Janet Jackson Records Theme Song To New Movie

Janet Jackson used her Twitter to announce that she and ex-boyfriend Jermaine Dupri have teamed up to record the theme song for her next film, “Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married Too?” “Hey u guys, Jermaine n I just finished the theme song for the film. I hope u like!” she tweeted. Titled “Nothing,” the song also features Bryan-Michael Cox as a producer. In “Married Too?” due in April, Janet reprises her role as Patricia Agnew. She is also in the studio working on a new album with Dupri and Cox.


  1. JD & Cox or JJ & TL , I still love to listen to the music of Janet.

  2. Her and JD suck as collaborators. I would have much rather had her hook back up with Jam and Lewis.

  3. I don’t that ALL of their collabos have sucked. What about “Someone to Call My Lover”??? If there’s ANY exception that’s the one. LOL. I love that song. Loved the video. Love Miss Jackson.

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