Jay-Z Retires the “B” Word, But Who Cares?

Let me start of by admitting that I am and always have been a fan of Jay-Z. I am not ashamed to admit that I too have bobbed my head to the melodies of songs like “Money, Cash, Hoes” and “Can I Get A” and so on. Was I ever offended by Jay-Z’s perpetual and liberal use of the word “bitch”? Nah, not really. Not so much because I am okay with a man referring to a woman in that way or because I am accepting of a man referring to me in that way but because I understand the difference between art and reality. And I do not necessarily think that the two will always reflect one another.

I am not someone who sees the images in Rap videos and takes them for reality. Much like I don’t assume that actors in movies are the true reflections of the characters they play. I get that music much like other forms of art there are facades created for entertainment purposes. However, I do understand how one would be insulted by the gratuitous use of the word. I get it. It’s just that verbiage in rap music or any other genre for that matter is not on my top ten things to make the world better list. Excuse my sarcasm. So, when Jay-Z made the announcement that he would no longer include the word “bitch” in his lyrical forte all I could muster up as a response was “SO”. It wasn’t that I did not necessarily think it was a move in the right direction for rap, I just didn’t care. OH! There goes that sarcasm again. It seems to like hanging around me. What struck me more than the decision was the flagrant amount of grand-standing that came along from both Jay-Z and Beyonce with said decision and the entire pregnancy. Let me explain.

Jay-Z and Beyonce have spent their entire relationship, which is now hitting on a little longer than ten years earnestly trying to keep their love/romance/relationship private. In fact I can recall an interview done by Beyonce many years ago where she explained why. According to her their love is something that they cherish and they want to preserve it and they don’t want to see it tainted by broadcasting the details of it to the world for any reason. Whether it be publicity, money or even to prove that is in fact genuine. I can respect that but my question now is what the hell changed over night?

Why have they now decided to air out the details of their private life in such a flamboyant and dare I say pretenious way? From Beyonce revealing her pregnancy at the MTV awards at the pre-awards event, to her then revealing it on stage after her performance, to months later only days after the baby is born and Jay-Z hurriedly creates a song about the baby and publicly releasing it with the sounds of the baby in the actual song; to only later write a poem about the baby and then release it to major media outlets, to then Jay-Z announcing that you will no longer use the word bitch in your lyrics. What else is next? A concert event celebrating the baby’s first birthday to be aired publicly on YouTube? What happen to the privacy factor guys? Did that conveniently get thrown out of the window for publicity sake? Also, why do you want us to care so much?

Another reason why I am not impressed with Jay-Z’s revealing that he will no longer be using the word bitch is because he has used that word 7,899 times in his rap career. Okay, I don’t actually know how many times he has used it but you get my point. You have been referring to women as bitches, hoes, and other derogatory terms all of your life on wax proudly, but now that you have a daughter, a princess, you don’t want anyone else referring to her as that and that alone has demonized the word for you. Negro please.

What about the hundreds of women who you described using those same derogatory terms? I’m sure their fathers did not appreciate you describing them in that way. I’m sure they see their daughters as princesses worthy of being respected and loved by all men, including wealthy rap stars. They were someone’s daughter long before Blue Ivy was even a speck in Jay-z’s scrotum. While I understand that Jay-Z does not want anyone to refer to his daughter in a derogatory way; this being a natural feeling of any father. I just don’t respect it because it is coming from such an obviously self centered place. Too bad it had to take him having a daughter of his own, and the thought of his baby girl being disrespected resonating with him internally for him to finally realize that all women deserve respect. Wow. Very deep Jay.

Too bad the real world does not work like that. Eventually someone will call your precious baby girl a bitch Jay. At some point in her life, she will be referred to in a derogatory manner by someone of the opposite sex or unfortunately possibly by a man she loves. I do not know any woman who has never experienced being labeled a degrading term at least once in her life by some man. Whether she was deserving of it by her actions or not. Hell, Blue Ivy might even earn a “hoe” or “slut” title as well at some point in her adult life. The sky is the limit on that one and there is no amount of money, clout, swag, or power that can protect her from the cruel harsh words that can come out some men’s mouths towards women. You see, this is why it is almost impossible for me to celebrate Jay-Z’s decision or even do a slow to fast hand clap build up for him. He is doing something that probably has been sitting on his conscious for years now and that he probably knew was wrong all of his adult life. Or at least for a good ten years yet he continued. Why? Because he didn’t care about us bitches. As cynical as this may sound, why should we care now?
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  1. Dr. Boyce Watkins wrote a great article about this too and I agree with the sentiments of both articles.

    Jay-Z wants the world to show his daughter the respect he didn’t show other mens daughters and that gets a big thumbs down from me.

    Also, Jay’s people claim the poem is a fake but I don’t believe it. I think the backlash has him backpedaling.

  2. Jay Z needs to just retire period. He is just as big a disgrace as all the other hood monkeys slandering beautiful black women to make a dollar. The effect of the disgrace that hip hop has brought on black women has reached even the White House, with the FLOTUS being called anything but a lady for the first time in history. If I never hear another rapper or rap again in my life it would be too soon. Ugh! Thats the biggest step backwards that the black race has ever taken in history.

  3. HuffPost says this is also not true. No plans to retire insults.

  4. This story is fake. i don’t believe people believe this shit . blogger needs to verify source before they post shit. just like that beyonce story talking about her baby its fake also. if you know these artist you could just read the first two lines and know its a fake story

  5. And having a mother, aunts, sisters, mother-in-laws, sister-in-laws, and more importantly a wife wouldn’t make you think maybe I should stop saying that. Well atleast if this is true that something stop him from somewhat being a jerk and disrespecting women at all cost.

