Janet Jackson Tapes Trevor Project PSA

Pop sensation Janet Jackson is the latest celebrity to lend her name and likeness to the Trevor Project’s “It Gets Better Campaign.” The 44 year old singer, who reveals that she grew up in a gay friendly household, says she can empathize with the feeling of hopelessness felt by so many gay youths. A longtime supporter of the lesbian and gay community, Janet’s PSA comes out the same day as her cover for Instinct magazine was revealed. Janet is featured on the December/January cover of the gay mag, which hits newsstands on Thursday.


  1. I guess it is the opposite of a non gay friendly household lol.

  2. that it’s a household that didn’t mistreat people. i find it insulting being a person that was mistreated and tortured in school that hollywood only began focusing on anti-bullying when gay youths were being tortured. when everyday straight children are being tortured and bullied and commit suicide. where was the anti-bullying campaign when the columbine kids flipped out and shot up their schoools? they were bullied. i’m all for protecting othres and making others tolerant of others, but come on. and for the record, it’s just as fitting for Janet Jackson to come out swinging in defense of the gay community since, she is one of their icons and they are probably are biggest followers and comnsumers. that with alot of her friends are gay in the industry. i love janet but I’m not stupid.

  3. can i ask an honest question here?
    i’m not looking to be attacked just have and honest answer to my question.
    here it goes. if you feel to, please answer. is it just me or do you guys think that maybe sometimes janet plays up to gay folks!?

    i’d explain if anyone wanted me to as to what i mean but can someone answer me please!?

  4. *i’m not looking to be attacked, just to have an honest answer to my question.

  5. Hi Pray For The Children 🙂

    I think a lot of artists do today and for the sake of selling records only. Artists like Cher, Diana, Tina, Janet and Modanna I believe became close to the gay community via so many of the queens emulating them and playing their music. Even Patti Labelle spoke of her strong gay drag queen fan base. So yeah, there is a great deal of pandering because that audience has supported them and added to their style. Janet and Madonna stay up in the gay clubs copying what the queens do. Beyonce does now as well now.

    However, quite a few artists today are simply looking to expand their fan base by using the gay community and screaming to be bisexual or either gay friendly.

  6. does it make me a bad person to be tired of it? i’m just done with it. in my mind, the gay folks loved them before they started playing up to them so why do it now? they had their own flava before hand. to cater to gay folks because they love you a lot just seems silly. when i say cater to them i mean put a heavy gay influence in almost everything you do. i can see through it all. marketing and money. that’s all it’s for. i also think it’s sad that people think they have to resort to that and acting as if they’re gay to get attention. i also think it’s even worse that the poeple around them think it’s a good thing. why can’t people just be honest anymore?
    man, let me stop.

    thanks for answering sista!

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