesh…..

  20. Madonna was doing this kind of stuff 30 years ago for shock value, and it worked for her. Plus we all KNOW she’s a freak!! I thought Janet was above these tactics and would focus on other things. I’m happy her album is doing well, but at the same time I feel she could’ve come harder than what she did musically. I’m anxiously awaiting her next video. Hopefully it will have more umph than her last one. Nothin’ wrong with expressing yourself and your personal choices, but must we be subjected to all the gory details of her bedroom antics? There is a time and place for everything and for me, it’s offputtting, and not ladylike. I’d rather she save that stuff for J.D. and spare me the details. She’s hurting my eyes! lol I have nothing left to imagine. I’ve seen her naked, I’ve heard her stories, and know about all the piercings and tattoos (including the one of Minnie Mouse giving Mickey Mouse a b.j. ) Doesn’t she know little girls are watching her? There is a fine line between sexy and trashy, and IMHO, I think she is teetering on trashy. I bet if Beyonce pulled this stunt, we would be blowin’ this thread up! Guess she may as well enjoy the ride, no pun intended…..

  21. I can do without the image of a black woman in a cage :noway:

    Sometimes Janet loses me with her boring a$$ interviews and sometimes tasteless comments and photo shoots. There is a time and place for everything and I just don’t think she gets that. I can see her turning into one of those nasty old ladies, you know, the kind that always has sex on the mind and dirty comments on the tip of their tongues :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: makes no dang on sense :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

    But, despite all of that I still think she’s a great performer/entertainer and effortless beauty :banana:

  22. She has a tattoo of minnie giving a BJ? 😆 That is so twisted. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with her expressing her sexuality. I don’t get that “I’m selling this image” feel from her, I get the “I’m expressing myself” vibe in a classy way. It takes more than a short skirt and a hump-a-bump to pull off. I doubt her fanbase really consists of young teen girls, but more of her long-time fans that are mature enough to handle the material. There’s combining your sexuality with your craft, and then there’s making your craft your sexuality and selling that before anything else.

    Off-topic Rant because I just heard the song, I’m going to point the finger at Mariah Carey. If I have to see her roll over in a nightgown with a fan on her again, I’m going to kick a vase over. You can sing like hell Mariah, get to it! If she’s going to make a song with sex as the main focus, make it more like “My All” and less of the simplistic “Touch My Body.” :hmph: With that said, I’ll probably get the CD anyway if it strikes my fancy.

  23. [quote comment=”22901″]It’s official. She HAS cancled her performance on SNL. I wanted to see her live. Sometimes I think she records a different version of the track and then sings over it for her live performances. That’s why I was looking forward to her SNL gig. You HAVE to sing live on their show. Unless you’re Ashley Simpson. ( 🙄 ) As for the photos… I’m all about creative expression, however, I am somewhat disenchanted with this foolishness. I do like the black and white though.
    Okay, okay, we get it. She’s a self proclaimed freaky deaky. We get it already, now can we get to the music? I’m sooo over it. It’s almost like watching your dad go through a ‘mid-life crisis’, YUK-A-MUK!! I love you Janet, but DAMMIT MAN!!! Just sing and dance already…..eesh…..[/quote]
    It’s a damn picture, she’s not on stage. get over it..
    She likes to take risk with photography…. if your a janet fan you should know that by now..
    If you don’t like the pic’s that is fine, but don’t try to bring her down talking mid life crisis…

  24. @Ladylee

    The particular flu strain that is going around causes respiratory problems (breathing, wheezing, hoarseness) and sinus infections. It also makes the person feel incredibly exhausted. Why would anyone with those symptoms attempt to perform or even have the energy to perform?

    I know–I had it. In fact 75% of my office had it. I finally GET it though. People in general, including some black women, in particular, are miserable and need things about which to complain.

    I just don’t “get down” like that. It is too tiring.

