Janet Jackson To Launch Her Own Lingerie Line

After completing her upcoming “Rock Witchu” tour, singer Janet Jackson will be turning her attention to fashion. The singer, who is also due to release a book on weight loss, said in an interview that a lingerie line from her was in the works, but didn’t give an specific details about the project. Besides posing in her panties and bra, I never knew Janet had a love of lingerie but as a fan, I’m excited to see her branching off into new things.

Janet was spotted earlier this week in Milan taking in the fashion shows and is said to have called on Donatella Versace personally to design her costumes for her upcoming tour.


  1. Boo! Can someone please come up with an original idea????

  2. It probably be all fetish i will be in them lol. At least she coming out with a clothing line.

  3. Is this the new trend for celebrities? Clothing lines and reality shows? What happened to the good ole days, when singers were singers and movie stars were just that, movie stars.

  4. Isn’t mariah working on a Lingerie line too? I hope they don’t launch at the same time, but even if they do, I know who I’m buying! I think that this is a good look for her cause let’s face it(this goes for haters too) her body+beautiful face+sex appeal+sexy songs+sexy lingerie = sales, sales, sales. I more of a butt naked please!! kinda of girl but if the lingerie is hot, I might have to get it.

  5. fuck mariah let’s not even be talkin bout her this is a brownsistaz site and mariah’s far frm the colour so let’s jst 4get bout her and i luv me som jennifer and janet

  6. Now Janet is getting into fashion. Janet is making the big-time money. I hope she makes herself another cool million or two.
    Check this one out, y’all. “i hate jennifer hudson” just gave me a good idea. I would like to see J-Hud start a line of lingerie that is designed for ladies who are a little more on the healthy side. Healthy ladies like to look sexy too.

    FAT *****”

    Sure Jennifer Hudson can. Full-figured girls are just as beautiful and sexy too.

  8. Is Mariah not a ‘brown’ sista too? 😆

    Kudos to Janet. 20+ years in the biz and she’s just now coming with the “forming a clothing line”. Most new artists who experience a little success at the beginning of their careers, usually come straight out the gate with wanting to do this. Janet has done the biz, put in the work and now that situations have taken the turn they have, she’s branching out and doing other things. I love it. 🙂

  9. I guess it’s time for Janet to take another path in her career. Sigh! I hope she does well, though. It’s rough out here for people of all classes. Folks trying to pay them bills!

    Good quesiton @ Kanyade

    Why would Mariah not be considered a “brownsista”? I mean, she is bi-racially mixed with black and white.

  10. If Alicia Keys is considered a Brown Sista, there is NO reason why Maria isn’t too [Unless she being look down upon because of her light skin shade & blonde hair?] Whatever…

  11. like the saying goes “hater ***** marry hater ******* and have hater kids….”
    Mariah is a brown sista….and a successful one at that. stop hating!
    Kudos to Janet, she’s doin her thing and i’m happy for her.

    @ ihatejenniferhudson-please get a life and stop displacing your insecurities about yourself on someone who’s actually doing something with herself….

  12. I’m glad Janet is doing this even if it’s not an original idea.

    I know i can relate to Janet’s curve more than Kylie Minogue. They better branch out to the European markets too.

  13. Its about time she diversified like a lot of other people are doing. Make that cake!

  14. Ok I am glad that Janet has decided to take another career choice, but why in earth did she choose lingerie? I mean is she choosin that route so she can say that she has a fashion line, but it’s not really a fashion line b/c it’s panties & ppl are tired of the celeb fashion line? But never the less I hope that she does well w/ it & if she makes cute panties I will def buy em. Like I have said many times before I am not a big fan of where Janet is w/ her music right now, but she is undeniably a icon, so if she can increase her ionic status w/ this then so be it.

  15. thatgrapejuice.net is reporting Janet Jackson’s tickets sell are really…………

  16. Great, so great in fact that’s she is selling better than Madonna. It looks like Miss Jackson will be having the world’s biggest tour in 07-08

  17. Go Janet…Janet gives a great show and I expect her to continue to sale……I’m glad she chose lingerie and I’m pretty sure she’s going to take it to the S&M level. We have so many stars doing clothing lines, why not lingerie?

  18. Noooooooooo, not another celebrity line!!! It’ll probably cost too much for me to buy anyway. I hope it does well for her and that she is going to be controlling it.

  19. Also, Jennifer Hudson is a beautiful woman. Now why would you even bring her into this post?? Sounds like insecurity to me.

  20. It’s about time Janet Jackson starts branding her name. That’s where the $ is…I bet the lingerie will be some sexy ish..Go Janet!

  21. So Janet is branching out. Well best wishes to her whatever she chooses to venture into. Represent The Jackson legacy Janet.

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  22. I am so tired of looking at Janets tities, now I got look at her a_s. She bought her entire body. Since she was to expose her body, WHY DOES SHE NOT GO INTO PONO? THOSE jACKSONS ARE SICK. WHAT DOES THEIR FACE AND BODIES HAVE TO DO WITH THEIR SINGING TALENT.

  23. Janet is diversifying and using her name recognition , talent and fame just like countlless other entertainers. I just hope the product isn’t tacky like Beyonce’s ( $$$ can’t buy taste) or under-rated like Iman’s cosmetic line. Good luck, Ms. Jackson.

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