Janet Jackson Confirms Netflix Deal

Janet Jackson to Film Netflix Reality Show

Janet Jackson to Film Netflix Reality Show

Singer Janet Jackson has inked a deal with Netflix to appear in an upcoming fly-on-the-wall type reality show.

Via a 10-episode docu-series titled Simply Janet, the 51-year old pop icon will reportedly give fans a glimpse into her life as she prepares to kick off her State of the World tour, all while juggling first-time mommy-hood and the emotional fall-out from her recent separation from third husband, Wissam Al Mana.

According to published reports, Simply Janet will feature a behind-the-scenes look into private recording sessions, costume and touring preparations, as well as Janet and Wissam co-parenting their six-month old son Eissa.

Janet is set to resume her tour in the U.S on September 7th, however, the documentary will reportedly cover preparations for the Asian and European leg of the trek, which is said to be getting a huge makeover.


  1. Ugh, the most we can hope for is an ounce of transparency. Idk if I’ll watch. I literally get emotion when I think of Janet. She will only give us bits and pieces of crumbs.

  2. Something in the water ain’t clean. Janet announces her separation and new tour within days of one another. I’d like to believe she’d never stoop to such low level attention whoring, but all signs are pointing towards just that. Janet has been extremely private about her personal life, why switch things up now? She’s looking pretty desperate for someone whose been in the game for over 40 years. I actually hope she does only provide crumbs or at best focuses on the tour and not her personal life. Janet doesn’t have to stoop to such Keyshia Cole levels and I hope she won’t.

  3. Ten episodes is an entire season. That’s a lot of ground to cover. Sounds to me like Janet doesn’t plan on holding anything back. If this was a quick 1 or 2 hr. special I’d be inclined to believe all we’d get is a fluff piece. But 10 episodes is 10 full hours’ worth of content and you can’t fill that kind of airtime with vagueness. Netflix isn’t BET. Janet is going to have to deliver. I just hope she doesn’t overdo it. I love and respect Janet and don’t want to see her overshare just for viewers. She’s a class act and needs to remain that way. I hope the focus in on the tour and that we see her working out, going to rehearsals and preparing for that. I want to see her meeting with designers and really pushing her return to the music scene. I don’t want to see her arguing with Wissam or playing the victim. She’s 50 years old. If Wissam ain’t no damn good she’s as much to fault as him. You can’t be 50 and still blaming your breakups on the men. With age should come wisdom.

  4. I saw Janet and missed that it ten episodes. In that case you better believe it will be all work. I don’t want to see her and Wissam arguing. Janet is better than that. It will be leading up to her tour. What I meant by transparency is getting her to open up. Like who is Janet? What motivates her? What’s her favorite food? Who are her friends? Do she think about Michael? How does she get in shape? What does she want to say to us? What does she want the world to know? Not really intrusive things, but maybe to someone like Janet. She talks in riddles sometimes. I don’t want that. I read her book years ago but (it was mostly about letters from her fans and how her music affected change in their lives in a positive way) even in interviews she is slightly guarded. The most I’ve seen her open up seriously was on Oprah during the velvet rope era. I was misunstood. I Hate that reality show stuff, I don’t even watch it… never crossed my mind cause that ain’t Janet. I was thinking more like Beyounce’s documentary which I’ve only seen once. I would like her to share slightly more than Bey. The only problem with this is it can open Janet up to be judged by these crazies on the internet who see things no one else does and create their own narrative. Up until this point she’s protected herself from that. I DISAGREE, Janet is not a publicity whore! She set back and watched the industry try to eclipse her whole career as if she never had an A+ career that inspired a generation of stars. The best performers of today, have studied Janet and her family at some point. For her to do this is a subtle way to fight back and remind her fans and inform those who want her to just go away. For that I will give her a pass because she deserves one. See Janet, already you are being made to be a villain. Just send me a copy the show to watch, I’ll enjoy it and guard it with my dog’s life and never speak of it. Pull the plug on this. The world is not worthy. My information is linked in the description box below. Lol.

  5. I, too, hope the series lives up to its title. Docu-series. I want to see her training, working, doing—no drama or typical reality-show type hysterics, but just Janet, doing her thing, preparing a world tour and being on tour.

    I feel like this might be her last hurrah. Finish the tour with a big bang and finish her “career” as we know it with the docu-series.

    I would like to see her involved in other ventures. More acting, maybe? What about that lingerie line she was attached to at some point?

    Either way, I will support her. She’s a living legend and an inspiration for me from when I was a little girl—and I’m old, y’all. LOL

  6. As usually Kanyade I agree with everything you said… not about you being old though. Lol

  7. This reminds me of the videos she did on Myspace back in the day. She’s already dipped her toes into these water before.
    The videos are on Youtube if I am not mistaken. They showed her behind the scenes preparing for one of her tours that even though it started, it didn’t finish fully. I think it’s the one where she suffered from vertigo and stopped the tour for a bit or altogether.
    The dancers, the training, the costumes, her traveling….it showed all of that. They kinda flowed with Jermaine Dupri’s videos he did on his youtube channel at the time so you see more behind the scenes stuff with her at that time and some of the things he was doing solo.

    Ya’ll, well some of ya’ll, gotta chill. Going straight into reality show attention whoring panic mode. It ain’t even gotta be all of that. Chill. I highly doubt there will be fighting, conversations, fake displays of friendship or “will they, won’t they get back together”-isms on this show. She’s a mother now so there may be a chance that Arab Jon B. will be coming around to drop off the baby or his nanny will be doing so. Probably won’t see much of him because he is a business man and won’t have time for things like lollygagging in front of cameras in any aspect.


  8. I agree PrayfortheChildren. Don’t see why Europe and Asia have to get an upgraded version of the tour while the U.S. gets the same old same old. Janet needs to revamp every part of her tour, including the U.S. leg.

    As for the docu-series, I’m so happy. It will be great to see so much of Janet after all this time. It feels like years since she’s really put herself out there for the fans.

    I’m glad she chose Netflix as her venue because I think it will be more documentary that reality show. If it was WeTV or VH-1 then I’d be worried. But Netflix doesn’t deal in reality shows and I have no doubt this production will be a classy affair.

  9. I would like to see her involved in other ventures. More acting, maybe? What about that lingerie line she was attached to at some point?

    Janet gets involved with a lot of stuff that never comes to fruition. In addition to the lingerie line, she was previously attached to a MTV documentary about the gay/trans community, a silent black and white film, and a Lifetime movie about a black female gangster. None of those things have come to pass and I don’t expect them to. Like her tours, you just have to wait and see if Janet actually goes through with it.

    I wish her all the best nonetheless. I’ll be watching her Netflix series and rooting for her.

  10. Thanks JBL. Here’s hoping she will follow-through with some of these things.

    Lakantta, can Janet not once again “find her way”? Why must she retire? Many other black, female artists worked late into their careers; and some are still working: Diana Ross, Tina Turner, Patti LaBelle, Chaka Khan, Aretha Franklin, etc.

  11. “Janet announces her separation and new tour within days of one another.” She only announced new dates of her postponed tour. In fact, we knew that she will resume the tour since early 2016. It was in her press release.

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