  6. LMAO at the fact that you took time to write this LONG post about something that the man NEVER even said.


    Jay isn’t backpedaling from anything because he NEVER said it. The poem NEVER came from a REPUTABLE source and I’m sure that if he wrote the poem, he would’ve posted it on his OWN website and not some random site that some people have never even head of. This is Jay, if he wrote that poem, he would’ve stuck by it.

    Also, SMH at hip hop being blamed for insults on the FLOTUS and all things wrong with the black community…as if people in R&B don’t do the same thing, and sometimes, worse than what is perpetuated in hip hop.

    This is just another case of people believing EVERYTHING they read on a blog and running with it. Even AFTER the man came out and said he NEVER said it and there’s NO PROOF that it came from him, people are STILL accusing him of saying it and backpedaling. They’d rather believe something made up from someone else than from the man’s own mouth… unbelievable.

  7. @ BRIA – Exactly.

    Now let’s get everyone to stop saying the word n***a as well!

  8. *deep sigh* whatever….

    that will last as long as his first retirement of rap did….

    about a year…

  9. Well LJ u really went in on Jay z and Beyonce without even doing a fact check or anything, why do we constantly feel the need to be on this high moral ground when it comes to letting black people know how we feel. Well guess what the story is not true pure fabrication. Here it is this man has come up from the hood built himself up married his girlfriend then proceed to have a baby but we can’t find any substance in that, how about the charities he gives too, how about not being a stereotypical baby daddy in a dumb reality show

  10. Very well written and i do agree that every situation in life causes us to rethink our strategy in life and do something more responsible. So he is just making a conscience decision as we all do when we know it is time to switch gears and be more responsible and held accountable for how we influence people and live our lives. love your article and very well explained. keep up the great work.

  11. Who cares if he said it or not…the n-word in paris makes me cringe every time I see it! We look ridiculous calling it a racial slur while the song tops Itunes and Billboard Charts!

    If his camp did put this out, which they could have, no proof. It’s all a joke when you know how stupid the public is. His club reopens this week I believe, so why not get the people talking and trending. People ran with it because of the song he released. If this couple wanted privacy, they would have taken a less public and outlandish route. Black celebrity isn’t the same as white celebrity, even for Beyonce. Even President Obama (no other president and first lady have been so disrespected) isn’t treated well in the media or by political pundits. As Denzel said a long time ago, if people don’t want to seen, they don’t have to! This baby is going to be branded with subsequent business ventures to follow! Look how well Nicole Richie made out becoming a mom, but her kids seemed to have been shielded. Mariah Carey took six months before surfacing with her kids (dem babies). J-lo took her time off with her kids and gave them their privacy before hers appeared in magazine ads. Jessica Simpson kept a low profile for most of her pregnancy, but be sure her billion dollar empire will have babywear and kidz clothes. Beyonce and Jay-z could care less what any of us think! There will always be criticism for public figures, a small price to pay for super stardom and millions! Tabloids will lie, most slandered or libeled won’t sue and celebrities themselves will spin for headlines to trend and become a hot topic! Believe it or not!

  12. Personally, I think you are taking this WAY too personally! First and foremost, why are you writing about something that he said wasn’t true??? There are just something’s that they can share with the world if they want to, it’s THEIR life! Who are we to question what the next person does because they’ve been a certain way for years. I have no problem with the way they announced their pregnancy and carried themselves throughout the pregnancy. What I do have a problem with is how the media and blogs like yourself go to great lengths to bash these two. I get it now, we as a black race will never been satisfied or happy for other black people! It’s sad!

  13. Don’t know if it’s true or not, however, if it is, I am not impressed. Forget the fact that he is married to someone’s daughter, and his sister is someone’s daughter, etc.; but he has a daughter and now it’s ‘stop the world’? SMMFH…WOMP, WOMP!

  14. First off, this article was poorly written and structured. The part about them sharing their private life had no business being included, as it had nothing to do with the rest of the article. Also, as everyone else stated he has already come out and said this isn’t true so why question it if you don’t know for a fact? But I will say EVERYONE should be respected .

  15. This couple is not PERFECT… it’s all about the pretentious calculated steps the stans want to idolize and worship, if u had a baby before marriage, if u don’t have over a million in ur account or if you never marry hell that doesn’t mean someone is beneath u and ur worth is 0, like most refer to having the wrong opinion about this couple!! Their money and image is beneath what real educated black folks do in communities such as doctors, teachers, engineers, lawyers, professors WE are the ones who change, help, and make this dam world go round NOT JAY n’ BEY! @john people are more content with themselves than u may think and say, its just that u find it hard to believe the contrived and forced effort of these artist are what’s NOT genuine! I wish them the best but they are far from this Presidential Hype that themselves have CREATED through MEDIA!

  16. I don’t see how they changed their private ways first off. Beyonce was scheduled to perform and a Beyonce performance is usually high energy full of choreography nd a kind of revealing stage costume. So her revealing her pregnancy that night made sense. She hid it for 4 months she wasn’t going to stay small for long. And fan videos and pictures from Roseland already had ppl talking. SMH @ people using any and everything to down this couple. Can’t we as a people be proud of this positive couple?

  17. @”oh lawd”- I don’t find it hard anything. These people are just living their lives hsaring little by little of it with fans. Nothing seemed “forced” to ME. Also I don’t know them personally so I can’t say what’s fake, or contrived about them and neither can you.

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