Janet Jackson Rocks The EMF

Janet Jackson headlined last night’s Essence Music Festival and she killed it. How do I know this sitting on my couch in New York City? Because the singer was a trending topic on Twitter and everyone from fans, to reporters, to bloggers were singing her praises.

Simone Smalls, publicist to singer Michelle Williams, said “Babbyyy… Janet Jackson worked that stage like rent is due tomorrow!!! She killed [the] Essence Music Festival!

CNN Reporter Roland Martin commented on the singer’s numerous costume changes, saying: Janet’s in a leather/fur dominatrix outfit. She’s got 4 guys in leather and leashes. Walked em out like they were her pets. GROWN ASS WOMAN

Fellow blogger Angel Laws chimed in with several photos of Janet and described the singer’s performance as “amazing” and “dope.”

EMF concert goers also praised the 44 year old diva, saying she looked awesome, sounded great and was the greatest performer that ever lived.

Janet’s set lasted just over two hours I am told ended with the singer breaking down while singing “Together Again” and pictures of her brother Michael being shown on the jumbo-tron.

Fan photos uploaded to Twitter.


  1. My reaction about Janet’s new image : WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

    :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

  2. It is not an image. Janet always been this way. Even the butt nudity she has done before in the Everytime video.

  3. I have…no words.

    :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

    I just wish Essence would package their best performances on DVD for folks who can’t always make it to the festival.

    :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

  4. Looks as if she put on a great performance! But it’s sad that Janet gets away with being a “stripper” but others can’t. Ooooh the hypocrites in this cold world.

  5. I knew someone was going to say that and I cannot disagree. There is a double standard. Were Rihanna or Beyonce to do any of this they would be roasted. I think it may be because their fans are so young. I think Beyonce can now get away with more because as she ages so do her fans. Janet will be 50 within the next decade and her fan base is as old as she is so we accept a little more sexuality from her. Rihanna however is 21 (i think) and her fan base is primarily made up of teens and pre-teens who are too young to see some of this stuff. It is like Roland S. Martin said in Twitter. Janet was doing grown folks ish last night. No kids allowed.

  6. ^^^^ Janet’s the ORIGINAL that’s why @ LENA Rihanna’s 22 not 21. @ Brownsista Janet’s 44 not 43.

  7. Janet shut it down last night at the festival. She had everybody and they damn momma going crazy with her freaky performance. Say what you want about Ms. Jackson, but nobody can put on a show like the QUEEN. NOBODY!!!!! And she can still hit them moves too.

  8. I wrote 44 at first and then realized she didn’t turn 44 until July 16th. Then after I read your comment I checked and realized Jan’s birthday was May 16th. I am so ashamed. I should have my Janet Card revoked for forgetting her birthday 😆

  9. LMAO Sista, it’s ok, I know your a big fan of Janet as well lol. I didn’t main it I that way.

  10. I don’t know but I think she’s getting a little too old for this.
    42, and you still got the booty hangning out.It’s time to take a seat on the couch beside Madonna and Toni Braxton.
    I just think it’s sad and not the least bit sexy.

  11. My bad she’s 44, so she should really put it away.

  12. I’m proud of Janet no matter what she does. She is a grown woman, not a confused teenager who thinks she needs to take her clothes off to be grown. She outdoes Rihanna and Gaga every time because She’s no act; she’s real and has been doing this since they were all in diapers. Not to nit pick, Sista, but that Twitter you tagged said she was the greatest performer alive… We all know her brother was the greatest performer to ever live 😉

  13. I’m happy for Janet! She’s given so much and to show that she still has it, is nothing short of phenomenal! El Debarge on Sunday, now Janet, I’ve played the video posted on this site so many times…just love it! Playing some El music today, 90s music that I love. I’m happy that Janet is performing well and acting is strong! She helped paved the way and I’m glad she’s still getting rave reviews in our ever-so-disposable society!

    As for retiring…true entertainers/artists don’t retire until they’re good and ready! Tina Turner, Madonna, Cher, Toni and others will continue until they can’t get anyone out to see them in “show business” attire and so will Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, etc…in 15 to 20 years! The way is being paved by Janet and others like Mary J. Blige and Mariah Carey, Madonna (pulling in 6 million a night for a performance), etc. It’s unfortunate that women are only given two decades out of a possible 7 to 10 to be seen as vital and worthy, where men are grown and sexy way into their 60s and beyond! Thank God, he made black not to crack so easily!

