Janet Visits the Tonight Show

With her “Number Ones: Up Close & Personal” world tour finally over, singer Janet Jackson found time to go back to promoting her New York Times Bestseller “True You,” which has just been released in paperback.

Janet’s first stop was one she has made several times over the last few years, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Sporting a new shoulder length pulled back do and a figure hugging lace accentuated dress, Janet first took to the stage alone, discussing various passages from her book and of course her new stint as spokesperson for NutriSystem’s “Success” program.

Janet was later joined by her trainer Tony Martinez, who put Jay through a few of the drills he uses to help keep Janet tight and toned.

Sadly, there wasn’t much talk about any upcoming musical or movie projects from the singer.


  1. I love how Janet stays in her lane, seeming oblivious to what others are doing around her, a trait of a true champion and legend. We’ll still be interested in her like Cher and Madonna. She’s aging well, not trying to look 21 and at the same time can stand next to one and not pale in comparison! I’m going to buy her book.

    Go Janet!

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