Janet Jackson Leaves A Message For Her Fans

After more than a week of silence, singer Janet Jackson is speaking directly to her fans and dismissing rumors of a tour cancellation. Via her SayNow.com page, Janet left this message for her supporters:

“Hey you guys it’s me. It’s what, the 14th of October?

I know you guys have been hearing a lot, a lot of rumors – the tour’s been cancelled – none of that’s true. I’m actually rolling into D.C. right now to do my first show coming back. I feel a lot better and I just want to thank all of you, each and every one of you for all of your wonderful messages and wishing well. I really do appreciate all the love and the support.

And once again, don’t believe anything that you hear and you read. The tour’s still on. And like I said, my first show back is gonna be D.C., which is tomorrow night, the 15th of October. So, I hope I’ll see you guys there who are in D.C.

We’re excited, we’re really excited, and it’s gonna feel good coming back. And thank you once again for everything. I love you. Bye.”


  1. And in more positive news

    Ciara, Deborah Harry and Colbie Caillat will be honored at Billboard’s third annual Women in Music breakfast, to be held Oct. 24 at New York’s St. Regis Hotel.

    Ciara will receive the Woman of the Year award, which recognizes success as a recording artist and leadership in embracing the changing music business. Harry will be honored with the Icon award, given to a woman whose art and career have blazed trails for successive generations.

    Caillat, who broke through last year with her debut album, “CoCo,” will receive the Rising Star award, acknowledging early success and greatest potential among artists who have released two or fewer albums.

    Billboard’s Women in Music issue will be published Oct. 24.

  2. Janet needs to settle down and have some chillens. I would love to see her and Jermaine start a family. I hope the rest of her tour goes off without a hitch.

  3. Thanks browsista for the update lol. DC tonight I’m there.

  4. Thank you for this. So glad she’s doing well and all the rumors were just that…rumors :brownsista:

  5. I`m glad to know that Janet is feeling much better and that her tour will continue. It just goes to show you that you can`t believe everything you hear/read. There are those in the media with their own personal agendas. This seems even more evident when it comes to Janet and her family. For some reason they tell lies and spread rumors about them on a frequent basis. The thing is a lot of people don`t take the time to think for themselves and just swallow whatever the media puts out.

    Just think about it. Why would her brother, Randy, reveal her ailment on the internet? I`m sure he`s much more loyal to his sister than that, as well as the rest of her family. Besides, a person`s medical history/condition is something that is personal. Would any of us get onto the internet and go into detail about our medical history/condition? Username or not the answer is no. Did you notice in Janet`s message she made no reference to her illness? That`s personal information, not for public consumption.

    Sorry for the lecture. We just need to think for ourselves more. Much luv to Janet.

    MJ & The Golden, Golden 80s forever!!!

  6. Her manager has now stated that Janet does suffer from a rare form of migraine called vestibular migraine or migraine-associated vertigo. Can’t wait for tonight!!!!

  7. Smooth : I agree,I’ m just happy jay is back and healthy , for a minute i thought she had my sickness .Thanks god she is okay

  8. @ Smooth, I could not have said it any better than that. I totally agree with you.
    I am so happy to hear that she is starting her tour again. I know that she has had so many setbacks over the years and that she only wants to please her fans like she has always done.
    I say dont count her out! She is not even close to being done yet!
    Welcome back Ms J……

  9. Janet put it down last night here in DC. This woman is insane. Janet is the Queen of Dancing/Concerts/Entertainment. She’s so humble and thanked everyone for all the love and support. The show was flawless. This woman killed the stage for 2 1/2 hours.

  10. :iagree: w/ Smooth Criminal & Keep It Real 100% – never truer words written!

    @ Andre Le Dale……one word AWESOME!!!

    @Stephanie – from what I can recall, I think you are a fan of Ms. Janet and let me say that you will not be disappointed! Gurlfrined not only did her thing and proved that she can blow okay live, Ms. Jackson did her show getting her “Grown & Sexy” on! That was the best part for me. She had like 7-9 quick warbrobe changes and w/ each outfit she looked the part of a grown woman. NO skin whatsoever was showing (except arms w/ sleeveless outfits), NO dipping it low to the floor, NO booty shaking, and yet she still had that sex appeal she’s always had and did her thing. That made me even more prouder of her!

    One more thing, definitely don’t believe everything you read or hear in the media and/or the Internet, cause far from what some might think, Ms. Janet is sooo far from done! The Verizon (large venue) was basically sold out, except for a few sprinkles in the nose bleed seats. She had all kind of folks there last night… All Colors, Various Races, Mixed Couples, Middle aged YT folks, “Divas”.. just all kinds of fans showing love & support to Ms. Janet, that too was surprising to me! No one set down til it was over!

    :bowdown: Kudos Ms Janet… You did that… Udid that!!! MAADD Respect For U 4 LIFE!!!!

    PS…. LL Cool James was the No Show!!!! :thumbsdown:

  11. Janet Jackson murdered the capitol. My wife and I are planning to see her in NC on the rescheduled date. It’s worth it (I WANT THE FLOOR SEATS) PS LL wasn’t missed at all. I did see JD though.

  12. Jay is a power House! Yall she is the best female entertainer hands DOWN!

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