Jazmine Sullivan Lands A Movie Role

Jazmine Up and coming R n’ B artist Jasmine Sullivan, a recipient of five Grammy nominations, takes a leap into acting with her first film role to begin shooting in April. The Philadelphia singer/songwriter has a plum role in director Anthony Hemingway’s “Red Tails,” reports Billboard. “I play a singer who entertains soldiers,” says Sullivan, who will appear in the movie alongside current touring partner Ne-Yo. “I’m really just entertainment for them, but I kind of get a little relationship going with one of them. So that’s very exciting.” “I used to act when I was younger, in little plays,” adds Sullivan, who attended Philadelphia’s Creative and Performing Arts high school.

“It never was really a passion of mine. It’s just something I did and I could do. Anything where I can be creative, I like to do.”

Sullivan also has a TV project in the works but says she can’t reveal details yet. She’s not yet sure about a fourth single from her debut album “Fearless,” and a follow CD appears to be on the back burner at the moment. “I haven’t discussed it with the label [Atlantic],” Sullivan says. “They aren’t pressuring me yet. I think we all are trying to get (‘Fearless’) heard worldwide. But I am thinking of songs these days.

“I took a break (from writing). I didn’t have an inspiration or anything like that for a little while. But now it’s starting to come to me. I don’t like to force things; as they come to me, I put the ideas down and…roll from there.”

As for going 0-for-5 at this year’s Grammy Awards, Sullivan said it’s all good. Her time will come.

“I’m not at all upset,” said the artist, nominated for best new artist and in various R&B categories. “Everybody who was nominated pretty much was deserving. I have a long career ahead of me, so this is not my last Grammys, hopefully.”



  1. That’s the right attitude! Entertainers today seem to have ADD. I think she needs to concentrate on her music, but she’d be a fool to pass up a movie role so CONGRATULATIONS…make that money!

  2. You know back in the day artists usually acted and sang. Way back to the days of Lena Horne, actresses and actors performed in movies and released albums. Diana Ross did it as we all know and with great success. Not everyone should but I think it can work. Brandy is a great example also and so is Jennifer Lopez.

  3. She will be around a long time in the entertainment industry. I hope she makes a lot of money and wise investments.

  4. im happy somebody else is doin this im so sick of beyonces butt :hifive: :hifive: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

  5. i think congrats…the role is a bit predictable but more power to her…i LOVE her album and other songs that she has done…she truly is a dynamic talent…alot of others can learn from her…she has shown alot or maturity for her age with the comments she made with regards to the grammy noms…..i wish her much blessings and success :brownsista:

  6. I like that photo of her. My 51 year old mother absolutely loves her album…has One Night Stand as her ringtone. Wait, that doesn’t sound right. :lol2:

  7. Congrats to Jazmine on the movie role but I really hope she start working on a new album soon.

  8. @Lola that funny lol. Yes im happy for her. She can really blow. I seen her in concert with maxwell she did a excited job. But maxwell mmmmmm lol.

  9. Lola :lol2: your mother’s cool! Congrats are in order to Jasmine Sullivan. I would love to see more black singers/actress take on Hollywood, Broadway, TV and Radio to grab up Oscars,Globes, Grammy’s and Tony’s! :bowdown: It’s what we need and deserve to see more of our people being well rounded role models if they’re good at it. More power to you sista!

  10. I understand your point Stephanie but today’s artists need to expand within their creative reach to earn a living. Back in the days artist’s didn’t have to compete with free digital downloads (Can you say Limewire?) and all other kinds of ripp-offery that today’s music fans tend to do. Especially the young ones. Today’s fans want FREE. Something for nothing. Brandy was hot in the nineties…that transitional period before people were even hip to illegal downloading. But now people get movies, music, TV shows and they share it with friends. I buy music from I Tunes and friends laugh at me.

    Unless the music industry figures out a way to get people to buy records legally the days of Stevie, Marvin, Aretha are gone. They were allowed to create good music because it was a different time. Fans respected the craft and artistry of musicianship, Aretha didn’t have to look perfect, and fans didn’t give a darn about a fashion line….Dereon, RockaWear, Phat Farm, Pastelle, and all other forms of ridiculousness…

    Things change and I wish Jazmine Sullivan all the best. I love her music. But fans have got to pay up.

  11. True it’s not bad when artist act but if they don’t know how to then they shouldn’t! And that goes to all artist Black And White.

