Janet & Mariah: Making Love In The Rain

Janet Not literally you perverts (lol). For those of you who are lovers of 80’s music, you probably realize I am talking about the song Janet recorded back in 1987 with Lisa Keith. The song actually appeared on Herb Alpert’s album and was a monster hit on R n’ B radio, even though I don’t believe it was ever released as a single. Well some 20 years later Janet and Mariah Carey forums are running rampant with rumors of Janet re-recording this song with Mariah. If the rumors are true, this is obviously the brainchild of Jermaine Dupri who has been trying to get the two divas in the studio together for some time now.

I admit when rumors of a Janet- Mariah callabo were first introduced I balked at the idea. Vocally the two singers are miles apart and not in Janet’s favor. However, MLITR would be the perfect song for these two ladies to record together. The song is absolutely beautiful and would be an instant crossover hit- making waves on pop radio as it did on R n’ B stations so many years ago.

I’m sure many of you have heard the song by now but for those of you who haven’t, I found a clip of it on Radio Blog here.


I just got my hands on new pics of Janet and Mariah. Janet attended a Grammy event to celebrate producer Jimmy Jam being added to the board. While Mariah attended a stamp ceremony designed to highlight the importance of jury duty.


  1. Loved the song but they should switch it up quite a bit. I would have Janet on lead and Mariah on background vocals. i don’t think this is going to happen though cause I don’t think Mariah really wants to work with Janet.

  2. I don’t think the women will have a problem working together. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to know Mariah has a better voice (not as good as it used to be but nice). That song was off the hook. I still play that song. One thing Janet could do is make some sexy, smooth loving making music.

  3. jenet looks so young and beautifal when she talks she sounds nice and so sweet.

  4. I don’t think that’s a good look for either. Maybe Janet might need some pop love right now but Mariah doesn’t have it like that anymore on pop radio unless she stops making songs like It’s Like That and the other urban sounding stuff she did on Emancipation. They both need to just do them individually. No cross-marketing.

  5. I’d have to hear it because one has so much vocal talent and then other has a pretty voice…it’s almost like Miriah would have to dumb down her style.

  6. I remember this tune. I loved it and it’s still played on stations like WBLS at night during the Quiet Storm. Janet’s vocals are really pretty. Mariah would sound nice on this track too.

  7. That song is a classic to me and should be left alone. JD always f@#!in things up. STOP TRYING FORCE IT JERMAINE!!!! Janet needs to team back up w/ Jimmy & Terry and JD should just f@#%s w/ Jagged Edge and Bow Wow or whoever else. Janet looks beautiful, as always. Mariah needs a stylist but who cares about her….

  8. Dont care for Mariah at all but love the hell out of Janet…But this just may work even if they switched it around a lil bit…As a Janet fan I know she has a pretty voice and not over powering and this song isnt overpowering but the two ladies could mos def pull this off no doubt. Love you Janet

  9. I think I’d rather see Janet and Ciara do something together. I’m just not feeling this because Mariah’s voice is so powerful and Janet’s voice is very nice but just above a whisper. I Love Janet always but I don’t like this idea

  10. i thnk itll b cool if they do theyr best n mariah dont deepen her voice so much coz jan got a cute sweet voice id rather her screams.. u know lyke in emotions

  11. Janet and Mariah are my two favorite singers of all time. I would love for this to happen

  12. i don’t think they should do a song that is old they should do a totally new song i don’t like the idea and i am surprised that jan would do that.

  13. well………. no i like the original version better with herb alpert janet jackson and lisa keith it was a beautiful song together very melodic, i have this old school song on my cd (making love in the rain)


  14. i AGREE Nne J.D is always mixin’ somethin together just keep it original. certain songs need to be left alone.

    (OFFICIAL STAND UP GIRL)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111

  15. i would love for janet and mariah to do a song together , but i don’t know about this particular song. i mean this is a classic and beautiful song and it fit janet’s voice perfectly , but i don’t know how mariah’s voice would be singing it . of course mariah doesn’t have the power behind her voice like she used , she still has a good voice , but as a fan of both ladies i would want to hear them both equally and mariah would have to tone it down alot . i guess i would have to hear them together first . i love jd and what he does for music , but i wouldn’t want him to change the song up too much . it’s perfect the way it is.

  16. I agree with Boogie. Janet really needs to get back to her ‘POP’ roots…get those fans back. And Mariah is so DEEP into R’nB since Emancipation, that for her to go “pop”, well…she should just stick with the soul music for now. LOL I think it’s a better niche for her. Emancipation is one of my favorite albums by her, with the exception of Vision. 🙂

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