Janet Jackson Enjoy

A new Janet tracked has surfaced and I am loving this baby so much.The single is Enjoy and it was produced by The Avila Brothers.Check it out for yourselves.

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You can also download the track from: DJ Butta.com

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  1. This is probably the song Janet fans have been waiting for.I really thought this was a JJ/TL song.The Avila Brothers really captured the sound and spirit of Janet from years gone by.

  2. Janet is reminding me of Mike on this track- it is so cute.I heard she recorded this the night before Michael’s verdict came in.She said it was the most difficult song she ever recorded.

  3. This is the shiznit here.Janet knocked it out the ballpark with this one.I’ve had this sucka on replay for damn near 2 days now. 😆

  4. I love,love,love, this song omg ! This is the song I have been waiting for Janet to do. I mean the music,melody,and the lyrics are all that. It reminds of old school r&b just like when Lauryn Hill did All that I can say for Mary. This song reminds me of Janet’s brothers song from the late 70’s called “Show you where to go” I still play that song to this day it’s a classic and I know “Enjoy” is gonna turn into one. I’ve been trying to figure out the lyrics for weeks now I can’t wait only 7 days left :banana:

  5. I swear I really thought Mike had his hands all over this track to be honest! It sounds like him I’m glad she ventured out and used new writer and producers this time she didn’t go wrong here at all YOU GO JANET!!!:dance:

  6. Jermaine Dupree is to blame for the demise of Janet’s New CD flopping. ENJOY..is the single that could have been her Mariah Comeback like single. but of course we get two whack lead singles

  7. It’s just not that simple.So many things are just not in Janet’s favor right now.It’s sad really.Pop radio has not embraced Janet since the Superbowl and that is killing her.I agree not the best singles were released and it may be Jermaine’s fault or even Virgin’s fault.20 Y.O is a darn good album with some really great songs but someone chose not to release them and Janet is paying the price now.Jermaine took too much control of an album that was meant to pay tribute to Janet’s first working with Jimmy and Terry.Why was he the Executive Producer if the album was about her, Jimmy and Terry? I knew this would happen though.I knew Janet would allow Jermaine to take over her career when they started dating.I won’t say he did job though because the album is good, but I know it was his choice to release Call On Me as the first single and that was a major error on his part.He thought Nelly was gonna help save Janet but it backfired instead :thumbsdown:

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