    Janet, Sade, J-lo, Halle Berry, Angela Bassett and others are kill’em!!!

    I love that Janet is still on top of her game after a long and fruitful career!

  14. :hifive: @ Cynthinia

    And for those talking about her dressing like a stripper? or with less, need I remind you that Janet spent the bulk of her career CLOTHED. She was successful in her ‘sexy’ WHILE FULLY CLOTHED. It wasn’t until the Janet album and later that she started showing skin, and breasteses LOL

    I mean, some of Janet’s outfits as pictured here (onesies) have already been worn by these ‘new’ superstars. If anything Janet clothes-wise is adapting to a ‘trend’ in fashion (again, with the onesies) whereas ‘before’ she was CLOTHED and STILL HAVING GROWN MEN WAIL, MOAN AND CRY AT HER FEET.

    CLOTHED FULLY AND STILL SEXY! Let this lady hang loose if she wanna! It’s a grown-folks’ (grown-women) event, primarily, right? Right? RIGHT? Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

    That is all!


  15. @Melinda, Beyonce is 37, goin on 38, is she too old too? Or does she get a pass because of her stage age which is 10 years younger than her reality. :lol2:

  16. @Kanyade, RIGHT it’s a grown folks event! 😆 Enough said!!! I wondered if she exposed her Velvet Rope, 😆

  17. Janet Is a originator she does not have to duplicate any of these music artist today they duplicate her…and I am ”sarcastically” speaking 🙄

  18. @Kanyade

    People need to revisit some of Janet’s concerts and videos…it was a big deal when she showed her mid-drift…she wore turtle necks and layers of clothes and SLAYED…I know brothas that didn’t remotely date sistas, love them some Janet…a beautiful brown skin sista at that!…The costumes are what’s in and she likes that look…like in her video “Feedback”…she always could do sexy in her concerts, which is uniquely hers, Rhianna and Beyonce are sexual and there’s a difference…Janet’s sensual…her gyrating, bumping, grinding or locking and popping is on a level we don’t see, it’s sensual and the music classics…I know some people don’t or won’t see the difference in what Janet, Ciara, Beyonce and Rihanna do, but there’s a difference…like having sex and making love…like Sade with “Babyfather” video, sexy and sensual with substance…Janet used to do jeans and a mid-drift t-shirt and kill…beyond the garb, let’s not forget it’s about the MUSIC and her CATALOGUE IS PHENOMENAL…TIMELESS…DANCE MOVES…PHENOMENAL…SEX APPEAL/SENSUALITY…PHENOMENAL…
    STAGE PERFORMANCE…PHENOMENAL…there’s no artist to compare to Janet, she created what Britney, Christina, Ciara, Beyonce, Rihanna are currently doing…along with Paula Abdul, Tina London (choreographer) and Madonna!

  19. There is a difference between sensual and vulgar.
    Janet jackson is Sensual
    Beyonce and rihanna are vulgar.

    If you don’t know and/or see the obvious difference then you shouldn’t be trying to debate with grown people go back to listen to “single ladies” or “rude boy”

  20. You know what i am so pissed off, I was going to leave it alone but nah, When have beyonce or rihanna ever in their lives busted some SERIOUS (WHICH EXCLUDE BUTT SHAKING, CHEST PUMPING,LEG OPENING,FINGER SUCKING , DOGGY STYLE Mimicking and every other bs of the sort) and even got a second look? Their career are based on being overly sexual, If beyonce even dare, Put some clothes on her career will be over the same day, she is nothing without her body and that is the fact that everybody knows , and most people including me accept,That’s who she is, Same with rihanna, They are made to make you envy them ,and trying your hardest to be like them,As far as i am concern i am way too grown to be playing lil beyonce, but to each it’s own, Don’t you dare comparing janet jackson MISS Jackson is you’re nasty, To those two floozies , Children!

