Janet Vacations in Portofino, Itlay

Singer Janet Jackson was spotted vacationing in Portofino, Italy earlier this week with her billionaire beau Wissam Al Mana.

The weather on the Italian Riviera this time of year is quite warm, so why Miss Janet was covered in head to toe winter gear is anyone’s guess.

Rumors of the 46-year old icon packing back on the pounds are already rampant, a claim the singer’s close friend and choreographer Gil Duardo denied via his Twiiter page.

According to Gil, the weather was actually quite chilly, and Janet was simply trying to keep warm.

As is well known, Janet is the spokesperson for the NutriSystem weight loss system and claims the regimen has helped her finally beat her battle of the bulge.

And in another bit of Jackson family news, Janet and several of her siblings have requested that the executors of Michael’s estate be removed. The family also contends that Michael’s will is a forgery and that the stress and strain of the legal battle caused their mother, Katherine Jackson, to have a mini stroke, a claim Paris Jackson would later deny via Twitter.

Poor Michael is probably rolling over in his grave watching his daughter and brother (Randy) go at it via twitter.

So sad.


  1. Michael wasn’t nearly as smart as people think. His lack of self-awareness is why his mother and children are now being taken care of by Janet rather than his own estate. The only people getting money from Mike’s body of work now is white folks and after three years of wrangling I don’t see that changing. He should have had his finances in order years ago and made someone from his family the executor. Now like so many Negroes his fortune will fall into the hands of those who hated him most. This has been going on for years now and the courts will not help. Michael was a rich black man and if they can keep his fortune from falling into the hands of his black relatives they will. History has shown this time and time again.

  2. Michael was a rich black man, but if I remember correctly most of what he had left monetarily is going to Prince, Paris and Blanket when they come of age, with a portion left for his mother. Michael has a long complicated history with his family members, and I’m sure that a good portion of it is actually undocumented. Michael was all about keeping his legacy alive, and with that family history, it doesn’t surprise me that none of his family members were left in charge.


  4. Janet is 46 years old. I think we can rule a pregnancy out.

    By the way, has anyone peeped Paris’ nasty little bratty attitude on Twitter. That lil heffa is getting out of pocket fast.

  5. she’s defending her grandmother, and the of legacy her father. If someone disrespects my grandmother you believe i’m going in and all the way in. She is defending her grandmother, if she is ruled to be incompetent , and that means they can try to say the will is fraud, which leads to it being questioned. mj gave his money to his children and his mother and charities, why is there a fight over his money? Paris has heart , she better defend her grandmother and her money. mj obviously raised his kids with strength to fight even family when they are in the wrong. she made it public, this little girl is smart. paris should only trust her grandmother. jmo

  6. PP….

    She is, in your words, a “little girl” so she needs to behave like one. They need to get her off twitter ASAP!

  7. This whole saga will be interesting to see unfold…Janet has always kept a distance from family drama, so for her name to be included, “interesting.” Don’t trust Tramaine and Randy…”get a job!” If Michael’s estate is broke, then I can see Janet being involved, all of the profits his estate has generated, paid off his past debts, there should be money. This should be in court in this case. But, why the kids hadn’t spoken with their grandmother is indeed a mystery?

    I like the way Paris is because “death money” can be dangerous and treacherous money! But, at this rate, they’re gonna mess around and bring in a boss, Ms. Ross, who’s next in line to rear Michael’s kids! Mrs. Jackson doesn’t need unecessary drama, a lawsuit will be tied up unless they have the goods on this “fake will.” I hope they fight for the Michael’s kids, his legacy and THEIR estate!

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