Janet Scans From Harpers Bazaar

As promised, we finally have the scans of Janet Jackson in January’s Singapore edition of Harpers Bazaar magazine.Big thanks goes out to Szavy of HR Paradise for providing us with these untagged high quality images. Nyter!!



  1. Janet looks great in these pics and the shoot looks like it was a lot fun.I hope this is the second half of promotion for Janet’s album because I think it is really good and she deserves some success.

  2. I wasn’t too fond of the cover but the inside pics make up for it.This is a beautiful spread of Janet and it’s nice to see her doind something high fashion rather than something overly and over the top sexual.Janet looks good and I hope to see more pics like this from her in the coming year 🙂

  3. These pics are great! She looks so happy. Although the sales didn’t do great, I think she is soo happy in general.:mrgreen:

  4. I am listening to Janet’s song ENJOY right now.I love that song and the album is pretty good too.I hope she makes a comeback with her next cd and the pictures above are pretty cool.It’s nice to see Janet switching it up a bit.

  5. Janet looks great in those photos.This is one of my favorite shoots right after the one she did for Hollywood Life.

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