Jennifer Hudson’s $36 Album Cover Dress!


The Oscar winner has worn everything from Oscar de la Renta to Donna Karan, but for the cover of her new album, which hits stores in September, Jennifer Hudson proves that she’s no fashion snob, opting for a simple $36 glitter-striped American Apparel dress. Bargain hunting’s nothing new to the “Spotlight” singer, who readily admits to an obsession with affordable British chain Topshop. But while the cotton dress may have been a bargain, when it came to accessorizing the look she went decidedly high-end, glamming it up with a $475 LAI Vamp belt. We think Jennifer’s cover frock is even more flattering than some of her designer dresses (Oscars anyone?). And what we love most is that it’s a look we can get too! Click here to buy J. Hud’s dress at American Apparel.



  1. Jennifer is a true BROWN SISTA! That dress looks STUNNING! It also goes to show that you can take away a person from bargain shopping but you can’t take the bargain shopper out of a person! and looks like she has lost weight too… Lets just hope that Jennifer will enjoy her “spotlight” and stay in it too!

  2. Saw her on GMA Monday morning. The girl has some serious pipes, makeup and outfit were on point, but she looked so uncomfortable performing live. She is definitely an old school type of singer/performer but needs to work on her stage presence.

  3. I got the same dress from american appeal did not wear mines yet. I just have to found some bad shoe to go with it. That dress does look good on your body. I love american appeal i love there site too very different. Go Jennifer Hudson. You can where thing that is not expensive and look better than the expensive stuff it how you put it together.

  4. This dress is a great statement. It proves that you can look Good no matter how much $$ is in your pocket. I love things like this! Go Jen!!

  5. The dress and her look on this cover is bangin’. It might have cost $30ish but she looks like a million bucks in it. Go J. Hud!

  6. The girl modeling the dress on the website does nothing for the dress! I almost didnt’ see it. Yuk!

  7. You can take a $10 dress from Gallo Store or Rainbow and make it look like a fortune if you wear it well and hook it up with the right accessories.

    Show ’em how it’s done Jen.

  8. I am a die hard bargain shopper. Good for her, you do not have to spend alot of money to look good and fashionable. I am always getting compliments on my clothes and shoes and I have never spent more than $40 on any piece of clothing or shoes. Can you say Clearance! 🙂

  9. That album cover is hot, but the song “Spotlight” is not. Sorry 🙁
    I think I’ll need to hear something else before I say anything else about her new LP.

  10. I’m with you Capital Peach, “Spotlight” sounds like it came out in the ’80’s or ’90’s to me. It’s grown on me a lil’ since I first heard it; but, its still not a hot song to me by no means.

  11. @ Sho Ya Right

    I just don’t think “Spotlight” is the sound she should be going for. It’s almost like her voice over powers the music. I just listened to it again twice and you know what…….I still don’t like it 🙁

  12. J Hud needs professional singing lessons to better control that voice. She was on GMA and sounded terrible. She was great in dreamgirls but is terrible when singing live. Fantasia definitely desrved that american idol win.

    Love her confidence though and the album cover is cute.

  13. @sanchez she do not need no singing listen she need a beat that going to fit her voice. Some of the beat they have for her voice is way to powerful for them. When she sang she let it go and it sound good to me.

  14. @ sanchez

    I’m going to agree with you on this one. She definitely needs some lessons to control her breathing and other things. There are times when she goes into a higher register that she becomes nasal. Now this is not to say that she doesn’t have talent, because she does. But there’s nothing wrong with wanting to improve on it.

  15. I am just curious. How is the album. I mean everyone is talking about her dress can we get a review on the music. This is why black music is so crappy. Who cares what she has on her album cover. I am more concerned about the music.

  16. 2 Bria:
    her album isn’t out yet. and, what’s on the album is important, for sales. a lot of ppl judge the contents [b4 hearing it], by what they see on the cover. if it’s appealing, they’ll buy it!

  17. Where does this site get its information, from the archives of other sites? Nothing on this entire site is news. Its all been history for weeks. LOL!

  18. @Fashionista101: I don’t mean any disrespect I was just curious about how the music actually sounds. I am so sick of these pretty album covers with bad music. And who cares how much the dress cost. I think it’s a bit tacky to discuss the pricing of her clothing anyways. I am just saying as a people we have become so plastic and shallow. Talk about the damn music. And then maybe we can start hearing more artisist like Lala Hathaway and Ledisi which is never discussed on a brownsista site.

  19. @bria she just showing us different clothing what we can afford that all. Im happy she let us know how much it is because i have the same dress. Fashionista101 you doing a great job keep it coming with the style.

  20. @Ladysaid: if you have the same dress then you already know how much it cost. I am just saying and it is just my opionion that we have to be about more than just clothes, hair, and shoes. Good Lord this is a brownsista site are we not interested in politics or current world events. All that is discussed on here most of the time is foolishnes. As a matter of fact I am done with these blogs because all that is discussed is foolishness. Especially on the black blogs. They are filled with angry, negative, and sad people who can’t wait everyday to come on these blogs and tear someone down because they are living out their dreams. I didn’t really know what a blog was until I actually see it is just for people to get in arguments over a bunch of foolishness and people that they don’t know and will probably never meet.

