Janet Jackson Reunites With Jimmy & Terry

Janet Jackson Rumor has it, Janet Jackson has negotiated with Live Nation about the possibility of her releasing new record under the company. If the agreement is reached, she will reportedly drop the album, which is yet to be titled, in the spring of this year. Janet is also believed to continue her tour “Rock Witchu”, which may be renamed to support her upcoming effort. Rehearsals for the tour are scheduled to start in June and Amsterdam will be the first stop for the roadshow. In other Janet related news, producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis have signed back on to help produce Janet’s new album.



  1. She needed to. Because jJermain didn’t do sh!t to help her career at all.

  2. oh brother…please give it up Janet?! I love her and all but that last album was not good at all. I aint gon hate though…get that money girl!!!

  3. I just think that all legends who were great before the 90s should do what Tina Turner did…just tour, and not release an album.

    Stop trying to get new fans, and settle for all the millions you still have. Tina sold out, even though she didn’t have an album out coz of the fact that she knows her fanbase.

    Janet should do the same. People who know her concerts will go, I’m one of them.

    Releasing crap album after one another is just pitiful, and it is taking away what we know her for. They do say, you are only as good as your last album, and her album was crap, the one before that crap, and the one before that double CRAP!!!!

    The last time she released was all for you.

  4. She’s already a legend. she has nothing to prove anymore, She’s one of my all time favorites along side Mariah and Celine. I also agree that Jermaine hasn’t been anything but a burden on her career.

  5. Give it up Janet. You’ve been replaced by a white young mainstream version called Brittany Spears. It has nothing to do with Jermaine. Your time has come and past. Revel in your icon status their are no producers who can make you as popular as you once was. This new venture will only end in more disappointment and heartache for you.

  6. With jimmy & terry back on board I’m looking forward to her next album..

  7. Janet is a great artist and oerformer who should keep making music as long as she wants. Britney the drug addicted whore who lost her children will never be a replacement for Janet who is an icon. Britney can replace Janet about as easily as Justin can replace Michael. I swear these white hoes just don’t know there place. 😆

  8. Why does everybody keep telling Janet to give up!? Music is her career. Its her job. If you had a couple of bad days at work, would you quit or come back stronger to make up for the mistakes? She’s just been struggling to find her sound again, and all of the experimentation has finally lead her back to her roots with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. She doesn’t have to quit because despite the recent flops, she still has a fan base. Lots of people love her old music and if she stays true to her music without trying to compete with tiny-boppers she’ll be fine. I think she has finally realized this. I’m going to wait and see what happens instead of trashing her before I learn more about her music.

    If people like Tina Turner, Pattie Labelle, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, etc. gave up on their careers as they got older, they would not be music Hall of Famers today. :bowdown: I give much respect to people that don’t give up when things get tough. It lets me know that they have a passion for their craft.

  9. I AM THRILLED FOR JANET…she is a ICON…AND A TRUE PERFORMER….IF YOU GIVE A TRUE PERFORMER BAD MATERIAL..wats a girl to do…Jimmy Jam n Terry Lewis…will get her back where she needs to be…if you are a true fan and follower of Ms. Jackson…you will have nothing but positive input to say about her…. :thumbsup: :brownsista:

  10. I like Janet. She probably was one of the first artists that I sang along to. I am 27 and I remember Nasty, Pleasure Principle, Escapade-all of that. When people were saying here albums flopped because of sales I was a bit upset. I thought she still had great songs on these albums. I will support her no matter what. Go Janet. I really want to make it to concert too!

  11. I, for the life of me, can`t understand why some people think artists should retire from making music. True, there comes a time when your star won`t shine as bright, but if an artist remain true to themselve and stay with their roots more times than not their fanbase will continue to give support. It`s as if some people think that you should stop living after a certain period of time/age. My question is, “why?”.

    If making music and touring is what gives Janet life then she should continue until her heart is content. She`s only 42 and the last time I checked that`s not anywhere near being old. Just remember, we all want to reach our 40s, 50s and beyond. Should we curl up into a corner somewhere and just die an islolated death if/when we reach these ages? Music knows no boundaries or age; it`s an endless melody.

    Some want to talk about the stars of today and how the ol` skool artists don`t measure up. Well last I checked no artist today is burning up the charts with album sales. Taylor Swift held down the #1 spot for weeks with her sales never topping the 70k mark; so what does that tell you? Since we like to measure success in sales, then couldn`t I reasonably say that Taylor Swift is the hottest artist in music right? Again, this is if we want to look at numbers. Oh and by the way, she`s a country artist with sales of nearly 3mil.