    I have all of Janet’s performances that have been cut to DVD and for sale. She isn’t lipsynching when she is in concert. She is singing. She isn’t a strong vocalist, but she does have the ability to sing and dance. Your comment is…exhausting

    I’m really trying to pull away from these forums because I don’t have the energy to waste on people who are miserable, unhappy, and hateful.

  25. @All

    My best friend just turned 52. She is very smart, very wise, and a fair person. I talk to her because she is one of the few people who will “check me” when I’m wrong and tell me the truth whether I like it or not.

    I asked her about why so many sisters seem to have issues with Janet’s sexuality, image etc. and why they seem to think sex stops at 35 or something.

    Her answer was that I should relax and stop debating because the reality is that most of the women who are feeling that way–are just not getting any sex, and haven’t for a long time…so I can’t understand them and shouldn’t try to make them see it my way.

    I believe her. I’m done with this topic as well. I hope none of you younger women (young but GROWN, I don’t advocate teenagers having sex–you have more important things to do right now, like get an education), anyway, I hope that you younger women don’t fall victim to this belief that you lose all of your allure, appeal, and libido at 40. You are as old as you feel. At 40,you have about 40 more years to live on this earth. Enjoy it.

    Take care to all of you. Its all love.

  26. @Nefe or they not having good sex or not happy with there self. I have a long way to go before i hit 50 but i hope i feel like janet when i get up there in age lol. That why i take care of myself and i love to feel sexy. There is different sex appeal about people.

  27. I didn’t expect such harsh criticism for a simple expression of my opinion, but then again, I’m sure Janet didn’t either. It is not my intention to come off as negative, I was merely trying to say that for me personally, it is tacky to go around giving all the details of your personal life. That’s just me. I’m NO prude!! TRUST AND BELIEVE!! If I told you what I’M into, you would SURELY have some more harsh words to spew. I just choose to keep certain things private and personal. When I tune in to see an interview, or read her interview in a magazine, I’m not looking to hear about the penis sizes of all her conquests, and her sexual preferences. Not that it’s offensive, but she’s not my ‘girlfriend’, and I don’t think those confidences should be shared outside certain perimeters. As for me making a reference to her age, what I meant was, at a certain age you learn about modesty, privacy, and decorum. I was just saying for MY taste, for whatever reason, she has failed to execute any of the afore mentioned. I am in no way, shape, or form, a “miserable, lonely, hateful, woman”. This is a personal attack which I find offensive, unnecessary, untrue, and far from a well thought comment or opinion. I’m not on here to overtly bash anyone or try to degrade them or feel less than. Thankfully, I live in America, and I am free to voice my OPINION and chime in on the issue.
    I AM a Janet fan, greater the insult to me when her sexual exploits are more of a topic than the wonderful innovative entertainer that she is. Talking about sex is NOT sexy. I want her to known and or remembered for her great music, dancing, record breaking sales, and talent. Anyone with eyes can see she’s beautiful. That’s a non issue.

    As for her lipsyncing….she DOES lipsync sometimes, so what, no big deal. A lot of artists must do this when they have such fast paced, high energy, intricate dance moves, otherwise it would sound crazy. I’m not mad wit’ that at all. It’s just nice to hear her sing live from time to time without aid is all I meant. Especially on her famous slow jams. I have seen her in concert many times. Having been in the entertainment industry myself, I know alot of the tricks of the trade that are used.

    Look, I’m not “trying to bring the woman down” as someone misstated earlier. Janet could care less about me , or my blogs. However THERE ARE little girls watching her and all I was saying was there is a time and a place for everything, and a lady knows that. One minute she’s accepting an Image Award, and the next minute, …..well, I’ve said my peace. Be blessed.

  28. @ladylee

    I don’t think you were bashing Janet–but I’m not sure whether you were speaking to me to begin with.

    I think that you have a good point with regard to the image award. I also agree that you don’t need to talk about sex to be sexy–but talking about sex also doesn’t mean you are nasty.

    Ultimately, I think this goes back to the “fan ownership” issue. We don’t own her. We don’t own any of them. They are free to do and say what they want and live like they want to live. We are free to choose to patronize their career or to refuse to buy their albums.

