Jazmine “Bust Your Windows” Performance

R n’ B diva in training, Jazmine Sullivan, visited the Craig Ferguson show recently to perform her hit single, But Your Windows. As always, Jazmine gave a stellar performance and easily showed why she is so worthy of her 5 Grammy nominations.


  1. LOL she was singing the heck out of that song! she was into it lol but it was good and she looked nice too… i miss my smile faces…if i had one i would give her the thumbs up!

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  3. ok steph thats cool i rather not have the smilies if it cause the posts to go pending because i know i would get lost when one minute someone post something and it didnt show up till later and i never caught it…well you know what i mean lol

  4. Loved it! She is slowly becoming a fave of mines!
    Is it just me of is she the mini Lauryn Hill n Jhud?
    She strains a lot to hit the high notes and voice is like so deep and raspy. I love it tho it gives her a soulful unique sound.

  5. I love Jazmine Sullivan. She is a true talent and I really hope she wins all of the grammys she is nominated for. If not, at least one. I know she is happy to just be nominated.

  6. surabi i believe she is honored to be nominated…she seems like that type of person that would be happy if there was only one person in the world that loves her voice…she just seem like a very humble girl and never take things for granted

  7. To Rihanna team:

    Jazmine Sullivan can’t sing? I’m a Rihanna fan too but on vocal skills, Rihanna doesn’t compare to Jazmine Sullivan.

    I loved Jazmine’s performance. I hope she kicks butt at the Grammy’s.

  8. DANG!!! This is about JAZMINE not Rihanna. Please don’t insult Jazmine by comparing her vocals to Rihanna. I like them both but Jazmine can actually sing!!! I love her CD!!!! Lions, Tigers, and Bears & Im in love with another man are my FAVS!!!!

  9. Jazmine Sullivan = THE TRUTH.

    That’s really all that can be said. I ‘still’ have her album on repeat, even after finally buying some new music from other artists! LOL. I’ve seen (via Youtube) her perform Lions and Tigers and Bears and was ‘affected’ even through the computer screen! She is such an awesome talent; an awesome songwriter…I mean for her age, her songs are just amazing! So much growth and maturity yet she’s a newbie (for the most part) to the music scene. Love her entire album; I hope she wins something at the Grammy Awards because not only does she deserve the nominations they gave her, she deserves the wins, too. Love her.

  10. If Whinehouse Got all 5 < They Better Give It To Ms Jasmine, If Not Boycott We Deserve Better Than What Given…….Still Upset The Greatest VocalistAlive Only Have Two Grammys Of Course That The One And Only Ms Labelle, Ms Ross None Something Ain’t Right In The Industry

  11. This girl is soo good! Now this is a true musician because she can do it live. Great Performance!

  12. knockkey i agree…i remember when amy won all those grammys and she was up against beyonce….i was like WTF? i mean if not beyonce riri was in the category too she should have gotten the grammy before amy? but anyway…i guess they rather someone win because they sing about how much they like to be on drugs….i know we put our artist down because they talk about their kitty kats but i rather hear that then to hear about someone strung out on drugs and dont have a voice to show the emotion

  13. Amy might be a crackpot…but she deserved her nominations AND wins, I think. She’s not the first musical artisan on drugs. I can name about fifteen off the top of my head. I thought these awards have more to do with the music and one’s impact on the music…not because they’re crackish or NOT crackish. Songs can be interpreted differently than what they ‘seem’.

  14. amy voice is terrible to me and to sing a song about rehab and how shes not gonna go sends such a great messages to kids doesnt it? what the model for children to win awards on being proud of not wanting to help your addiction

  15. I loooove this girl. Her album was the best, every track was a good listen. Nowadays, I skip tracks on most albums, but with her album it was a different story. She is obviously very talented and Im glad to see her performing. I hope to see more of her in the future.

  16. All I’m saying is that Amy’s artistry, regardless of her personal life, cannot be denied. Good luck to Jazmine. I hope she wins every last one of those Grammys.

  17. i love and enjoy jazminet and i hope she dsnt destroy her pipes in a long run with trying to hit the high note,its like shez kind of struggling a bit and her throat is soar,she sounds like lauren in every way and good luck to her……miss winehouse is also talented she is just a troubled woman and i love her soulful voice and music,hope my girl J-hud wins one or two she deserves some recognition too but whoever wins its still good.

  18. wow….she is amazing. She sings like a foot ball player, a mix of Effie from dream girls, and Brandys huskyness.

    she aint playin her and jennifer hudson should do a colaboration.

  19. OMG… that child can blow! man… she better win all 5 of those Grammy nods or i’m protesting!!

    there was no need for your comments, anyways i love Jazmine’s voice and that song.

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