Janet Jackson So Excited

Jermaine Dupri debuted Janet Jackson’s new single “So Excited” on his radio show tonight and I am so loving it.This song will return Janet to her dance roots for sure.Khia also does her thing on this track.I wasn’t too happy when I heard she was gonna be on it, but she actually makes the song for me.

Are you looking for the So Excited Vide? Go HERE

Check it out for yourself-> So Excited

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  1. It sound like it’s part Thriller, part Rock It and part some record by UTFO 😆 .It’s hot to def and should have been the first single.

  2. This is different than anything Janet has done before, but different in a good way.Call On Me was a Nelly and JD song but this has Janet written all over it.The production is hott and Khia put in work.If they were seriously thinking about dropping her from this song, it would have been a mistake.Khia hook takes this song to the next level.Can you imagine this song without Khia in it?

  3. janet sounds sounds sexy as hell.I don’t know whut the hell she saying though 😆

  4. Khia sounds like a freak in the back.She still walks away with this song though.Janet is always inaudible.JD saved Janet’s butt with this joint.

  5. I done wore this song out alreay and whoever said Kia makes the song is sho nuff right.I love Kia’s part and Janet’s vocals are so sexy.They definitely ripped off the 80’s for this single.I’m ready for the video yall.

  6. Jermaine said they were going to start shooting the video on Monday.I’m sure just like with COM, he will post a screenshot of it shortly.The video will probably debut the beginning of September.

  7. yo song is fiyah and the video will be hot. cant wait. love the beat and janet is sexy on the song. khia is good too.

  8. So excited sounds good as hell I love Khias part it kinda puts it all togethe and janet of course sounds so sexy in this song, I know shes gonna be dancing her ass off in this video. I mean this is a whole different feel for janet. The song is like part pop rock and a little r&b mix oh this is gonna be the shit! #1#1#1#1#1#1#!#1 all the way. As I said before the Queen JANET ALWAYS AND FOREVER!

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