Janet Jackson is a 2x Legend

According to Blackglama, singer Janet Jackson will be returning for her second consecutive year as the face of their “What Becomes a Legend Most?” campaign.

Miss Jackson reportedly shot the ad pictorial earlier this year in Milan and you can get a taste of it below.

The first ad appeared in the September issue of W Magazine, which you can check out to your left.

The behind the scenes videos always look great, but as a Janet fan I admit to being less than pleased with the final takes that are used.

The overly photo-shopped images always end up making Janet look less than ‘real’ in the face.


  1. Her head looks smaller than her body. Surely someone must’ve noticed this! It’s like they shopped the entire image to make it larger but left her head behind in the original.

    She looks good in black, white, and shades of gray.

  2. I love Janet for always finding a way to keep her career going. No one can ever accuse her of being a one-trick pony!

  3. Yeah they did a little to much editing and Janet is one of the very few celebrities that dont need all that extra stuff. Anywho, still love the pic and its always a pleasure seeing the original blueprint get her shine on and glam it up for the camera.

  4. blackwomen always gotta say something bad or negative about eachother.. Look at your own flaws. most black women are really overweight. You gotta find something wrong with anything another black woman does.. LOOK AT THE EDITING. .. Go Janet

  5. her brother died.. she is still living and ” brownsista” Janet look less than ‘real’ in the face.

    Stop Hatin on Black Women over every lil thing…

  6. She will never make a comeback, her albums keep flopping, she should stop now.

  7. Learn to read NOX.

    I don’t feel the need to say negative things about black women- probably because I am one and I know better. Its odd you would say that and then call most black women fat- a bullshit statistic I don’t hardly believe.

    Back to Janet, Blackglama photoshopped her last set of pics to death and have done the same with the new set. Janet is gorgeous in the live video but looks nipped and tucked to death in the ads.

    Janet’s face looks frozen and plastic- not because it is, but because the photoshop team at Blackglama has a heavy a.ss hand.

    Love me some Janet- don’t feel the same about the ads though.

  8. i don’t like the pic above because she is definitely edited too much. it does not look real

  9. Love Janet & I can’t wait to see the rest of the photos. ***New Flash*** Janet hasn’t put out an album in over 3 1/2 years so what are you talking about? Sh’s on a world tour not promoting an album. Anyways I’m one fan that’s patiently waiting for her to return to music.

  10. The BTS is really gud!!! The photoshop over-kill, I guess reaches out to their Botox clientele…the fake flawlessness is not a good look!

    Janet is a true legend and is aging so gracefully…not trying to look 20ish, but Janet Jackson 2011! She’s had her fair share of trauma and seem to be in a good place! I don’t know if she’ll ever chart well again…it’s going to be a struggle for most artists, even for our current heavy hitters…but, I hope she continues to put out new music for her fans…I know she’ll always tour and an audience will be waiting…like Madonna and Cher…The Rolling Stones and Earth Wind and Fire!

    Our future legends [Alicia Keys, Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Beyonce, Mary J. Blige has made her bones, just need to maintain high visibility] have their work cut out for themselves as it’s not about the artistry, but “popularity”…which creates over-exposure and interest easily diminishes as fads and rages run their course!

    So as our vanguard of artists transition this planet…I hope a new league of artists are born whom are allowed to be more than commodities, but real artists too…too far and few are…R&B Reborn…why seeing Janet still doing it and for Blackglama is indeed a treat!

  11. Janet is a beautiful woman. Beautiful black woman. I don’t care if they photoshopped her head, or whatever, the fact remains that the company chose a black woman to represent them in an ad campaign. That’s what’s important. Black women kill me, whenever one of our own get major props for anything, here comes the hate from some black women. yet, when our black men and black blogs hype nonblack women like jlo,kim kardashian , here comes the love and support from black women. we need to understand that we should hype our black women who make it to the fullest, if not we will continue to see little black girls and some black women continue the cycle of worshipping nonblack women as a standard of beauty.

  12. Guys, this is much ado about nothing. Sista said that the behind the scenes footage looks great, however the final product didn’t do Janet enough justice because of how it was edited.
    I don’t see how this is ‘tearing down’ another black woman.

    Sista, I think you may need to stick to simpler sentences 🙂

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