    I think that’s just life–you can’t control anyone else’s choices. You can just choose to interact with them–or not to interact with them.

    Sex is a lot like Religion for black people. We have this strange idea that if you are a good, godfearing woman, then sex is some kind of dirty little secret. I was raised that way as well. The crazy thing about it, is that for all of our years of living this way, believing this, and teaching our daughters this–the world outside of our community and even within our community STILL chooses to see us as oversexed. You know why? Because they aren’t looking at facts or even what they see–they paint us this way because of racism, sexism, and a desire to put us down.
    Why should we continue to live a lifestyle to please others when it doesn’t work anyway?

    I don’t love everything Janet does. I like her as an entertainer. I like her interviews, I like the personality she displays. But that doesn’t mean I like her with a cage on her head—I just have accepted that as long as its not my head–Whatever floats her boat.

    I’m getting there with my mission for black women as well. It is exhausting. I am beginning to wonder whether the damage has been done and can’t be fixed and so I just need to mind my business, be the way I am, and ignore what I see. I just never really wanted to feel like there wasn’t any hope.

    But your points are valid. I don’t think you are a prude. Its just your perspective. You are free to have it–Janet is free to have hers as well.

  29. @ladylee

    I re-read my initial post. You are upset at my last line about people being “miserable, unhappy, and hateful”. I apologize for that. I dumped all of it on you when I was in reality talking about the posts regarding Beyonce over the last two days. That has me exhausted but please forgive me, you didn’t deserve that.

  30. @lady

    I see you sis. I won’t be the grey haired lady in biker shorts and a halter embarrassing my sons, but I do plan to be fly and sexy well up into elder years.

  31. Nefertari,
    It’s all good. I hate to go off topic, but I’ll have to read some posts on B and see what was said. Curiosity is getting the best of me.
    That’s funny, :lol2: sorry, I just got the ‘visual’ of the silver haired lady dressed in the biker shorts!!! Don’t get it twisted though, 70 is the new 50!! People in their senior years are looking better and better these days. DID YOU SEE TINA TURNER!! The competion is fierce out there. We all know that ‘black don’t crack’. (lol) Janet and I are the same age and I have NO intention of hanging up my stilletos anytime soon either. I still get carded when I order a glass of wine!! Gotta love that.! Stay Blessed.

  32. Ladylee,

    I FEEL YOU ON THAT!!!! These women in there 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s ARE KILLING IT! It just inspires me to stay in shape for when I’m there age one day. 🙂 LOL

  33. Yes ladydee i feel you on the 70 is the new 50. I been seeing alot of older women looking better then the young women in there 20. I just get wiser of what i wear and how i carry myself plus i have a daughter that i have to show respect for. I know im my comments i love to put humor into it just to put a smile on some of your faces. I love to have fun and im enjoying my life and trying to stay away from the stressful side of life. But i enjoy everyone on this site from the bad comments to the uplifting comments.

  34. @lady and ladylee

    Tina Turner is the bomb. She looked great. Lady, you’ll have to teach me how to enjoy the bad comments.

  35. Lady,
    You said something that struck me. You said you’ve gotten wiser regarding what you wear, and how you carry yourself because you have a daughter. (to paraphrase) Then I thought of Janet. She has no children. She is a GROWN woman and is free to do what she wants. It’s not a law that says she has to be some kind of a role model. Perhaps because I’m a mother, I automatically assumed she would have the same ‘sense of responsiblity’ to uphold a certain standard or image. WOW, I wasn’t planning on changing my view, but you just helped me see things in a different light. I try to choose my words very carefully, and I stand behind what I said as far as ladylike behavior, personal disclosure, and decorum. However, since she really doesn’t have anyone to answer to, (children of her own), I guess she’s in the clear. When Madonna, Angelina Jolie, Christina Aguilerra had kids, they ‘cleaned up’ their act. I guess it’s just a maturation process, and some reach it sooner than others’. Some never reach it. I still say liitle girls that don’t yet have sexual wisdom or discernment are looking up to her. However, it is the responsibility of THE PARENTS to be role models, and filter what their children are subjected to, not MS. Jackson.

