Janet Jackson In FHM Magazine

Janet Jackson graces the cover of yet another major American magazine and the results are nothing short of stunning.

Check out Miss Jackson…

Janet In FHM MagazineJanet In FHM MagazineJanet In FHM MagazineJanet In FHM MagazineJanet In FHM Magazine

Here are the high quality images as well.Be warned though, they are huge.


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  1. I like the cover but the rest are questionable.Way too much airbrushing and the JD’s belly ring needs to be retired.

  2. Don’t like’em.How many times is Janet going to do this? The cover pic is decent enough but the rest are just yuck and Janet’s face looks like a man there.The pic of her on the bed with the caption is just stank.This will hurt her in the long run more than it will help her.She needs to put some clothes on and just stop.

  3. I surely hope the person above me isn’t a male, if so he’s seriously GAY! and I’m gay… but she looks fabola in these pics. It’s her, hell she’s been doin it for years, get over your insecure selves and let her live her life!

  4. That girl looks good! How can anyone say she doesn’t! 40 years old and killing the chicks that are in their 20’s. Beyonce for example has nothing on Janet. Janet lost weight and kept her booty lol

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