Janet Jackson on Whitney’s Passing

Singer Janet Jackson will be speaking on the passing of Whitney Houston, via Anderson Cooper’s talk show Monday, February 20th.

I can honestly tell you I was so happy to see this in my inbox this morning. I was hoping Janet would publicly speak up and she has.

Being a fan of both singers, I know they counted each other as friends back in the day. I vividly remember an interview in which Janet said Whitney was one of her biggest supporters, always sitting in the front row screaming for her the loudest.

Likewise, Whitney often spoke of her love for the entire Jackson family.

Long before Whitney became WHITNEY, she worked on several amazing songs with Jermaine Jackson, who at the urging of Clive Davis invited her to sing lead on several of his singles, including “Take Good Care of My Heart,” “If You Say My Eyes Are Beautiful” and “Nobody Loves Me Like You Do.”

Expect many more celebrities to share their love of Whitney as well.

If you didn’t see BET’s 3 hour tribute to Whitney last night you missed a doozy. Everyone from Jill Scott to Pastor Shirley Ceaser gave testimony of Whitney’s greatness.

It was truly a tear jerker.


  1. Beautiful. Janet and what she has to say. I missed the tribute last night; was at work. Boo! I pray for the family, especially Bobbi Kristina.

  2. If anyone knows about losing a close love one it would be Janet. I am so glad that Janet spoke out also, there are a few pictures floating the internet of Janet & Whitney at different events. Janet would be the one to console Bobbi Kristina, and I hope that Janet take Bobbi Kristina under her care for a while. I love you Janet. Rip MJ & WH.

  3. I know Janet can relate, the ties they must have shared. At the end of the day they’re people, who aren’t given must room for error. I love how Janet has always kept her reserve and says what needs to be said and then she vanishes back into her world. I hope she can connect with Bobbi Kristina because there will be so many people out to use and exploit her while at her most vulnerable state!

    Side note:

    Janet also looks so fab, love that top, dress, jumpsuit, whatever it is…it’s hot and the hair, wow!

  4. I wanted to hear from Janet too. Her and Whitney came out around the same time and they always had a mutual respect for one another. I always thought that was awesome because the media will try to put them up against each.other and they did not fall for the hype.

  5. I’m also happy that Janet spoke of how much she and Whitney cared for each other. I’m still heart broken over her death and probably will be for many days to come.
    I can find peace in know that she is at home with her dad and Our Father…The Lord!

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