Jennifer Hudson Attends Whitney Museum Gala

Jennifer Hudson looked pretty in peach last night as she made her way down the red carpet at the Whitney Museum of Art Gala. The singer gave a special performance at the event which was chaired by her good friend Donatella Versace, Penelope Cruz and Liz Swig.

As we previously reported, Jennifer is heading back to her hometown of Chicago to shoot her ABC Christmas special in her old neighborhood. It will be Jennifer’s first visit back to Chicago since the tragedy that took the lives of three of her family members last year.

Jennifer Hudson Wgitney Museum Of Art Gala (3)Jennifer Hudson Wgitney Museum Of Art GalaJennifer Hudson Wgitney Museum Of Art Gala (1)


  1. She’s a big girl who never wears the right clothes for her size. She over emphasizes her bust too much.

  2. I think her smoky eye here is too racoon-ish but other than that she looks great! 🙂

  3. Nice dress, but I don’t like the make up, something doesn’t look right.

  4. I have to chide in as well and say that the make-up artist who did her up needs to care more for how she is presented. She is dressed great. love the dress.

  5. She needs to get married already.. Baby Mama status is not cute… I never understood women who let men impregnate them without the benefit of marriage..what’s she waiting for..

  6. This isn’t her first trip back to Chicago. She performed on the Oprah show at the opening of the season when Oprah shut down the Magnificent Mile. Get it together BS. The readers shouldn’t be more knowledgeable than the writers. Do the research. Anywhooo, that dress doesn’t fit right in the bodice and its too springy. But, its always good to see Jenny!

  7. The makeup is nice but the wig weighs down the look. Its too black and too long. It looks heavy and too dark for the make-up and dress. Its needs to be shortened to a natural length with some highlights.

  8. @ talent agent I was gonna say the same thing she’s been in the chi plenty of times after that I heard she has like a penthouse there or something but getting back on track she looks straight.

  9. Why do all the women always have to turn around and show their buts. It’s so not necessary.

  10. I’m just glad to see her smiling after everything with her family in all.. she’s blessed. And a beautiful woman…She’ll get ready when she decides too.. everyone’s opinion is their own. but…i just don’t understand why sistas always put one another down. As long as she feels good and is happy thats all that matters, not what anyone else thinks!!..more people need to learn how to uplift one another.. just my 2 cents.

  11. The eyes are too much but she is dressed really nice this time and the hair is fab. Overall she looks good.

  12. Wrong eye make~up for the dress. I agree with Wendi i don’t like the “over emphasizes on her breast” there are some classic looks she could use for the “Girls”. The color was great and it was a very slimming style.

  13. Love Jenny!!! But I agree w/ Talent Agent Btw…I never come here to get news. LOL! This is not the first time BS has reported obviously wrong and late info.

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