Janet Jackson Heads Back to Court

According to news posted on Janet Jackson’s official Facebook page, the singer is rescheduling three shows in Australia so she can head back to the U.S. and be with her family for what is expected to be the final few days of testimony in the ongoing trial of Dr. Conrad Murray.

” I want to thank my fans in Australia for their love, support and understanding. When I planned these shows, the schedule in California was completely different. After talking with my family last night, I decided we must be together right now. I’m looking forward to being with you for the Gold Coast, Sydney, and the Melbourne concerts. You are all so important to me. This saddens me in so many ways. I love you,” said the singer in an exclusive statement.

CNN says the Murray trial should be winding down soon, with the defense set to start their case on Monday afternoon.

To ensure that Janet’s Melbourne fans do not miss out on her “Number Ones” tour, the concerts scheduled for this week on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday are now planned to take place in a special configuration at Rod Laver Arena for one night only on November 3rd. Tickets for all of the Melbourne shows will be honored at the Nov. 3 concert.


  1. Janet has always been a class act when dealing with her fans and going through problems. I have followed the trial a little bit but I can’t decide which way it is going to go. I can see some rioting on a small scale if he is acquitted.

  2. It’s great that she didn’t leave her fans hanging, and rescheduled the shows. I think the doctor is going to jail. He probably won’t get a lot of jail time, but I think he is going.

  3. People think that Janet presence at the courthouse will somehow weigh the Jury decision for a conviction. That is why Janet is coming back, the family and Prosecution needs the Superstar celebrity to alter the decision. But I think the family presence only grabs the attention of the public and media. Like, oh Janet. Personally, watching Janet there doesn’t sway my opinion one way or the other. When I see Janet walking into court, I’m only interested in her outfit and hair for the day, and as far as the other ones, I’m like whatever. It is to be expected that his family to be there. Honestly, I can’t call it on whether Conrad Murray is guilty or not. Because, apart of me believes that he was a doctor that became too emotionally involved with MJ, and , becoming involved in MJ world, I think , he witnessed MJ pain emotional, physical, and actually tried to bypass common medical ethic to help MJ. I think with any MJ fan , the minute MJ discussed his pain , I know I immediately overtly sympathized with him. I think Conrad Murray wanted to help MJ, but couldn’t face the truth, or didn’t want to face facts that he couldn’t help MJ.

    I, believe he did break the law, but also, the other doctors that prescribed MJ medications he didn’t need; but in reality, whose to say that MJ didn’t need to be medicated, since he did have lupus, had pains from his burns , his scalp stretched, the balloon in his head.And anxiety . We really shouldn’t say that MJ was an addict, because noone knows for sure, how much pain he was really in, that wasn’t imaginery.

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