Janet Jackson Spotted In London

Janet Jackson My favorite pop diva, Janet Jackson, made a rare appearance today in London, England. The singer was first spotted at Heathrow airport and then again at an MCM charity event for Prince Azim of Brunei. And what would a Janet sighting be without a silly rumor to dispel. As you all know, Janet is either forever pregnant or being accused of having a baby back in the mid 80’s that she supposedly handed off to other family members to raise. Those rumors are now back in full force thanks to the emergence of Kristinia DeBarge on the music scene.

The young singer, and daughter of Janet’s ex-husband, James DeBarge, has a new hit single on her hands and now some are asking if she is indeed the child Janet supposedly gave away in the 80s. Kristinia wasn’t even born until 1990- but you know people who start rumors aren’t deterred by little things like facts.

Janet hasn’t responded to the rumor yet and probably won’t. Kristinia’s fansites have tackled the issue and even posted what is said to be a pic of Kristinia’s real mother.

Anyway, here Janet is below arriving at Heathrow and later on attending the MCM event with Prince Azim.


  1. When this woman smiles :brownsista: it’s just over, I even forget that she is wearing that horrible outfit. The one and only Ms. Janet Jackson. I know this album will be one of her best. I just fill it :thumbsup: The Prince is one of Janets good friends.

  2. She was seen with him a couple of months ago he’s a billionaire and only 26 years old. I wonder how much Janet Jackson got paid for attending this event with him.

  3. Probably a lot……. I’ve heard of this guy from one of those Fabulous Life Of…. episodes on VH1

  4. Janet is such a beauty and I think Kristinia’s mother is white. Janet and James couldn’t create a child as white looking as Kristinia.

  5. Finally some Janet on this site again!!!! She looks beautiful as always! Can’t wait for the new cd and Why Did I Get Married Too? which is filming this summer!

  6. OMG Janet’s never been a mother it’s funny because of how famous she’s always been there’s no way she was going 2 keep that kind of secret, Anyways she’s lookin good! and her shoe game is definetly on point! i can’t wait 4 that album too i always get excited about her projects!!

  7. She’s looking great!!! Love the shoes and the hair!!

  8. Kristina not white looking and though I don’t think she’s Janet secret child um Janet still uh yeah Janet definitely could.

  9. Love me some Ms Jackson….the girl is very pretty but looks nothing like janet or james.

  10. Yeah, Janet just has that smile. Her outfit is cool , she has always been in her own lane when it comes to fashion and people end up copying her.

  11. I love Janet during the Janet Album years and was impressed with the men she was rumored to be with. Renee was sexy and delicious during their marriage/relationship, and Matthew McConaughey was just a sexy papi. Now, Janet’s choice in men, she has lost cool points with me. I miss the old Janet.

  12. I don’t know what it is about her, but she reminds me so much of Ashanti. Like if she didn’t get a nose job they’d look alike. I guess cuz Ashantis child hood pics looks like Janet on good times.

  13. will always love miss jj….i love the hair and the grey half boot is hot…@truthteller you are so right.

  14. J looks SO GOOD…! SO HAPPY TO SEE HER….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT FOR REAL THOUGH…THAT CHICK KRISTINA DEBARGE DOES LOOK LIKE JANET..AND YOU KNOW WAT? If she is Janets daughter….so be it!!! 😆

  15. oh yeah the boots are fly as hell…and the bag…..the outfit…well…she likes jeans…hell so do i …lol AND “TRUTHTELLER” NO WAY CAN JANET JACKSON REMIND YOU OF ASHANTI…BETTAH SWING THAT ONE AROUND….ASHANTI MAY REMIND YOU OF JANET BUT NEVER THE OPPOSITE…..LOL!

  16. FOR Bohwe: your statement about janet n the men in her life…WHY DO WOMAN N MEN always judge a person on their appearance…though Rene was gorgeous….he was A JERK AND A USER and a CHEATER…and well Mathew was a fling…lol….You ever think maybe janet is with jermaine because he is good to her..he worships her…and treats her like she deserves to be treated..its not always about the looks….i can tell you from personal experience that pretty boys normally think more of themselves then they do of you….and never ever really love you completely…………so I AM THRILLED THAT JANET HAS FOUND A MAN WHO MAKES HER ETERNALLY HAPPY..AND YOU ARE A “TRUE JANET JACKSON FAN”…YOU WOULD NOT LET HER CHOICE IN MEN EFFECT YOU AT ALL….HOLLA! 😯 🙄

  17. lolz @ kimmy

    You are right, that’s all I’m sayin.

  18. its all good…..i too adore ashanti…..and i think her and ciara immulate JANET….and are beautiful women…..but Janet definately paved the way for their swaggers ..don’t ya think especially Ciara…! 😉

  19. so what if kristinia is janets daughter …. why do the press always got to be all up in famous peoples buisness and always starting rumors!!!!
    kristinia may be her daughter or may not be … no needs to know that anyways its janets and kristinias buisness if they want people to know then people will know!!!!!!!!!!

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