Janet Jackson to Produce Lifetime Movie


Janet to Executive Produce Film on Harlem Gangster, Stephanie St. Claire

Singer Janet Jackson isn’t about to let 2016 pass by without leaving her mark in some way or another. She may not be set to release new music or return to touring, but according to Lifetime, she will be hooking up with the network to executive produce an upcoming film on the life of Stephanie St. Claire.

St. Claire was a famous Harlem gangster back in the 1920’s and had previously been portrayed on the big screen by Cicely Tyson in the 1997 film Hoodlum. Lifetime didn’t announce any casting news, so it is not yet known who will actually play the role of Stephanie St. Claire. Ordinarily my money would be on Janet herself, but seeing as she just postponed her tour to concentrate on starting a family, I doubt she’s be brazen enough to actually take on a film role right now.

At any rate, Lifetime films have really quickie shooting schedules, usually 28 days according to actress/director Angela Bassett- so Janet still could take on the role without it seeming like she ditched her tour to do a movie. Whatever the case, the film is set to air sometime this fall and is being directed by Kenny Leon (The Wiz Live).


  1. She’s going to star in it. Why would Janet produce this for someone else? This is her own vehicle. Can’t wait to hear more. Too bad lifetime is doing the telling though. Their films generally suck.

  2. Cool. Prince died and I’m verklempt, but cool news for Janet. or whatever. *cries*

  3. Knowing how lifetime movies (autobiography, biography or otherwise) suck every type of ass nowadays I can only hope her name will be attached to a good project. Cuz if left to lifetime this movie would ascend to the highest heights of freakery possible. I don’t think she will play the title character if she plays anything at all. I don’t think she’ll act. She has stated in the past that she would like to branch out into other areas of music and film. Sadly Janet is a one track kinda girl that it’s taken this long for her to get to this point.

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