Janet Jackson Shoots Secret New Video

JANET JACKSON SHOOTS SECRET NEW VIDEOSinger Janet Jackson is reportedly shooting a new video. The pop icon’s longtime choreographer, Gil Duldulao, shared the news with fans a few days ago, but didn’t specify which Unbreakable single the video was being shot for. Fans have speculated it’s for Dammn Baby, but if I had to take a guess I’d say it’s for the Missy Elliott assisted single BurnItUp.

Janet released Unbreakable’s only video almost eight months ago in the form of No Sleeep. Shortly thereafter she went on tour and not much else as happened album wise since then.

Janet has apparently put the look of her new video in the hands of several of her longtime collaborators, including director Dave Meyers and make-up artists Preston Meneses. Gil of course will handle choreography.

When the new video will come out is anyone’s guess, but if I had to make a wager, I’d say we’ll most likely see it around May when she kicks off the second leg of her North American tour.


  1. No to “Burn It Up” it’s a great song but it’s not that different from the things she’s done in the past. The Great Forever is a beast of a song and it has a freshness that to me can be a game changer. Come on Janet Burn It Up will get you ignored!!!!!

  2. The Great Forever is nothing but filler. One of the worst Janet songs ever. Janet needs to release a fiyah song with fiyah choreography but I doubt she will.

  3. Am I the only one who is plain tired of Gil Dul-however you spell his name’s choreography? His style is so repetitive. There is no newness, no fresh aspect to his ish which is why Janet’s routines (to me) have been stagnant. Remember when Janet dropped a video back in the day and we knew that the dances were gon’ be some shit (in a good way)!? Excuse the language but ya’ll know what I’m talking about. Now it’s just some neo-80’s club kids (more than likely fake gay vogueing) ish that doesn’t grab me. Gil is so moough.

    I actually think Dammn Baby is good joint to do a video to. I also like the song she did for Michael. I also like Night, After You Fall and Love You 4 Life (but you know that won’t get a video….such a funky jam tho).

    If she were to do a video for the song she did with Missy, it should be a half video that is shared with Dammn Baby being the main part of the video. Ya’ll know the split music videos they used to do back in the day.

  4. Finally, someone has the guts to say it. Gil is by far Janet’s worst choreographer and she refuses to drop him. She’s kept him around for about 3 albums now and that’s three albums too long. To be honest, I can’t remember anything he’s ever done with her, it’s all so very boring and generic. I remember when Janet used to have memorable dance moves, stuff you did in front of your mirror at home. Now, her moves just fade into the background. I also have to say I don’t understand Janet’s wardrobe choices now. She’s on stage dancing in a sheet. You can’t even see the moves because she’s covered in so much fabric. What’s with those baggy pants? If she really has become Muslim and is being conservative, she can do it with a better wardrobe. I think a lot of her choices are why some of her dates aren’t selling well. Janet needs to get her ego back. Her desire to kick ass again needs to return and then so will the fans.

  5. Never knew who was responsible for it but yes I agree her dance moves have been lacking power and inspiration. Probably why I didn’t want a dance video. Damn baby is great too. There are a lot of potential hits

  6. Gil is iffy. He’s not completely bad, he’s just not as good or as iconic as some of Janet’s previous choreographers. Gil came up with the choreography for Strawberry Bounce which Janet performed on Saturday Night Live. That’s still one of my favorite Janet performances.

  7. What? Great Forever absolutely is not a filler the production is so fresh. Not really R&B but not to poppy either. Its crazy how people hear two separate things. Thats what makes the world go round though.

  8. OMG…Yes to getting rid if Gil! I vote for one more round of Tina!!!! With Tina as choreographer, I’d take just about any single..hell, she could do a video to “Mary had a little lamb” and ish would be fire!

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