  21. And further more please try to be fair, This industry is changing with force rihanna who has been out for only 5 years is said to have sold more album and singles worldwide than any other female since she debuted,if that’s is not an indication of how different this industry is, I don’t know what is! Nowadays if you’re cute enough you can get a record deal,don’t insult the very few talented people that are still out there by comparing them to people who only achieve success by endorsements!

  22. Janet has been known to take guys on stage and grind on them and grab their package, but that is considered sensual :lol2: :lol2: I must have missed the time when wearing revealing outfits (which Janet has on now with her legs wide open) and shaking a little behind became vulgar and grabbing someone’s crotch became sensual. I swear the excuses some of ya’ll come up with to justify your hypocrisy is funny as hell :lol2:

  23. LMAO at Beyonce being nothing without her body. Meanwhile some of her biggest hits are mid tempos (check out irreplaceable and halo) where she was full clothed for the performances. And for someone who is nothing without showing her body, she stays getting invites from prestigious and respectable people around the world to perform at their classy events.

    I’m not even trying to knock Janet because she’s bad and can do as she pleases, but let’s not act like she hasn’t worn revealing outfits or used her body parts to advance her career either. When 20y.o came, she was on just about every cover topless talking about…wait for it… how she got her amaing BODY.

    All these ladies can dress and do as they please with their careers. However, I’m sure the comments would be a lot different if another artist was in the same outfit and position as Janet is in the last picture. I guess vulgarity and being senusual is only judged by who the person is and not necessarily what they’re wearing or doing.

  24. Wohoo ,Looool beyonce has how many albums and you only got 2 examples? Please have a sit , because if i go and double check on her biggest hit and just as i predicted they are all half naked grinding songs it’s all going to be over,If you’re going to try and counter attack my arguments please do so intelligently, Because you just proved me right with that weak argumentation!
    Oh and yeah you’re right beyonce gets invited to classy events and what does she do? Prove to everyone how much of a hood rat she is, by dressing and performing like a slut!

    Far away from me the desire to tear her down, But you are not going to attack janet when you’re a stan of beyonce “half naked tho married “KNOWLS

  25. LOL at the weak comeback b/c you know everything I said is true. I just happen to pick those two b/c they’re her biggest hits on the charts (yes, irreplaceable was bigger than CIL and halo is her longest chart running song ever so even bigger than single ladies). Most of her grammys come from songs where she mostly stood there and sang (let me guess, mathew bought them right? :lol2: ). You are right though, they are inviting her and the fact that they keep inviting her just proves that they don’t have same perception of her as you. However she performs or dresses in front of these respected and prestigious folks, they must not have a problem with it b/c they keep speaking highly of her and some of them invite her again (just recently, the Obama’s).

    I can’t believe you’d bring up Beyonce being married and half naked to prove a point. Janet was doing the same thing (not to mention some of those performances) except she kept her marriage secret. I guess that’s ok to you b/c you didn’t know she was married at the time? Kinda like how the fact that she grabs the crotch of strangers and flashes her breast to the world is sensual and the rest of the industry is vulgar?

    No one is attacking Janet, just calling a spade a spade. Like I said, Ms. Jackson is a bad woman (in a good way), but to sit here and try to call out folks for many things that Janet has done herself throughout her career and in some cases, to a higher degree is laughable and hypocrisy at its finest.

    Have a nice afternoon b/c this is my last response to you. Hope you have a blessed Sunday and a safe independence day!! 🙂

  26. This didn’t use to be her act. She used to be fully dressed and I don’t like it. She could have did that same act completetly dressed. She is competing with these young girls and it is just not necessary with her library of music.

  27. Someone clearly does not know their Janet history. She has been doing this since her Janet album which I if memory serves me correctly came out in 1994. This particular routine above is from her 2008 tour. My favorite is Would You Mind from the All For You Tour.

