Janet Visits The Tyra Show

Pop Icon Janet Jackson joins Tyra Banks for an hour full of surprises and revealing moments! Tyra and Janet let the cameras follow them as they unexpectedly drop by a performance arts high school and give students a surprise that makes them jump to their feet and scream with excitement. Then, Tyra invites Janet back to her stage to talk about her album, “20 Y.O.,” and nothing is off limits as Tyra asks Janet 20 questions no one has ever dared to ask before – including the craziest place she’s made love and her worst date with a celebrity! Click here for a sneak peek.



  1. Does Janet perform or will we continue to hear about her hot sex life with Jermaine? 🙄

  2. You Tube has a bunch of clips and they do touch on Jermaine, his prowness in bed and a few other sex issues.They also discuss the album, upcoming tour and of all things- farting.Tyra is a trip really and the interview seems very cute.I do wish she had performed though. :thumbsup:

  3. Tyra’s audience was really the people who would buy Janet’s cd and a performance there could have helped her record sales.Maybe Janet is saving the good stuff for the Billboard Awards which I think air either this month or next month.

  4. Janet looked pretty in her little tutu outfit.The interview was funny but I wish Janet would open up more and be little more real.I also wish she had performed rather than those corny kids.

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