Janet’s 20 Y.O Debuts At #2

Janet Jackson fans woke up to somber news today as word that the singer’s album would not debut in the #1 spot as they had been told but rather the #2 spot behind Ludacris who claimed the top spot for himself.

Last week Janet fans were all giddy as the Hits Daily Double website reported that first week’s sale would be as high as 340-360,000.However, as the days wore on those numbers started to drop to as low as 300,000 but Hits continued to say Janet would claim the #1 spot and even Jermaine Dupri ((JD reportedly posts on Janet’s official forum.)) stopped by to give the fans the good news.JD also told fans that Def Jam was working hard to push Luda into the #1 spot and that was confirmed when the price of Ludacris’ cd was dropped to $5 in most major stores and $5.99 on iTunes.Ludacris’ album would eventually become #1 on iTunes and in the country.

While Def Jam was busy pulling out all the stops to see to it that Ludacris debuted in the #1 spot, Jermaine Dupri simply implored fans to tell their friends to pick up the album as well.I’m sure he, Virgin and Janet realize now that this may not have been the best strategy.

The truly sobering news for Janet fans however is the fact that the 20 Y.O cd that has already yielded a #1 R&B hit would sell less than the Damita Jo cd which had no hits but sold 381,000 in the first week whereas 20 Y.O sold 296,000 copies in it’s first week.Fans assumed the ‘Call on Me” single reaching the top spot on the r&b charts, mixed with Janet’s numerous magazine covers, and performances on Oprah and the Today Show would be enough to push her into the top slot.Unfortunately, it may have all been too little too late.

Janet has lost a major part of her audience as pop radio has shunned her and many fans have not been pleased with overall singles selection or the videos that accompanied them.

There is however a bright spot to all of this.Even with no MTV, VH-1, or pop radio support, Janet was still able to move almost 300,000 in first weeks sales.To me that shows the power of Janet’s core fan base and what a true Legend she is.

Neither Virgin Records, Jermaine Dupri or Janet have made statements about Janet’s chart position but hopefully a nice spin will be put on this and the 20 Y.O album, which is very good, will move forward as well as a tour.

Janet is in Paris right now taking in fashion shows and hopefully getting ideas for wardrobe and costumes to be used in the tour she previously stated would start in March of 2007.You can check out Janet below as she takes in shows by Vivienne Westwood and Valentino.

Janet Jackson At Vivienne Westwood ShowJanet Jackson At Vivienne Westwood ShowJanet Jackson At Valentino ShowMarisa Berenson and Janet Jackson
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  1. Janet could have taken the top spot too had there been more support for the singles.Wasn’t Call On Me released in June and yet Janet never performed the single at any time until last week.Why a three month wait to perform your first single? Beyonce and Christina Aguilera been working their mojo for months performing all over town.Beyonce gave about five or six live performances the week her album dropped and Janet gave two.The Oprah performance was actually taped on September 6th. so Janet did a lot of nothing in the coming days and weeks to support her album.Once I heard Luda had a #1 single and the unwavering support of MTV I knew he would snatch the number one spot from Janet just like Usher did two years ago.

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