(Updated) Janet to Release New Single Next Month + New Label Deal Announced


JANET-JACKSON-BMG-DEAL-0-900x1264We’ve got more Janet Jackson news for you guys. According to Billboard, Janet’s new single will hit the airwaves sometime within the next 30 days. We don’t know anything about the single. No name or writer credits have been revealed, but a search of Twitter did reveal one person who claims to have heard the song: writer/activist Kola Book.

Via Kola’s Twitter: “OMG!!! Because of Azealia Banks’ friend… I got to hear a new song by Janet Jackson!!!. It’s so fucking hot. Janet Jackson is so… back. Wait til you hear this new song.

Kola also tweeted what appears to be lyrics from the song: “I don’t take nothing smaller than my foot.”

We’re just gonna put aside what those lyrics might mean (LOL) and instead move on to the next topic: Janet’s label.

BMG will reportedly distribute Janet’s album, which may be an independent venture, as BMG is a distributor, and not an actual label. Janet was previously signed to Virgin Records and even Island Def Jam for a short period of time.

Stay tuned Janet fans… we’re getting closer.


Update: Via press release, Janet is launching her own label, Rhythm Nation, to be distributed by BMG.

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  1. Please let those lyrics be a lie. No more sex songs or talk of penises. It comes off as desperate. Janet is a mature artist and her songs should reflect that. I’m not saying Janet should be singing about AARP meetings or social security benefits, only that she’s beyond exploring her sexuality at this point. She’s nearly 50. She shouldn’t be singing the same tunes at 49 that she was singing at 29. We know she likes them long and thick. Time to move on to the next phase, committed and settled down.

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