    Janet and all the ol` skool artists may not have the success they once did but it doesn`t require a lot to keep up with todays` generation of stars because no one is blazin` a trail, believe me…

    Michael Jackson & The Golden 80s 4ever!!!

  12. One thing that I realize is that everyone’s definition of success is different. To me, album sales don’t determine if a CD is successful, it’s whether the content is good. Janet’s last CD was not good. It’s good to know that she is getting back with Jam and Lewis, hopefully they will produce better material. Janet’s fanbase is still out there (me included) and she has to make sure that she is still connecting with them. I’m more concerned with her cancelling all of those concerts and whether people will still come out to see her.

  13. I knew that live nation would be her next record label. It makes sense. I feel that Janet can still come back with a great CD. Working with jimmy and jam again should help make a good cd, but i want janet to continue to work with other producers. She needs to stay current with today’s music and not continue to make music that janet is used to. Break out janet, do something that would shock the world, that is different than what you are acustom to. Your fans are waiting for something new!! :thumbsup:

  14. Her next album should be great now that she has hooked back up with Jimmy Jam and Terry lewis.

  15. I think her album discipline was very nice. She jut had to many songs on it. Women outside of the entertanment world who’s over 40 go on to lead productive lives. They have a great time in their careers so why do we think actresses and singers shouldn’t do it also. I think her mistake is trying to compete with a bunch of people who unlike her twenty years from now no one will be speaking there names. I am thirty nine I have went back to school and just because I am going to turn forty this year does that mean I should just crawl in a hole and die. Get over yourselves.

  16. I can’t wait, as long as she’s writing about something meaningful. Keep the sex talk to a minimum. She’s been through a lot these past 5 years so I hope the album will tell her story. I’m glad the tour was canceled because everyone could clearly see she wasn’t ready to get back in the game with all the label drama, hell I would have canceled too. For the people of you saying she needs to retire I have one word for you MADONNA.

  17. Hang it up Janet! I understand this is what she does but it hasnt been working out for her. I wish her the best. :thumbsdown:

  18. Bring it Janet and Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis!


    Velvet Rope 2.0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  20. All janet needs is to go deep inside herself, and bring it back a la old school , Janet has a better body then any of those youngins out there right now, She can bring it , just find your way girl

  21. Yeh for Janet!

    There are many popular artist of days gone by who still make music and still perform regularly in small US clubs and music festivals all over the world. It is their life’s passion and their still paying their bills with their art.

    Rock on Ms. Jackson!

  22. I love Janet, but she needs a total overhaul. She needs to find that mojo again. The dance moves are stale, the sex pot stuff is played out, and the music just isn’t poppin’. She needs to get back to basics, bust out with somethin’ new and fresh. Focus on the music and the vocals FIRST, then worry about doin’ the two step. We know she can dance, but just ONCE I want to hear her sing LIVE (no lip sync) without that annoying headset mic!! To this day Pleasure Principle is my favorite Janet video. She was fresh, raw, the dance was on point, and there was a passion inside her. No big dance troupe behind her, no sex kitten crap, just Janet, breakin’ us OFF! Ahh….the good ol’ days……I’m rooting for her. Show the y0ungins how it’s done JJ :brownsista:

  23. Thank Goodness she’s getting back with Jimmy and Terry! Janet shouldn’t retire. Madonna’s 50 and she’s still putting out hits and sleeping with younger men. Go Janet!!


  25. Janet’s last two albums haven’t been the greatest but they haven’t been terrible either. She is an artist and making music is what she does. I say you keep doing what you love Miss Janet and I’ll be looking forward to your next CD. Who cares what other people are doing girl, you just do your thing and be true to yourself like you have always done.

  26. she needs to come back real hard,can someone tell her to duet with ciara and hopefully tour together,i love real dancers

  27. I really hope this works for her. Poor Ms. Jackson has been through something. One day you are what’s happening, you’re Ms. Jackson, then Ciara swagga jacks you, you put on some extra pounds and the world forgets you. Another thing, Ms. Jackson needs to remember, she’s not in her 20’s anymore. If she wants to stay in the business, she needs to find something different for her that will work. The “Nasty” thing isn’t right for her anymore.

  28. @ JanetPLEASE!!!
    I have to agree. All artist that have had longevity will reach a point where they can’t compete with Beyonce.

    I just used Bey as an example, but I mean with any new young thang.

  29. The question is what she is going to sing about this time, her best material was about where she was at in life at the time. Oh, the word is Jermaine Dupri is history “If” he really ever was! Is that the name of the song? I think Janet’s problem is she stopped being real. Her life, her music & song & dance and her image was fun, but at some point we have to get real again!


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