  12. I guess all of the Black actresses in Hollywood are too busy to do films these days.

  13. Well congratulations to her & I can appreciate what she said about not being inspired @ the time so therefore she really isn’t writing… not forcing it & letting it come naturally is always a good way to go :thumbsup: .

    @Stephanie.. I agree w/ you, but like I have said so many times, the ppl you metioned ( Lena Horne & etc) were just blessed to have the gift of doing double duty of singing & acting. Everybody does not have that talent. Some can & some can’t. We will now see if Jazmine is a CAN or a CANNOT.

  14. Although I love Jazmine, but being able to sing does not mean being able to act. But we will see. I will only judge after I have seen her act in something. I’m not feeling the hair color in that picture with that eye shadow. It washes her out.

  15. kitty talk, i still like to buy cd’s my sister thinks that is hilarious. I don’t know about the acting thing. i think she should master her singing career before trying another.

  16. See, I am glad about this because for one, this shows that there IS a market for black females to get roles and two that Jazz is taking this opportunity early. I love it, if it will help her grow artistically, I say go for it. Too many people are quick to say, “don’t do this. You’re going too far out of your comfort zone” Well, that’s what artists do. 😆 So I am proud of Jazzy and to think that only a couple of years ago no one outside of the Philly area knew who she was. Amazing.

  17. KittyTalk, while you wax nogstalic for the good old days of enterainment, I will this: The one thing that many of those legends that you name would tell you that they wish that had the mind for business so they would not had to really struggle like they did that some of the people’s whose products you put down.

    Trust me, if they(Aretha and Stevie) were allowed to act they would have done it. The only reason Diana was allow to was because Berry Gordy helped pay for the movies and nothing wrong with that BTW. The entertainers of yesteryear would kill to have the kind of opportunities that today’s entertainers have. So don’t knock what today’s entrupruneurs(sp? you know what I am trying to say. LOL) are doing.

  18. Loves it!! Im so happy for her! I think she’ll do fine. She’s a great artist Im really happy for her.

  19. Hey Kurtis…

    I love the hustle of today’s artist. That was my point exactly. But some fans do have a problem with today’s artist’s stretching themselves like octo-mom. With marketing and publicity any artist can make an attempt to create the fallacy that they’re a triple threat: Entrepreneur, Singer, Dancer, Actor, Philanthropist. *Cough Puff Daddy Cough*.

    Another point that I wan to make is that just because you have the money to do something doesn’t mean you’ll be good at doing it. At least JayZ doesn’t try to even play himself and force his acting cchops on the silver screen. For the most part he’s a behind the scenes business man. Know your boundaries and limitations because publicity aside people can smell a fake rose from a real rose. Some people are slow to get things but eventually the creme always rises to the top.

  20. I’m not really ready to see her in a movie. BUT since she already landed the role, I hope she kills it!

  21. i have nothing wrong with her being an actress…lets just see how it goes first before we make conclusions, and stephany is right brandy did it well and i miss moesha lol i dont know enough about jazmine to say if she would be good or not

  22. I rooting for you Jasmine. She has been in the background since the age of 12 or 13. It is her time to shine.

  23. I wish her the best I love this girl and her talent, I love her sass and her writing skills, I am so proud that someone in this generation actually write their own songs without us discovering later on that they never did and only know how to write their names, Big ups to her! I’ ll support that movie :bowdown:

  24. i’m willing to give her chance,didnt she get a cameo role in the sitcom girlfriends?if it was her then she cnt act or needs to improve,i cnt be tough on beyonce and then give her a free pass just because i like her,i dislike the color of her weave on this picture

  25. Congrats Jaz!!!……I love that she’s still sticking to her music no matter wut movie role comes her way!!!…….I believe she’s do great in wut ever extra things she ventures into as long as she stays strue to her music!!!!!!…… And like alot of ppl said fans today need to start paying up and buy all the great music out there, but you also have to think, alot great talented artist like Jaz are not promoted like sum, I know people who just heard of Jazmine and im like “what”……I just think the music that Jaz does should be replaced with all this other crap on the radio today but i guess itll happen in time!………..

  26. interesting pic thought i was looking at beyonce for a moment!! but i was just thinking about hollywoods “Golden Era”, when you had to be a “triple threat”, you had to be able to sing, dance and act. but iguess since most movies are nolonger musicals, it is nolonger a necessity

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