Janet Jackson Previews New Video


Janet Jackson Previews Video for Next Single

So, remember that secret Janet Jackson video shoot we told you guys about last month? Well, it appears the visual is one step closer to finally being released. Via messages posted to Janet’s various social media accounts, a video for something that looks pretty awesome is “coming soon.” Fans still have no idea what single this video is for, but Dammn Baby seems to be everyone’s guess.

The preview Janet posted doesn’t give away many clues, mostly because she uploaded it without sound. Still, if you’re yearning for something new from the pop icon, this is kinda worth getting excited about. With the Unbreakable World Tour on indefinite hiatus and Janet on bed rest, this is probably the most we’ll get from her for a while.
Give the video a moment to load.


  1. I see Janet in the background with those ugly pants on. Why won’t someone tell her how awful they are? Where are her friends 😆

  2. Someone on Janet’s page was like “I hope she doesn’t cancel the video.” Fans are still mad at her and I don’t blame them.

  3. Those sad people need to get over the whole cancelled tour shit. Wasn’t it said they’d be getting their refund? Give it a rest. Can’t be mad at someone forever…..and if so…move the hell on and be mad on their own time. How petty to repeatedly post on someone who clearly ain’t reading it’s page talking mess?

    Anyway, I’m with the poster about those darn pants. I so want this video to be all sorts of bomb. At least there was atmosphere and regular pants for no sleeep.

    Gil better not come with some shitty choreography. But one can only dream.

    Janet’s still cool in my book…I just want bomb output for her is all.

  4. Janet posted another video on Instagram. I bet the full thing drops Monday. Janet looks so good and is giving off so much sass. Reminds me of the old Janet. Yes, Miss Jackson. Excite us again. 😆

  5. Those little girls are cute 🙂 Loved the video.

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