Janet & Jermaine Together In Milan

Janet and JD Together In Milan

Despite reports of a break up, that she herself confirmed in the latest issue of Harpers Bazaar Magazine, Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri seem to still enjoy each other’s company.

Janet and JD Together In Milan (1)

The two were spotted hanging out with Donatella Versace last night at the designer’s after party she threw in honor of the showing of her Spring/Summer 2010 collection at Milan’s Fashion Week.

Janet and JD Together In Milan

The two look as warm and fuzzy as ever. I’m glad to see them back together again.


  1. I knew it! He posted pics of Italy on his blog so I knew he was there as well. I like then together.

  2. @ fashionista101 I was thinkin’ the same thang lol….he Is such a “meatball”

  3. Awwwwww…it is actually nice to see them together again. Maybe they just needed their space for awhile. Janet is soooooooooo beautiful!

  4. If this is true, than I’m so over Janet again. I love her look, it’s off the chain. Her makeover is the best yet.

  5. Please say it isn’s so!!.. Perhaps he was just there as her friend. I pray she has moved on with her career and finding a true man that is worthy of her…

  6. As long as he doesn’t produce any more of her songs I’m happy they’re reunited. Janet keep Jermaine out of your studio!

  7. It must be hell going through something in your relationship in the public. I woul hate to experience that.

  8. @BEE, i agree, i would hate to experience that too, it was enough when i was young, with my family up in my business, but damn near the world? smh

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