Janet On Set Of New Video (Upd.)

Janet Jackson whipped out her “20 Y.O” era wig to shoot the video for her “Nothing” single. Janet tweeted while on the set that the video should be out next week and Jermaine Dupri later posted a pic of the singer on his website. Why these two continue to act like they are not still together is anyone’s guess. 90% of the info the fans get on Janet comes straight outta Jermaine’s mouth. Who knows- maybe the two are just really, really good friends. *wink* *wink*


  1. janet just has that mature but fresh look she just never looks old and worn but you can tell she is grown. Will always love Janet, she is truly timeless.

  2. i see she looks as if she’s wearing the same type of get-ups from the make me video.
    and a guy and a girl who had been together for a while can end up being good friends….minus the wink wink. but i truly don’t know what’s going on with them…and at this point i don’t care. unless i see her pop up with a baby belly then i’m gonna be interested again. can’t wait to see the video. i hope you post it cuz i don’t watch tv anymore.

  3. Janet looks beautiful, and that video is coming out pretty quick.

  4. Janet lost cool points with me, with the whole Jermaine thing. Hey,

    What wa the point in talking about Janet’s wig? So, what? Beyonce wears wigs all the time, yet isn’t disrespected about it.

  5. Bring on next week so I can see another Janet masterpiece!!! Love her!!!

  6. BOHWE- Beyonce gets disrespected for any and everything SMH.
    But on the other hand I don’t think SISTA’S comment was meant to be disrespectful.

  7. I’m loving “Nothing”. The words are so true to life. Can’t wait for the video, movie and whatever’s next for Janet! Also, agree about her and Jermaine. I think there’s a bit of “protecting my relationship” going on there.

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