Janet Jackson is Back Again

On September 1st Blackglama is planning to announce who their newest ICON is? But guess what? We already know. And I’m sure the image to your left has probably alerted you guys to who it is as well.

It is none other than Janet Jackson, who returns for the third year in a row to represent the luxury fur brand.

Janet’s pictorial will start running in magazines next month but a preview has already made its way online.

Miss Janet is featured wearing an outfit from her own collection, a full length mink vest accentuated with black leather and studs.

And in another bit of Janet news, hunky wrestler CM Punk sent out a tweet a few days ago saying “I just did a job for Janet Jackson. #Hollywood”

Naturally, he gave no further details and didn’t respond when asked what the “job” was. I guess fans will just have to take a wait and see approach.

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  1. I saw Janet wear some of this stuff in concert but wonder why she doesn’t wear any of it on the red carpet. I think she is scared of a PETA beat down.

  2. peTa try it and there asses will be dust, janet is not playing with them, they better recognized.

  3. that shit happens to Kim Kardashian not Janet Jackson… she doesn’t take bs and plus I can’t wait for the new flix! she’s a FAB DIVA forever!!!

  4. I love Janet, but her endorsement of the fur industry is disgusting and disappointing

  5. am i the only one who feels like….just gimmie a new album or movie already? i mean if the fur vest actually looked nice…but it doesn’t. then again i’m broke. my tastes proly aren’t elevated enough to appreciate. nice to see a new picture though.

  6. I actually love the outfit Janet is wearing, but yes PRAY FOR THE CHILDREN, she needs to bring on the album already.

  7. Poor animals? What about the poor children and parents that slave away in sweat shops, working in inhumane conditions and get paid pennies, so that the fur companies, and the clothing industry and food industries, etc, can have cheap labor. I love animals, blessed to see them, but humans take higher standing. We have dominion over the animals of the land, it says so in the bible. if janet wants to wear fur, good for her, i’d rather hear about janet endorsing fur, than endorcing abortion, or child labor.

  8. PP, why can’t we feel sorry for the sweatshop workers AND the animals?

    God made animals , and he saw that they were good and he blessed them, and if you read the psalms and ecclesiastes you can infer that they have a soul of some sort.

    They are not human beings, but they are beings that feel fear/sadness/pain/joy.

    Dominion over the land means that are to be faithful stewards with it. I can totally understand living in frozen climates and needing to hunt animals to use for food/clothing/oil, but this factory farming of animals for our greed and vanity…it doesn’t sit right with me.

    Just to be clear since things get misread/mis interpreted on the web: I am okay with eating animals (I personally don’t eat pig, and I try to buy local, humanely raised meat), I understand that it your ‘right’ to buy and wear whatever you want.

    I just want to respond to the idea that we are humans, they are animals so we can kill them for our pleasure.

  9. Luv Janet, not fur. Really wish she would make some other choices like a new album with Jimmy and Terry.

  10. It’s good to see that TMZ exploits didn’t sway Blackglama. I’m sure their customer could care less and Janet must have really impacted sales for them to choose her three times in a row, AWESOME! I love how Janet played her hand so well. She never pimped herself out, no one can call the shots or decide they’re done with her. She made her earnings directly from her music and touring. She was very hot for a very long time, in terms of music sales!

    It seems when this blog spoke out, there was a complete 360 media blitz to make clear and apparent the intentions of TMZ, executors of the estate and Paris Jackson’s aimed to discredit Janet. People started giving Paris the side eye, she’s toned things down, fame is fickle!

    Janet never had any scandal for a career that stretches across decades until the Superbowl and then MJ’s estate executors, and her mom’s interest and well-being. She wears Blackglama quite well!

    Ms. Janet is still the ticket!

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