Janet & Wissam Spotted In Brentwood

I love me some Janet, but why does my girl always look like a deer caught in headlights? C’mon Janet. You’re a star and the photographers are your friends. Don’t get all antsy when they want to take your pic. Get antsy when they DON’T want to take your pic. Smile for the camera. Look like the star you are. Make the paparazzi work for you like Rihanna does. Use the street as your personal catwalk.

Janet was spotted yesterday with her billionaire boyfriend Wissam Al Mana. The couple was photographed while leaving a lunch date at the La Scala Presto restaurant in Brentwood, California.

Janet obviously took a day off of her worldwide sell-out tour. The singer’s return has been so popular with fans she has added extra dates throughout Europe and North America.


  1. Sista, you have to remember that Janet has been in the industry since she was SEVEN and she is a very private person and doesnt crave the spotlight like so many other artist. But I get what you are saying lol…she looks HELLA good too.

  2. Yea I don’t know why she’s always suprised to see the paparazzi, you’re an A-LIST celebrity Ms. Jackson.

  3. Not feeling these outfits. Those jeans make her look a lil stank to me. The boots do nothing for this outfit. The boyfriend always looks the same – homeless in Louboutin hi-tops.

    I don’t like seeing her lagging behind anybody.

    Like was said, she always looking crazy when the paps are near. She wasn’t always like that

  4. Jusme, I think she got like that after Michael died. She use to smile all the time. And she can do better than that guy.

  5. How can she do better than that guy? He’s a younger man that happens to be a billionaire. Plus, it was noted that he helped her out when MJ died. why does she have to play up the camera poses like Rhiana? last time i checked, Janet was an icon, who has sold over 100 plus million records. Rhianna hasn’t sold half as much. Janet can look sa, depressed, whatever. She doesn’t need the paps to make a name. Rhianna shouldn’t be in the same sentence as Janet. Janet is an accomplished icon, Rhianna is on the same level as Beyonce.

  6. hmm where does one find handsome billionaire boyfriends ?!! (jk)

    She has a cute figure, however she looks ‘stuffed’ into what she’s wearing.

    I wish her all the best with her tours and love life 🙂

  7. I love Miss Jackson. I think her outfit is cute. I love how ‘black’ is her color and I love how her boyfriend’s fashions (for the most part) compliment (maybe in color only) what she wears. They look good together. Imagine how much shorter she’d be standing next to him without the boots. Still would be cute. 🙂

    I’m glad her tour is going well. Sometimes you have to reel it in when the popularity or sales aren’t the same, reel it in, make it simple, up close and personal…it sparks interest again. I think Janet will eventually work her way back up to stadium-sized crowds (IF that’s what she wants) or she may be cool doing the smaller venues. Kinda like a Vegas joint but touring, traveling the world over. I wish I could see her. 😐 Saw her once during ‘Velvet Rope’ era and she was WON-DER-FUL.

  8. …& you wonder why Janet looks antsy in front of the cameras (after reading some of these nitpicking comments)

  9. It’s amazing how black blogs, the posters are always hating on black females. It’s sad. Just acknowledge the fact that this black woman is doing something positive with her life. And the fact that she is an International Icon , and a black woman; she should be given props for that. Not a discussion about her weight, etc. The woman is bad. And to discuss her man’s attire, that is what’s so upsetting to me about black folks. We automatically look at a person’s wardrobe, and if it’s not something we see other black folks wear in the HOOD, we automatically attack it as trash or unfashionable. Newsflash: Everybody can’t be monolithic. Maybe that’s why Janet dates nonblack men the majority of the time, we as a race can be so closed minded. If it’s not born and bred in the “hood” we automatically hate it. No wonder MJ didn’t hang in the hood as much or if ever. If he wasn’t the king of pop, he couldn’t survive blacks closedmindedness.

  10. @ BOHWE, I agree with your statement, “She doesn’t need the paps to make a name. Rhianna shouldn’t be in the same sentence as Janet. Janet is an accomplished icon, Rhianna is on the same level as Beyonce.” All due respect to Rhianna, but Miss. Jackson is on a whole nutha level. Love her and wish her the best with the billionaire; BTW, I thought they were engaged?

  11. Black closedmindedness??

    My comments about his wardrobe do not mean I am an advocate of “hood-wear”. WTH! I don’t have to like their choice of clothing. Is he beyond internet criticism because he has arab money? I don’t care how expensive it is, it look a mess and a half. Jsnet looks stuffed into those jeans and it looks a bit stank to me. Janet dating nonblacks ain’t nothing new and whatever her reason, that’s on her. I don’t care. I am Janet fan. I think she’s beautiful. But that don’t mean I love everything about her all the time.

    Like the original post said, she looks timid everytime the cameras are in the vicinity lately. This was not always the case. Maybe it is because of MJs death. Maybe it’s because she’s trying to keep this relationship on the low. Fact remains, she still looking crazy when these cameras are in her face.

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