    You helped me see something I wasn’t even looking for,…a different point of view. I don’t know if your comments on here are ‘naughty or nice’, ‘cuz I’m not on here all the time. But your last one was helpful to me. Thanks.

  36. Nefertari,
    I know, right!!? By the by, I had to put my 2 cents in on the B blog. Off topic, but how can I put my picture up like you did?

  37. @Ladylee

    Stephanie, the blog owner, posted a link a while ago. I don’t have the link anymore but i’m sure she has it. It was pretty easy to use.

  38. You welcome ladylee we always not going to be on the same page as far as this topics. Some people make sense some people do not. So i just bring humor into it because at the end of the day computer shut down and we going home to r love one or children or somebody. So nefe my homegirl from brownsista i love your points of views u alway make since just keep telling them how u feel, and i notice when u do break it down all i see is u right or i understand what u saying. So keep throwing out that positive words out there.

  39. :stop: Ok “B”. Why do I feel like I’ve been through this before with you. First of all, I don’t hate on anybody. I can hold my own with the best of them..”pardna”.I’m a 6 foot 2 inch 195 pound straight chocolate brother with all the confidence in the world. Believe me when I say I can hang with the best of them. So I’m not Hating on anybody, ESPECIALLY A FEMALE. I am a Janet fan. The woman is fine as hell and can dance her behind off, but she has never been the best of singers. If anything they should be giving her props on her acting. As for Mariah, well to me she’s trying to stay young and in the game. She’s hanging in there trying to keep up with the rest of the “Hot For Now Club”. But this woman CAN sing. She can sing circles around Janet and I won’t even mention how high her octive range is. As far as me wasting my time with my comments? I have plenty of time and if you feel like its disturbing to you? (I’ll keep it clean) that’s too bad. You don’t have to read them. You, me and everyone else have the freedom to speak their mind just like Ladylee and Nefertari. As for Matthew, don’t care about him. More power to him. He did a boring job on my girls Envoge’s video “Whatever”. Now what? Oh and Liyah..I am grown and I say what I want.

  40. @ALL

    Many of you crack me up! I feel it’s like brothers and sisters up in here—which is GREAT! I think many people forget Janet was raised a Jehovah Witness (she is no longer one!). Where she is in her life is where she is meant to be. I wish US as a people would get over this sex and sexuality issue–we are the damn bomb! I love women like Grace Jones! If you think Janet is too sexual then you will not be able to stomach a woman who is a few months shy of 60 wearing a bikin on stage, singing “Pull Up To My Bumper”!? Check YOUTUBE, no lie. But the thing like Grace, Janet has traveled…like I have traveled…you can’t carry American idealogy everywhere you go. Folks, PEOPLE THINK WE ARE SLOW IN THE WORLD! They don’t undrstad this thing we call freedom…cause it is something they have too…and many express theirs better then we do. WE ARE HOLDING OURSELVES BACK. We are the envy…and you know what I mean. I love you all.

  41. @lee

    BIG Hug. I was feeling like “ok..maybe its not about repression–maybe I’m just a freak and that’s that!” Thanks for letting me know that its not like this everywhere. Also, I had completely ignored the fact that she grew up in a strict religion and that might be a factor. I grew up pentecostal. Honestly though–I think I was born this way. I used to challenge people in church about this topic (and get smacked in the mouth by mom) when I was too young to have even experienced it. The secrecy and “dirtiness” just always felt odd and out of place to me.

  42. BREAKING NEWS!! THIS JUST IN….. (This is off topic) Michael Jackson has just saved his Neverland Ranch from forclosure. He refinanced again. MJ is reported to be 24 million in the whole on this property. I wonder if Janet helped him out. Now,… back to your regularly scheduled blogs…..

  43. Correction, I meant ‘hole’. Anyway, how many people will be going to see JJ in concert when she comes to your town on her latest tour? I’ve seen her 3 times, so I’ll probably sit this one out. Just curious to see how many plan on going. She’ll be on tour soon I heard.

