Janet Jackson to Join X Factor U.S.

While helping Anderson Cooper celebrate the 100th episode of his talk show “Anderson,” singer Janet Jackson skirted around the rumor of her joining The X Factor judging panel.

As we reported over a week ago, singers Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Pink were also on the short list of potential judges to replace fired panelists Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger.

When asked about the rumor, Janet, totally tongue tied and smiling from ear to ear, responded: “Oh my God. No, I’m not a judge on The X Factor.”

Too smart to stop there, Anderson pressed Miss Jackson a bit more. “You’re not currently a judge on The X Factor,” to which the R&B superstar replied, “No, I am not. But that’s all I really think I should say.”

Simon Cowell heightened the excitement, tweeting “We Have a few surprises to announce soon. This is getting interesting.”

Should Miss Jackson actually take on the role of judge, she will in opinion do so at the expense of the musical comeback her fans were hoping she would make in either 2012 of 2013.

On the upside, appearing on the show could open Janet up to a whole new fan base who may not know her outside of the over-hyped Super Bowl controversy of 2004.

To watch Janet’s interview tune in to “Anderson” tomorrow at 4pm EST.


  1. I believe if she does it, she’ll make it work for her, like Steven Tyler did. She’ll be fine if she doesn’t, she made great music, not just hits, but a music catalog that will always sell concert tickets. Initially, I thought this wouldn’t be good move for her, but in light of Whitney’s departure, I believe people would embrace and appreciate her being on the show!

  2. She’s gorgeous. But here’s the thing, she can do the XFactor gig and still make an album and still tour! Janet can do whatever the hey she wants to do. She has nothing left to prove, in my humble opinion. She could tour once a year and remain absent the rest, but she’s allegedly doing this XFactor gig which allows fans to see more of her which is a win-win for both superstar and fans, and as the OP points out “new” fans. I’m excited for her.

    @Cynthinia, I agree with you in that Janet has a CATALOG of music [not just hits] that will FOREVER be remembered.

  3. It would be great to have her as the X Factor judge!Although it would keep her busy, it would give her a new kind of exposure which, in my opinion would only benefit her career. And yes, she could still do a tour.

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