Janet Jackson’s Interview With Vibe Vixen

Janet Jackson I was trying not to post any information from the upcoming issue of Vibe Vixen that features Janet Jackson on the cover until I at least had the digital copy of the magazine for myself.It seems however that will not be happening so I am finally posting the entire interview here as well as the picture used for the cover shot which you can see to your left.In this interview Janet talks about the usual- Michael’s former nose, her former nose and her obvious love for Jermaine Dupri.She also touches on her relationship with his 9 year old daughter and her own future plans for motherhood.As usual, Janet does not give out too much information thus making this interview as uneventful as the rest she did for the 20 Y.0 album.The only good thing that came from this article was confirmation that Janet would indeed be going on tour later on this year.

From Here to Eternity

Janet Jackson’s Musical and acting career spans three decades and she’s still hot as hell and on the verge of her fourth world tour.Serena Kim goes out to Janet’s Malibu home to chat about parenthood, body -piercing parties, and her biggest beauty regret.

You’d expect high drama.You’d expect an intrusive entourage. You’d expect loads of makeup, a wild cascading mane, and rock hard abs on display. But that’s not what you’d find at Janet Jackson’s subdued Malibu,Calif., home on this dark and drizzly February morning.It’s a simple white clapboard affair that blends in seamlessly with this famous row of multi million-dollar cribs.The garage shelters two gleaming white luxury cars: a Ferrari and a Porsche. The “Caribbean colonial” – themed interior features whitewashed walls, pale-blue canvas furniture, sea-grass rugs, and seashell motifs throughout. Copies of Vibe,Elle,W, and Angeleno magazines are fanned out on the lichen-color, wooden coffee table. The vast windows open to a view that stretches 30 miles out, all the way to Catalina Island, and the Pacific ripples like satin in shades of slate and jade.

There’s hardly time to contemplate the breathtaking vista before Janet enters the living room, Janet Jackson looking more cool aunt than sex symbol. She’s wearing the unlikeliest of outfits for an 11 a.m. kitchen-side chat at home: a backless,floor-length black evening gown with plainly visible bra-strap, a gray hoodie, and turquoise flip-flops. Her face is bare but for a feathery coat of mascara, and her hair is slicked back into a tiny bun. “Dunk” as her family likes to call her, is more petite and drowsy than you’d expect, but when she smiles, her trademark megawatt grin floods the room with charismatic power. You immediately understand why she’s unequivocally a vixen at 40 (41 on May 16) – barefaced, bold, and beautiful.

She sits down at a long dining table. Her chef, Cheo, a bearded, brown skinned brother with a patted afro and a Bob Marley T-shirt, serves a joy-less breakfast: grapefruit, egg whites sauteed with mushrooms, and a side of greens. The portions occupy the tiniest real estate on an enormous white plate. Janet shakes off the fatigue from the previous night’s Jennifer Hudson Oscar party, douses her eggs with Crystal hot sauce, and braces herself for a slew of questions.In her soft, almost baby-like voice, the supernova opens up about marriage,family, and fertility. She shares her secrets as the waves crash right outside her dining-room window.

Kim: What inner- beauty trait do you treasure the most about yourself?

Janet: I hope I don’t sound like I’m poking my chest out. But…I’m a generous person. I’ve heard people say that I am.I love giving and helping people. I think I have a pretty good heart. Don’t get me wrong; I have my moments.It’s important to be surrounded by good- hearted people- no agenda, just good souls.

Kim: How do you tell the difference between someone with an agenda and someone with a good heart?

Janet: You can’t fake it for long.

Kim: Have you suffered any health side effects from gaining and losing weight so quickly?

Janet: I’m very fortunate that i don’t have any side effects. I think that’s because i work out. I shouldn’t speculate, but i think part of why Luther [Vandross] had a stroke was because there was so much weight, like 100 pounds, and he would fast. His system couldn’t take it. People think they can skip working out if they can find other ways to lose weight, but you still have to be physically fit. Treat your muscles properly.

Kim: What do you eat for your diet that you really cant stand?

Janet: I sometimes get sick of egg whites. Eggs are funky.

Kim: What’s your biggest beauty regret?

Janet: I look like the bride of Frankenstein in the opening of my [1996] “Control” video.My hair was this high [she holds her hand up a foot over her head]. Every time I see that, I get embarrassed and I bury my head in my hand.

Kim: Would you ever have more plastic surgery?

