Janet Jackson Responds to Fan Made ‘Missing’ Poster


After a fan made ‘missing’ poster of singer Janet Jackson went viral and was re-tweeted by her longtime producer Jimmy Jam, the pop icon came out of Twitter seclusion to respond to fans who have anxiously been awaiting her return for almost a decade.

Without saying much, and yet saying it all, Janet basically let fans know that her days of releasing music are firmly behind her, despite numerous tweets from those associated with her camp saying the opposite.

It was almost a year ago to the day that Jimmy himself set off speculation that Janet would be releasing new music when he sent out this notorious tweet.

A couple of months later fans were once again being teased with Janet goodness when Oliver Rousteing, creative director of Balmain, posted a photo of Janet’s iconic RollingStone cover with the caption COMING SOON.

Since then Janet’s longtime friend/choreographer Gil Duldulao and numerous dancers and friends have all sent tweets alluding to new Janet music on the horizon. Interestingly, it was Janet herself who remained quiet… until now.

Below is Janet’s cryptic tweet about her absence, and while some fans remain hopeful, I personally see no reason to remain so. It’s been seven years since Janet released her last album “Discipline.” That’s a long time. In between she has lost her brother, seen her niece try to commit suicide and gotten married. Janet has moved on to the next stage of her life and music doesn’t appear to be a part of it.

Some performers can never let go. They need the stage. They need the limelight. Janet appears to be shunning both and is happy to stick to charity work and live out her days in the comfort of her husband’s arms in Dubai.

And while that saddens me as a fan, as a woman, I can understand why Janet now chooses to focus on family and not fame.


  1. Jimmy’s tweet last year really excited fans because he wasn’t just a dancer or random friend, he is her producer and if anyone would know about new music it would be him. It’s a shame his tweet was premature cause nothing ever materialized. This has been going on for years. I can name numerous projects Janet was linked to that never materialized. Remember the Pleasure Principle lingerie line? The documentary on the gay community in conjunction with MTV? I could go on. I stopped waiting for new music a long time ago even though I am still a fan. Most of her fans have moved on and her message boards are empty. Seven years is a long time to keep folks guessing. Most just don’t care anymore.

  2. Well I certainly care. I will be awaiting her return. Go Janet #1 Queen. Live your Life.

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