Kendrick Lamar & Drake Sample a Janet Classic

Janet Jackson doesn’t have any new music for her fans but those Blackglama images just keep on coming. The most recent one was featured in W Magazine and shows Janet cloaked in enough fur to make ten PETA supporters faint.

And while Janet may not be releasing new music any time soon, her classics are still exciting a new generation of fans.

Rappers Kendrick Lamar and Drake recently teamed up to record a new single titled ‘Poetic Justice,’ which features a sample of Janet’s 1994 hit single ‘Any Time, Any place.’ I am also sure it features another Janet sample, though for the life of me I can’t name it. Maybe my fellow Janet fans can help me out with this one.

Anyway, check out ‘Poetic Justice’ below.


  1. Heard “bad b*tch” and “she can get it” and turned it off. Ugh. So sick of this self-destructive “music.” Anyway, I just LOVED the way Janet looked in Poetic Justice. She needs to bring her braids back. Show Solange how to really rock ’em. -)

  2. is the second sample that you think you hear “come back to me” for the first few seconds of the song before it goes into the “anytime, anyplace” sample? i actually tried to place it myself. i think that’s what it is.

    i can’t support kendrick lamar and rake. i’m not into their music at all. oh well. did janet herself sign off on the use of this sample?

  3. Thank you PRAY FOR THE CHILDREN. I went to about 3 or 4 forums and none of them could answer this question for me. 🙂

  4. Oh you are welcome @sista. I hope that’s it. It really does sound like it to me.

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