  44. I’m a fan i love the way she break it down that sexy sexy sexy, she is super soft spoken super classy fine shaped woman, altought a grown person like me do not stan i adore her as an person and as an entertainer…. but this shot is leaving a bitter taste in my mouth altought i adore her everything she does is not perfect no one is … I still love her but hell no on this shot

  45. I’m going to see her tour in the fall. It will be my first live concert ever.

  46. Nefertari,
    You are in for a REAL treat!! I’m excited for you. Do you mean this is your first JJ concert ever, or your first ever PERIOD? In any event, you are in for a good time, and a night that will be indelible in your memory. I was nine when I went to my first concert. My Mom took me and my GRANDMOTHER to Rick James and Teena Marie. I still remember it to this day. The Ohio Players opened for them !!!! My Granny LOVED it too!!!

  47. Hell yes i would go see her. She came to my town once and she did the damn thing for real. Me and my best friend was right in the front doing the dance move right with her she can put a concert it non stop excitement. So nefe get ready it going to be a crazy nite for you. You will never sit down so wear some comfortable shoes. :dance1: that all you going to be doing lol.

  48. @Ladylee,

    It will be my first concert ever–period. I’ve never been to a concert. I’m excited. My husband though says that I’ll have to drag him kicking and screaming–he is not a Janet fan. He is more old school–like he would go see the Temptations, Ojays, and Isley Brothers but never Janet or Hip Hop. So I’m going to go alone or a couple of sisters who work at our headquarters have said they may come up from Houston and we can all go.


  50. Nefertari,
    Please don’t go alone!! Have a friend, family member, or co-worker go with you for sure! I always say it’s much nicer to share your great experiences with others’. It just makes it all the better. I know you have kids, I don’t know how old, but if one of them is old enough, take the oldest one with. That would be a good bonding experience. In any event, enjoy yourself! P.S. I love old school too. I saw Frankie Beverly and Maze a few years ago, (I even got to go on stage!!) and I’m going to see the Whispers at the end of the month.

    You’re right, it’s one big party!! You only get to sit on a slow jam. She puts on a great show with amazing sets. You must have paid top dollar for those great seats. I saw Whitney back in the day (15-16 yrs ago) and it was a GRIP for 14th row. I’m saving up for Celine Dion. Sounds corny, but I love her voice. Anyway, go JJ
    :dance1: :dance1:

  51. ladylee there nothing wrong with celine at all. I love her voice and music. I like her period she is so real and i see that she love her son and her husband. She is a great performer too. There nothing corny about it lol. Yes im trying to figure out where she going to see janet because if she coming close i might be going with her (nefe) lol.

  52. @lady and ladylee,

    I don’t believe the tour schedule is out yet. I know I will drive anywhere within 3 hours to see it. It is expected to occur in the fall.

    Ladylee, I have 4 sons and as much as I love janet, they aren’t old enough to appreciate it. I’m thinking of tricking my mom into going just for fun. She will enjoy it.

  53. Lady,
    You surprise me. None of my friends are into Celine. Her tickets are already on sale in my town, but soooooo expensive for a good seat. Tell you a secret, this is a big one. Don’t laugh, but one of my all time favs (vocally) is Barbra Streisand!! I’m a total closet fan. But I don’t want to get off topic…

    You’re right about your boys, her shows tend to get a little racey and steamy, if you know what I mean. When I saw her,(JJ) she had a giant bed on stage, and she was on top of some guy grinding the crap out of him. To top it off, she was half naked! :confused:

  54. There r some white artist i do like. I love justin timberlake, hall n oates going back, cindy lauper, that new artist natasha bedingfield. So you is not the only one lol.

  55. @lady,

    That isn’t a bad idea. It would be fun. We will know better once the tour schedule is out.

  56. Ok let me know ok most likely u know she going to do a show down by you more than up here. I would come down and go with you.

  57. @Lady

    Sounds like a plan.