Janet: When i was 16, I got my nose done. Ask me [again] when I hit 55. I look at photographs of women who have had plastic surgery.They look pulled and yanked, and that’s not that attractive to me.But like i said , all that might be out the door when I’m 55. Hopefully when I’m that age I’ll look like my sister Rebbie [now 56] because she looks younger than I do.Her skin is flawless.

Kim: Which of your piercings hurt the most when you got it done?

Janet: I’ve had my septum pierced.My nipple pierced. I still have my navel pierced. I’ve had my “Down South” pierced.

Kim: Wait, the Clitoris or the Labia?

Janet: They say it’s not good to pierce the Clitoris because if they don’t know what they are doing, there’s a numbness that you can experience. And you will never get that feeling back.So they’ll pierce just the labia and you get the same sensation. We used to have piercing parties, and we’d all get something done.All my friends would come to the beach house.And Rob, the body piercer – we’re still good friends- would pierce us all.Getting my [nasal] septum pierced sounded like putting a knife through leather, so that was the ugly part of it. You know how sometimes your eyes just tear.There’s no pain, but your eyes water. Others, you inhale and you exhale and then it’s done.But this one was probably the most difficult i would say, worse than the one down south.

Kim: You’ve mentioned several times in interviews that you’re ready to marry Jermaine and have children.

Janet: I’d love to have a family,If marriage is something he wants to do, that’s fine with me. But if he doesn’t , that’s fine with me , too, because I’m very happy with the way it is.

Kim: He’s gotta read all these articles.What does he say? Have you set a date?

Janet: Doesn’t that seem like a personal question?

Kim: not really you Belong to the public.

Janet: Even though you’re in the public eye, you still have your own private life. Just as you work in an office, that doesn’t mean your co-workers have a right to know what you do when you go home at the end of the day.I think that’s something the media doesn’t respect enough.But, there’s been conversations, so we’ll see. Look, I’ve [been married ]twice,and I haven’t been successful at it. So I’m real happy to stay right where I am.But if it’s something he wants to do, I’m okay with that.

Kim: How will the perils of fame affect how you raise your family?

Janet: If my kids want to be in the entertainment industry, I’d encourage them to wait until they were at least 18. I’d always let them know that anytime they want to give it up, it’s totally fine, It’s not for everyone. I’m not gonna really comment on Britney, but you sometimes wonder, was it too much, too soon? I don’t know her. I don’t want to assume anything. But who knows? I’ve been praying for her,because I’m really afraid somethings going to happen,and i hope it doesn’t.

Kim: When i see your face, I see so much of Michael’s old face.Do you ever miss his face? or do you feel sadness when you see how he’s become?

Janet: I’ll say this.Everyone sees that he is different.There’s no question about that. He’s my brother. I love him regardless.Regardless.

Kim: The rumors about your secret daughter just won’t die.How did people confuse this alleged daughter with your niece?

Janet: When I was doing “Let’s Wait Awhile” (1987). I used to take my niece with me.She also did a photo shoot with me with Kenny Rogers [ the country singer who is also a photographer] for one of his books. The photo wasn’t in the book; he used another photo, but he gave me the photograph.People were saying i had a child back then, too, a little boy. But I’d take this niece around , and people would say that we looked alike, i wonder why! so they automatically assumed that she was my daughter.

Kim: Who is this niece?

Janet: I don’t want to bring more drama to her. She called me and said, ‘Auntie Janet, I hear what’s going on.This is just stupid.Why is this going on?’ And they don’t even have the time right because she’s a little too old for the time that they are saying. I was only 18 when i married James.We weren’t together for very long.Honestly, I’ve never had any kids. My mother said, ‘Baby, you should really start thinking about it because you’re really getting a lot older now.’ And i said, ‘ Mother, I know, but I’ve got stuff to do! it will happen.’ she said, ‘Okay, you never know.’ I think I’ve still got time.

Kim: Have you ever tried to have kids?

Janet: NO

Kim: If you knew you had problems having a baby, how far would you go with fertility treatments? Adoption? In-Vitro fertilization?

Janet: I would adopt.

Kim: Would you try Artificial insemination?

Janet: And have a baby that way? And it would still be Jermaine’s?

Kim: SURE.

Janet: Yes, as long as it’s ours, i would definitely do that.

Kim: What kind of gifts do you buy Shaniah Cymone (Jermaine Dupri’s 9- year-old daughter) for her birthdays and Christmas?