  28. Sensuality is an essence, so I understand why it can be confused with being sexual. A person can be sensual and sexual (Janet)…white women are really into it…and is ONE reason black men like them…Sanaa Lathan and Nia Long exude immense sensuality…when you appreciate and feel the pleasure of your senses, it’s pretty potent stuff…there’re various forms of seduction…sensuality is by far the most organic and powerful…it’s comes from the inside, regardless of your beauty quotient…I’m a very sensual woman, I feel way more than I see…while a person may enter a room and look for physical signs, flaws or external factors in general…I’m feeling my way through…my sensuality gives me a greater spirit of discernment and has always made me intuitive…so I can feel and see what other people miss…being able to feel, being sensual shows up in my work and creativity…Excellence!…my feel for things gives me my eye, sense of balance…compostion…I can take a little and make it go a long way…I live a good life with whatever I have and this makes me manage jealousy and envy quite well, not that I don’t ever. I listen to my feelings, it’s first nature…be on the money so often…except when I allow procrastination to creep in…or when I ignore my feelings…I love aromatherapy…humanity…bedazzled by nature and wildlife and just how incredible God created us and this earth…gratitude makes me sexy (the foundation of spirituality)…a really nice person…I believe as a society we have lost our ability to “feel”…it’s all the conditioning, marketers trying to sell us something, make us not like what we already have or who we are…all these lists and narrow margins and standards of beauty and success…nobody talks about a person’s character or integrity, but their material worth even in our everyday lives…then people suffer in silence and quiet desperation…it’s imperative that we feel, be sensual…it’s the way God made us, sexuality isn’t a dirty thing. Janet’s catsuit isn’t dirty or nasty, her other costume, doesn’t have boobs spilling all out, it’s not a ridiculous thigh high cut, she’s wearing boots, thick opaque fishnet tights, a peplum style top with a collar, not a deep plunging v-neck. I think she’s age appropriate for an entertainer in show business, like the costumes Madonna wears, just my opinion. And, by no means is she competing with today’s younger artists, Kelis did a wrap on that whole competition thing!

    I believe the more we are able to feel, the more fulfillment we experience. Life is so harsh, with all the random violence, abuse, greed and losses people are experiencing, hard luck stories, it’s easy not to feel…”feelings” are truer than thoughts!

  29. Yes, Janet is above all else, sensual. Being able to discern sensuality and sexuality comes with age and experience…Ask anyone who has been in LUST. Sensuality carries a certain distinction of class, it’s in-born not manufactured. Janet was sexy fully clothed all thru her first FOUR albums. It can be debated all day but Janet is a GROWN ASS WOMAN and GROWN ASS WOMEN know exactly where she’s coming from.

    Get into it…or not. It’s your choice, but just because you don’t understand the difference between manufactured SEXUALITY and SENSUALITY doesn’t mean you need to comment on it. It only shows your lack of experience and age, neither of those are cute.

  30. @ CYNTHINIA — well said!!!

    I will heartily agree there is a difference between sensuality and sexuality. I believe oneness with God and one’s soul creates sensuality. Artists, like Sade, for example, exude that essence of sensuality and the confidence of a woman who is at peace with herself. Personally, I love that. In the past, I think Janet walked that fine line between sensuality and shock, especially after the Super Bowl incident, but if you watch her HLN interview with Rochelle Carey, I think it’s easy to come to the conclusion that this is a woman who knows herself and gives off a vulnerability, tenderness, and assuredness to her that maybe wasn’t entirely there before. Do I love her outfit? No, I don’t. But I wasn’t at the EMF. I’m not her judge. She’s a grown woman and can wear whatever she wants. But I feel her. I feel where she’s coming from, and I love that. I’m not here to take swipes at Rihanna and Beyonce, but I will say, that maybe with age and more life experience they will eventually come into their own. Hopefully, at some point in time, it won’t be about shock value and attention but about appreciation and understanding of the true strength of a woman. Regardless of what one musician wears or says or sings about, I hope that essence will be received by us all.

  31. I know Janet’s history and I defy you to go onliine anywhere and find a past Janet that came on stage in a leotard. Don’t get me wrong I love Janet Jackson it is just not necessary to do all of this for attention. They are already there to see you.

  32. Thank you cinthinya

    Woohoo,I didn’t even read your whole essay, I made my point now go sit in the corner.

  33. How’s about we stop comparing all of these ladies as if it makes a damn difference? I hate this negativity amongst women. We don’t compare Maxwell to John Legend, and there’s a reason for that. They’re different people.

  34. @ BARON, true; and that’s (sexism) actually another argument/debate for another day.

  35. Wow! This thread is jumping. I love me some Janet and respect the younger generation doing their thing. I agree with Baron that there is room enough for everyone at the table.

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