Janet Jackson In Gaint Magazine

Whooohooooo! The pics I have been waiting for are finally here and I love them.I heard months ago Janet would be posing for Giant Magazine and because I generally love the photography of Giant, I knew they would do our girl justice and they have.Below are pics of not only Janet’s Giant cover, but the inside pictorial, and interview as well.I love the black and white photography and the playfulness of the pics.Hope you guys enjoy them as well.

Janet Is Really Happy About SomethingJanet Looking So LovelyJanet Holding Those Million Dollar Melons

Thank you **Hollywood** for the scans.
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  1. I like those, especially the cover.I have never seen Giant magazine on any newsrack where I live though.

  2. All I can say is WOW. I love me some damn Ms. Janet Jackson. This woman is amazing, I don’t give a **** what anybody say. #1 Woman in the game *9/26/06*

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