    BTW I like Bette Midler–I’m a musical junkie and she does great musicals.

    Am I the only one who can’t stand Amy Winehouse? I heard her songs and I’m trying to figure out the hype.

  58. @Majesa,

    You aren’t gutter minded. That head cage is used for oral in S&M. I love Janet and Stan for her, but real talk is real talk. That’s what its for, that’s what the pic is meant to imply-it is what it is.

    No judgment but no lies either.

  59. Nef,
    Bette Midler is gonna be in Vegas for a couple of years I think. Kinda replacing Celine Dion. Maybe you and your hubby could get away for a second honeymoon and do the Vegas thing when she comes out.

    Regarding JJ, Nothing wrong with being sexual. Nothing wrong at all. I know it’s just a picture. But remember, a picture is worth a thousand words. Discretion goes a long way, but don’t get me started again.
    Wonder if she’ll ever pose nude for Playboy like Latoya? Whatever happened to Latoya anyway?
    Do you guys believe that rumor a few years ago about JJ having a daughter? ALLEGEDLY, she had her when she was married to James DeBarge when she was around 17-18. I vaguely remember hearing this rumor way back in the day(over 20yrs ago) Rumor had it that her older sister Rebee (centepeede song) raised JJ’s daughter as her own. The ‘daughter’ was allegedly 18 at the time the rumor resurfaced. Do you guys think it was true? That’s around the same time she gained all that weight back too. She was probably really saddened and stressed over the rumor, or possibly because of the truth. We’ll never know…
    JJ seems like she would be cool to hang out with. Under that soft voice and demure demeanor, I bet she’s crazy. Crazy in a good way. I’m waiting for her to join the ‘baby club’ and have a little girl so when she retires, we can have a ‘lil JJ to carry the torch. I wonder if people would be less inclined to ‘dis’ her if she wasn’t a Jackson?

    Off topic, but have the names of JLo’s twins been released?
    Besides blogging, one of my guilty pleasures is keeping up with Hollywood buzz. Wonder if she had a C-section, and how much they weighed? Oh brother, I’m sick with this!! I’m stuck in cyberspace again!! I better get off this doggone thread. Stephanie will probably be closing this one out soon anyway. Beyonce’s threads are the only one that stays open for a long time. Well ladies, take care. I got to get back to the real world now. Be Blessed.

    P.S. I’m actually thinking of starting my own website believe it or not. As a stay at home mom, I have a lot of free time while my son is in school. Since I’m on the net anyway, I may as well get some chips. Any thoughts on this? Pros? Cons? Personal experience with this?

  60. @Ladylee,

    I’m cracking up laughing @vegas. We are both homebodies. I will just watch her movies.

    Janet was interviewed by hot97 Ms Jones aNd they asked her about the baby–I loved her answer. It was belivable and I won’t try to paraphrase it. Think about the Debarge family and why they might want to keep that rumor going. Anyway it was on one of blogs and u can listen yourself.

    As for images–she is way grown…41. If she likes wild freaky sex she is grown enough to do that.

    Good luck with your site. Let me know and I will support your blog. Have a good weekend

  61. hi u guys, just thought i´d put my 2 cents in. ( pardon the english, but as the name says i´m danish) Well i´m a brownsista born and raised in DK.
    It´s just strange how Janets sexuality is such a big deal over there in the US- the woman is 41. isn´t hurting no one- let her be- if she likes a cage on her head- well go Ms Jackson. You don´t have to like everything she does… but let her be herself. // and the superbowl was a fine example of the doublestanderds in your country- the country that has the worlds biggest porn export gets freaked out because of a blacks womans 3 sec. boobshow?! 🙄 Cause over here we were like…that´s it??? I think women should be able to be sexualebeings redgradless of colour. it´s 2008!
    P.s For all of you talking about the tour in fall, i belive Janet said (GMA) that the tour starts in Sept. in the US. Did she have a change of mind?
    Can´t wait until she comes to Europe it´s been too long….we didn´t get the All4you tour.

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