Jazmine Sullivan Joins Reebok Campaign


Jazmine Sullivan Joins Reebok Step Forward Campaign

R&B singer Jazmine Sullivan and Reebok have teamed up for the launch of the new Step Forward Campaign which launched earlier this month. Step Forward with Jazmine Sullivan is a three-part series, co-created by Reebok and Bkstg, a new platform that connects artists and fans directly. The series allows fans to get closer to their favorite artists and celebrates the artists’ journeys of fearlessness.

In Jazmine’s series, she gives the viewers a glimpse into her neighborhood in Philadelphia, the house where she grew up, hear from her family and follow her to the places where her career began such as Milkboy Studios. Jazmine Sullivan shows us this unique side of Philadelphia that helped shape her life through intimate stories of her upbringing, various record deals and what inspired her to Step Forward into the spotlight.

All videos will live on Bkstg (iOS and Android), as well as the artists’ YouTube channel and Reebok’s blog. Each video ends with a call-to-action for fans, empowering them to create and collaborate on an initiative that will help the artist promote their cause.

The Step Forward partnership between Bkstg and Reebok allows fans to learn more about their favorite artists in a genuine and authentic way. A recurring theme throughout the series will be the artists discussing how they got to where they are and how giving back to their community helped shape them and their careers.

You can check out the first part of Jazmine’s three part series below.