Janet: I’ve gotten her cute little things.I think there’s still time for that. To me, it’s about building a friendship with her.I never want her to think I’m trying to be her mother.She has a mother and a father.I’d prefer for us to be friends and for her to know that she always has someone to talk to. I probably shouldn’t tell this story.We were down here at this children’s store.He loves to shop for her.They had really cute shoes.He gets her this simple pink bikini with shorts and a little top to go over it. I said, “Those are going to turn into booty shorts on her.She’s going to be on Myspace looking back.” He looked at me! I said, “Baby, I’m joking.It’s just a joke.” He said, ” See this why you can’t have a girl.” Eventually she’s going to be into boys, so prepare for that. It’s just life.

Kim: Would you like a boy or a girl?

Janet: I’m more partial to boys. I think it’s from being such a tomboy growing up and hanging with my brothers.

Kim: Would you breast-feed?

Janet: I don’t know! You’ve gotta ask me that question when that time comes.

Kim: What is Auntie Janet like?

Janet: This is a touchy subject for me, because whenever my nieces and nephews get into trouble with their parents , they come to me. I guess they consider me the cool aunt. Like, they come to me when they get tattoos though their parents tell them not to. I probably give then the worst advice; I say, “You’ll probably get in trouble, but just remember your parents still love you.So it will be okay, it’s not the end of the world.” When i was a kid, I’d feel like it was the end of the world when i got in trouble. So I’m always giving them advice, but always ending it with, ” Don’t tell them i told you this.” My brothers and sisters would probably be mad at me if they knew some of the things i told their kids, but I’m just being completely honest with them.

Kim: What advice would you give your 20 – year-old self?

Janet: Brace yourself it’s gonna be an incredible ride

Images: SoSo Dusty
Interview: Janet’s Official Board


  1. Janet’s career is over.I love her I do and have every album she ever put out since Control but her time has come and gone.Some artists lose it and others are pushed out.At this point Janet has been relegated to the lowly teen obsessed BET while VH-1 and Mtv have shunned her totally.Unless her managemnet can make nice with Viacom she is done.

  2. Ordinarily I would agree with you but Janet ticked off a media GIANT… Viacom.They own hundreds of radio stations and television stations, including BET, VH-1 and MTV.This is why she isn’t played on many stations anymore and why her videos aren’t played on MTV and VH1.You can barely find Janet’s name on either of those two channels websites.Mariah was able to come back because of a hot second single and a record company that supported her.Janet on the other hand has been blacklisted and that won’t be easy for her to come back from.

  3. [quote comment=”5204″]Ordinarily I would agree with you but Janet ticked off a media GIANT… Viacom.They own hundreds of radio stations and television stations, including BET, VH-1 and MTV.This is why she isn’t played on many stations anymore and why her videos aren’t played on MTV and VH1.You can barely find Janet’s name on either of those two channels websites.Mariah was able to come back because of a hot second single and a record company that supported her.Janet on the other hand has been blacklisted and that won’t be easy for her to come back from.[/quote]
    I have been saying this forever.Janet has been put on the “DO NOT PLAY LIST” at many major stations and that is why the Damita Jo and 20 Y.O Album flopped.Without radio and video play how are artists able to get their music heard? They arent. Janet needs a new record label and management because the ones she have now are not up on it.Janet’s people need to make ammends with Viacom or she has no future in the industry.Releasing albums that keep flopping will do nothing but ruin her legacy in the run in.Girlfriend is still cute and can move her behind off so she still has a chance to come back.However she is getting older and newer chicks are coming out everyday.Janet needs another hit or successful tour to show the world that she still has what it takes to top the charts.

  4. Janet has been in the business for 35 plus years. She knows the business. Her days as a pop princess may be over, but she still has a place in music history. The female artist on the scene today are just copying her style.
    What she needs to do is evolve into the woman that she is and do some producing, directing and acting. Even make a album that is more for the mature audience, but get away from trying to be a pop and video queen.
    These teenagers don’t realize that she and her brothers have a place in music history. They think Beyonce and Chris Brown are the best thing since slice bread.
    I wish her much luck in her future because I am a true Janet Jackson fan.


  5. I love Janet, she always be #1 in my book. Haters need to shut the hell up.

  6. I love Janet…Can’t wait to see her in the new Tyler Perry movie and on TOUR! Do you thing Jan…and forget Viacom.

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