Janet Reviewing Producers + Marriage Rumors

According to Billboard.com, new music from Janet Jackson won’t be forthcoming this year, however the singer’s management did inform them that the icon has been reviewing potential producers while on tour.

Janet has been on the road in support of her 2009 compilation album “Janet: Number Ones” since last year and will reportedly stay on the road until at least mid-February of 2012.

Janet’s last album, 2008’s “Discipline,” was a commercial disappointment, debuting at #1 on the Billboard Hot 200 [The 6th of her career] and then quickly falling down the charts. To date the album has been certified platinum but has actually sold just over 700,000 copies.

And in more JJ news, published reports claim the 45 year old singer is engaged to boyfriend Wissam Al Mana and planning a family.

I don’t think it takes a genius to know this story is false. Janet is notoriously private and were she to get married or even be thinking about marriage, the world would never know until five years later when she filed for divorce (LOL).


  1. and were she to get married or even be thinking about marriage, the world would never know until five years when she filed for divorce (LOL).

    Ain’t that the truth! LOL Greatest secret never told LOL or something.

    But even if it isn’t true, I’m glad she’s in “lurve” with her man. They look good together. The way he’s spoken of her with respect and “lurve” (thinking of a GQ article a magazine did on him).

    New album? Take time, take care, be true to Janet. “Discipline” was a half-step. Felt it wasn’t all “her”. Only a couple of tracks I liked on the whole thing. Good Luck Miss Jackson!


  3. I am a very private person and Im not a celebrity so I dont blame her or anybody who chose to keep things private.

  4. It seems like every year there is a story about Janet, marriage, and babies. I often wonder if these stories are planted by her camp to keep her name in the press. That’s just the cynic in me. Hoping for some new music from her soon.

  5. One of our most secretive stars…I’m sure it’s difficult enough being who she is…I hope he’s the one!

    I agree with Kanyade, I hope she takes her time…be true to Janet…put out some music when she’s really in that zone, otherwise, don’t do it. Anytime an artist can tour for two years straight without a new hot chart-topper is pretty awesome!!!…it speaks volumes to the quality of timeless music and showmanship she’s delivered over the years…that made her legendary…not her twitter followers, search engine rankings, facebook friends, product endorsements or awards and accolades…Janet is a true STAR!

    It’s wonderful to see more women having longevity in the entertainment industry…those images do have a trickle down effect!

  6. i love me some Janet Jackson. Cant wait to hear new music from her.

  7. I feel how she feels, don’t tell your business to anyone, those same people will feel like they can put their mouths in your affairs, If she is engaged Congrats girl!

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