Janet Jackson is the New Face Of…

Pop icon Janet Jackson is reportedly the new face of NutriSystem. A photo of the singer inside next month’s edition of Shape Magazine shows the dance diva striking a pose and singing the praises of the company’s “28-Day Plan.”

Jackson, 45, and no stranger to yo-yo dieting, says she chose NutriSystem to help maintain her weight while on tour.

“If you want to lose weight and learn how to keep it off, you need a plan that’s easy, that works for you and that fits into your life.”

Janet is scheduled to hit the TV circuit later this week to announce the news publicly.


  1. Still waits for Janet to release a DVD from her Up Close and Personal tour…

  2. how is she a sellout? oh because she’s dating an Arab Billionaire? Is still able to market herself with business deals?

  3. To be honest, I’m interested in hearing how she sold out!

  4. Hey @dimplepuppet do you know what times and if they’ll show up online in full somewhere? I have finals tomorrow so chances are I won’t see much and I don’t have dvr.

  5. Well GMA comes on in the morning. The other shows will come on in the evening of that same day, but I’m sure different blogs will post up links that night or even on Friday, also you can check Janet’s twitter for the links. I can’t wait 🙂

  6. How is she a sellout she is not getting paid to do this she got NutriSystem to donate Millions to stop world wide hunger. She is using her name and celebrity to make a difference. SMH at some peoples misguided opinions.

  7. Janet has never been an artist to attach her name to just anything..its always something greater behind it. The fact that she is not getting paid to do this and the actual proceeds will go to fight world wide hunger says alot about the kind of celebrity that she is. I cant believe that people thought that she was doing this just to get a check when she has billionaire trying to wife her. Chile please.

  8. She is a mindful business woman/entertainer who deserves to be applauded for her efforts on this business venture. I beleive she has learned from her past experiences and will work on her continued success in her future. She is an icon and has set a standard that is hard to follow!

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