Janet Jackson’s New NutriSystem Commercial

I can’t wait until Janet Jackson stops promoting NutriSystem and starts promoting a new single, or better yet, a whole new album.

With other 80’s icons like Madonna and Lionel Ritchie still managing to top the charts, its time Janet gets back out there and shows she has the ability to do the same.

In the meantime, we longtime fans will just have to be content watching our Queen sell mediocre tasting foods in these hideously awful NutriSystem commercials.


  1. Don’t speak for Janet’s fans because her real fans knows that Janet joined Nutrisystem for a good cause. She and Nutrisystem owner created Nutribank and with every person that signs up for Nutrisystem one dollar is donated to Nutribank to feed people in other countries who are starving. If you were truly a fan of Janet you would have known that. Janet is doing what she said she would do and that’s helping people she is getting more into humanitary work and charity.So why don’t you and cheap ass looking blog get a clue.

  2. Thank you for the extra page view. These CoverGirl and BMW ads keep this cheap ass looking blog putting major dollars into my pocket 😀

    And the wack commercials need to stop. Janet needs to put out good music and stop reminding ppl that she is a chronic yo-yo dieter.

    *Signed: Real Fan since 1982*

  3. Janet will never be at the top of the charts again because she no longer has the motivation or drive. Madonna still has the drive. She is an egomaniac who wants to dominate the world and in order to do that you gotta play the game. Janet is content to play in low budget Tyler Perry movies and hide out in her beach house. She was great during her time. But the quality of her music, videos and even her image have been going south since the Superbowl fiasco.

    Jimmy Jam said Janet all but threw in the towel a couple of years ago and no longer cares about making music.

  4. Janet looks great!!! Weight-loss is the latest craze for celebrity endorsements. It’s just a trend. I don’t think her main focus will be music, not that she won’t put out another album. Maybe her heart isn’t in it? Jsnet’s making some easy money off of her brand!

    I’m happy for the music icons we have and who still perform. I know this site will keep us posted when Ms. Jackson serves again!

    The ads are nice and a major accomplishment! I know how COMPETITIVE it is to get them, I can imagine the serious dues and committment to excellence that has been paid! You work first, long and hard and then you get paid!

  5. Love Janet! She looks great and happy. Can’t we just be happy for her?

    So many demands on our pop royalty. I don’t want Janet going out the same way Michael or Whitney did. We gotta enjoy while we have them!

  6. janet didn’t want to be asinger, she wnted to go to peperdine university and study entertaiment law. her drive was always wantied. to be an actress. papa joe pushed her into being a singer. i have enough janet the singer memories , i want to see janet the actress. she’s really good. i just love to see her at premieres, all glammed, and fab. she’s so fab and sophisticated.

  7. She looks great. Maybe she is working on new music on the sly? but is in no rush to announce and/or release new music.

  8. WOW…I am a true fan of this site ..I try to hit it up just about everyday…but what I have read today..from what it appears to be…THE BROWN SISTA EDITOR themselves…………! To insult an ICON.. JANET JACKSON FOR NO REASON..or because she is making money..and providing food to starving children…and setting a damn good example for our upcoming young black women……thats A side of this websight I dont choose to be apart of…I have kept up with janet for quite a while on this very web sight and have never heard such b.s as what I have read above…your postings on Janet appear to putting money in YOUR pocket BROWN SISTAH…so….what????? and who are you benefiting besides yourself off what you make off of this sight..please do tell….who are you to judge anyway….??? really…I’M DONE WITH YOUR SIGHT….AND YOUR NOT A TRUE FAN OF JANET JACKSON..YOUR A FAN OF YOUR DAMN SELF…! MAYBE…

  9. Go read any Janet forum and her longtime fans are saying the same thing. If Janet does not want to do music anymore, then fine. But if she does, she needs to start thinking like a singer and make music her priority. These weight loss ads do nothing for her image. Nothing at all.

    And if you have been a longtime visitor then you know I have said this before and then some.

    I called Janet lazy with her last two albums, release two videos and then bounce. As an Icon she should act like one. Stop running from your projects because they aren’t instant chart toppers.

    I have said it before and will say it again: I am a fan, not a fool.

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