  21. Thanx Lady. And Bria, just keep in mind that I do the fashion, maybe even some beauty. All the rest, like random news, music, movies, etc — Stephanie handles that. Also, this site is called BrownSista — it’s for the BROWN SISTAS. You’d almost never see anything negative on this site. The topics that are discussed are mostly celebrity news on your favorite black females. I bet if there were any black female celebs involved in politics or current events, then it would be discussed here.

    Remember: it’s called BROWN SISTA.

  22. I also say no for her single `Spotlight` but her photo was wow!
    Expect to hear more from her album, something like `All Dressed In Love`! I really that kind of old school joint.

  23. Obviously someone pissed in Bria’s cornflakes. Anywho, I appreciate all things fashion. Fashion is a way to express yourself, it’s like art for the body, and also help build confidence levels. As Deion says: “When you look good, you feel good; if you feel good, you play good; if you play good, they pay good” 🙂

  24. I can’t believe ya’ll don’t like Spotlight….I LOVE IT!

  25. Whoa, there’s an ABW on this post! JK guys. You do sound like you are the one who is angry though Bria. I hope you are feeling better. On the real though, Stephanie has said before that she puts out whatever people are into. Beyonce posts generally get more comments than say Michelle Obama so you will see more Beyonce on this site but Staphanie does switch it up sometimes. Anyway, I’m one of those chicks who is disappointed if the album art is dull. I actually pull out the lil booklet and look through to see the pix in it and I am disappointed if there are no photos. Kanye West’s Graduation let me down there. I also love bargain hunting and just added american apparel to my list of must-see-site-before-hitting-the-mall stores. I love this site. Thanx Fashionista101:x

  26. @bria i respect your comments and yes you right about us worry about materials things. Yes we need to know more about what really real in this world. I just happy that she is watching what she spend on herself. But i really like this site sometime people can get negative on the comment part. But over all it good to go to if you want to get away from mediatakeout and other negative sites. Plus i made good friend off this site. Stephanie keep them coming.

  27. I so love Jennifer’s voice now. I have to admit, at first I was skeptical. I honestly think her version of “And I Am Telling You” paled in comparison to Jennifer Holiday’s. To me, J. Hud was not much of a singer as she was loud. I stand corrected. After hearing the song she did on the “Sex and the City” movie as well as her new single “Spotlight,” I’m hooked. Sista girl can blow! She looks lovely in the picture and the cost of the dress just goes to show that quality can be affordable. Her waistline in that pic is questionable though.

  28. @lady said: I think I was having a bad day yesterday. I don’t even go on those other sites anymore they are just negative and nasty. But this is suppose to be a site for the sisters and sometimes I wish they would talk about more than fashion. I mean we had my man Barak yesterday bring out a record breaking number in Berlin something their own politicians can’t even do and nothing is posted about that on this site. It’s like I feel like as sisters the owner’s of this site thinks we only want too talk about fashion and gossip. I am just saying there is a whole world out there and this blog and other black blogs need to get with it. It’s not just about entertainment. We can discuss politics and current issues as well as that. I just like too get the sisters point of view on things because I’m a sister.

  29. @bria yes i see that he had 200,000 people there, they was loving him. I stay on the politic like crazy. I love me some obama because i can be what i really want to be because of him. I allway did but with him going to be the 1st black president im going to be so excited. I want to learn how to sew and make clothes that what im going to do. So for fashionista101 for having her own place on here help me keep on the fashion how i can make different clothes too. So she helping me out with. But yes girl you is so right but we need more website about r black history and other thing that going on. You can really get on stephanie because this is what she like to do. That be good ideal if someone can have a site with just r history and thing what going with black people now. Stephanie you should have a section like that on here or connected site. Everyone have a great weekend.

  30. I meant to say you can not get on stephanie SORRY STEPHANIE LOL.

  31. @Lady said: Get that clothing line going so that we can start buying it. I am in the process of starting my own business as well. Because I will no longer give all my talent, energy, and time too someone else too profit off of. My goal is to be working for myself full-time by this time next year. So I know you can do it too. I know alot of junior colleges offer beginning sewing classes I need too take them myself as expensive as stuff is getting now a days. But have faith in yourself and ask GOD for direction and you will be able too do it. Maybe they could have some entrepuneur (I hope I spelled that right) seminars on this web site along with the Gossip and fashion. Because I don’t know if you know this but I took this starting your own business seminar and do you know that black women are the number group that starts their own business. And we have the highest success rate as well. That blew my mind in that class. Because I think that is something that should be talked about more and celebrated more. Because we are phenomal women. I will be the first one in line for your clothes.

  32. @ Bria
    There are tons of black political/social blogs. Once you find one you can connect to others through its’ links page. Though I am interested in these things I am avoiding poli/social blogs at this time because I get so angry I feel like my brain will burst. LOL

    I’m treading politics lightly via Clutch’s daily feed blog.

  33. @bria thanks i am because i love different things. I do not dress like the average woman. Im tall woman too so yes i be on it girl. You be the first to know.

  34. @Pearlsrevealed: I don’t mean just politics. I am talking about just simple things like how to start your own business or other things that are related too the sisters. As Time Warner begins too take over Essence more and more we won’t have something specifically just for us. And thing this blog could be the one.

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