Janet Jackson Vibe Magazine HQ Pics

Beautiful new scans of Janet Jackson’s Vibe Magazine shoot have been made available to the public and they are just awsome.I personally am not a fan of the cover shot and have no idea why they chose it when so many other beautiful images were at their disposal. ((Click images to enlarge.))

Extreme High Quality Pics

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  1. Janet looks good.Those shots are much better than the cover.

  2. Mimi Valdez must not like sisters.Who would have chosen the ugly cover they used over any of the photos up top? She did the same thing to Mary J Blige.I remember when Vibe used to have the best covers and you couldn’t wait to see who would be on the cover.Hopefully Danyel will bring those days back.

  3. Janet’s love for JD is so sweet.I could do without some of the details though.Imagining JD and her in the moment is just too much for me to take. 😆

  4. I’m with you Caroline.The final cover call is with the Editor and how could Mimi, with 2 working eyes, choose the cover she did over any of the pics above? She obviously needed to be canned for many of her choices.Doesn’t she know the cover is what sells a magazine? It is no wonder their sales dropped so much.

  5. Janet old enough to be my moms but she is still bangin.She’s a straight MILF.

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