Janet Sighting + Mag News

According to several online sources, Janet Jackson will appear on the October 2009 cover of Harper’s Bazaar magazine. Janet hasn’t appeared on the cover of fashion mag in almost three years and recent reports say the singer has gained a bit of weight since the passing of her brother Michael. However, TMZ cameras caught up with Janet as she left a restaurant earlier this week… and the singer’s weight appears to be under control.

Choosing to ignore the gossip- Tyler Perry took to his blog also and had nothing but praise for Janet. Speaking on her performance in “Why Did I Get Married Too”, Tyler had this to say: “Janet Jackson brought the pain in this film. I’m so proud of her.”
Look for Janet’s new film to hit theaters in early April and video of Janet leaving Katsuya can be seen below.


  1. I like how she doesn’t care about what he’s saying. Ha! Ha! Ha!

  2. stephanie you make my day when I come her and see Janet news, thanks again for showing her the respect she deserves.

  3. TMZ is of the damn devil. I know these celebs get so sick of them following them all the time!

    Janet on the cover of Bazaar!?!

    Now that’s one magazine I will DEFINITELY buy. 🙂

  4. TMZ can be really annoying…..i’m so bad they gave those people a tv show. Sometimes I try to watch an ep. with my sister but a few mins. in I can never deal with it smh.

  5. I know it’s there JOB to hassle these celebs like there not normal people. But TMZ can be a s*#t stick at times. But Janet is still that Bad chick I like how she pulled off on him lol

  6. You see TMZ tried to make it seem like she won’t pay but the valet said she will pay, she obviously was trying to get away from him.

  7. Janet,
    Please keep saying your prayers, and keep your head held high.

    Remember that we love you and we are praying for your family.

    MJ and the 80’s 4ever

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