Jennifer Hudson Covers Essence Magazine

Jennifer Hudson Jennifer Hudson is covering the latest edition (June 2009) of Essence Magazine. It was refreshing to see Jen land the cover, however I keep wishing Essence would switch it up and bit and give covers to Brown Sistas who are also deserving. The mag has given feature stories to Meagan Good, Rihanna and Ciara- however, none of them have been given the coveted cover shot. With a new album out this would have been an excellent time to give Ciara the cover. Sadly, Essence seems to only pass out covers to Mary J. Blige Will & Jada and most recently, Beyonce, on the regular.

I love these artists just as much as the next person, but I have had my fill of them. There is a new generation of Brown Sistas out there who deserve their chance at cover stardom and it’s about time someone started recognizing them. Taraji P. Henson, Jazmine Sullivan, Keri Hilson, one of the Black Danity Kane girls- any of these sistas would make an excellent Essence cover girl. I’ll take anyone over the same batch of women they keep giving covers to now.


  1. I like Jennifer’s cover. She looks pretty. But Essence covers have become pretty standard at this point. Jennifer has been on three times already, maybe 4. So has Halle Berry. My gosh if I see Halle again I will scream. I think they give her the cover just for the hell of it. Likewise I am tired of Jada Pinkett with and without Will, Mary J. Blige, Gabrielle Union and men. They always put men on the cover sistas could care less about. Putting Tyler Perry on the cover was wrong and so was Terrence Howard. I agree the younger girls should be given a shot but that just ain’t going to happen. Essence is an old time magazine. We need fresh mags to cover the new girls. Vibe Vixen was good at that before they folded.

  2. I don’t know anyone who still buys Essence. It is like my mother’s magazine. They are stuck in the dark ages. Jewel is a great new magazine. It is hard to find though and I think they only put out six issues a year. They have had an array of sistas on the cover and it’s always interesting to see who will be next. They keep you guessing and have great photo shoots.

  3. Jennifer looks so pretty on the cover. She has a beautiful skin tone, what I consider the personification of Black beauty.

    Btw Steph, the Obama’s are Essence Magazine’s new addiction. Two covers since December already. Expect another Michelle cover before the year is out. I love Michelle and they do her justice on Black magazine covers. I don’t wanna see her all the time though. But what am I complaining for? I don’t even buy Essence. 😆

  4. Good point Stephanie. I have a subscription to Essence, and I get tired of seeing Will and Jada and Beyonce. I love them, but don’t wanna see them all the time. One time I through the magazine out by accident because I thought it was old. Turns out I was mistaken. Jet, Eboney and Essence all should consider putting new faces on the cover. Essence is my favorite. THEY SHOULD DO A POLL AND LET THE READERS CHOOSE THE NEXT PERSON ON THE COVER. :thumbsup:

  5. nice picture and im happy for her getting married :brownsista:

  6. I like Ciara, but I just don’t think she’s the ‘Essence’ typa chick…I can’t c her working an elegant ‘Essence’ cover…Jennifer looks beautiful btw…I think the ppl u named suit the magazine’s frame and look much more.

  7. :iagree: it’s like essence has a contract with some of these people that says they will give them at least 1 cover once, or even twice a year. it’s a little bit annoying, but yes jen looks great on the cover

    and yes, for some reason, i just can’t see ciara on the cover, and with rihanna’s nude pics on the net i doubt they will be asking her any time soon either

  8. It starts with ourself Stephany Your blog is very popular , they may not be too many people posting but it is very popular, when is the last time you post something on jazmine sullivan? Check youtube for Nikki Jane,Natasha,Where are the posts about lil kim and her great journey on dancing with the stars? Some media just go by what urban blogs do It’s sad, but hey you guys are successful and you own it to others to give them some light,All these chicks you cited upstairs get also too much time on blogs, Yours included :hifive: I’m not dissing you sista you already know how my online character is, I’m just saying :thumbsup:

    Jennifer lookd beautiful I hate the weave on her head,I’ll grab a copy just because it’s her i stopped subscribing to essence and all them itgirlwewantyou magazines 😆

  9. stephanie, girl i so agree about the musical chairs of the essence cover shot.

  10. voice, you have a good point almost none of the urban blogs covered lil kim’s stint on dwts and if they did it was in a snide and satirical manner.

  11. yeah people only promot kim when she does something nasty or goes to jail but when shes actually doing something good people pass by her, such a shame

  12. I am celebrating a magazine that honors the beauty and smarts of black women. Thats enough for me. :bowdown:

  13. To talk about Essence magazine not featuring enough on the other brown sistas is quite hypocritical coming from these blogs who feature the same tired people doing the same tired things – Beyonce, Ciara, Kim Kardashian, Solange, Jay Z, Diddy, Kanye, Rihanna, etc…- on a daily basis. What have you done to change the game? :brownsista:

  14. Essence will find itself in the same dark hole as VIBE is heading if they don’t do something soon. Okay, maybe that was too doom-filled. LOL. VIBE’s demise is due to other things. But I agree with you. Jennifer is gorgeous here; just fabulous. It’s good to see her on the cover. But I concur that Essence does play musical chairs with certain celebs. Maybe that’s just a sign of the times—maybe it won’t sell if it features just regular Black women models or other Black women? I remember back in the day Essence would do this and maybe like every other cover would be a celeb or something. Oh well. Great cover. Thanks for posting Steph!


  15. Jennifer is amazing and looks peaceful…..bring it on miss voice.Brownsista cnt go a week without posting 5 articlez on bey,so Stephanie you are the last person to complain she brings in more comments and …….stephanie be the change you wanna see however i fully support your statement.

  16. @ Stephanie: :iagree:
    I would like to see a variety of artists. Especially artists that rarely get press. I also agree with having Jasmine Sullivan on the cover especially since she has that great cotton commercial out.

    And what happened to features?? Now people who “land” a cover only have a 1 page article on them saying the same thing.

    Jennifer looks so beautiful on the cover.

  17. Rihanna and Ciara fans don’t read Essence. Beyonce fans are older. That being said, I don’t care for Essence, it’s always the same people on the cover. They could put Viola Davis, Zoe Zaldana, Tia/Tamera Mowry, Kelly Rowland, Jessica White, Chrisette Michelle (WHO JUST BEAT CIARA ON THE ALBUM SALES BILLBOARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I’m glad about that) and so many more women.

    This is a nice cover, but I don’t buy Essence anymore.

  18. I think Jennifer looks fab. Who cares how many times she is on? They wanna sell mags not give out covers charitably.

    I wanna be on there one day, after I write my million selling novel.

    Anyway back to Jennifer and Essence, I still read Essence and I’m relatively young.

    PS Tres, tres, declasse to use the N-word on a blog.

  19. To the person who said this blog doesn’t go a week without posting about Beyonce- that is a lie. Check my Beyonce category or click on a Beyonce tag and you will see that before Tuesday I hadn’t posted a single article on Beyonce in over two weeks. Check the dates of my Beyonce posts and you will see I probably post about this chick the least. Every time she walks down the street and is photographed the blogs carry it because they know her lovers and haters will come out in force and comment, comment, comment.

    As for covering a more diverse group of women- I should and will. BS is being redesigned as I write this and a lot of things will be changing soon. None of that however changes the fact of my article. Essence regurgitates the same group of celebrities over and over again and it has nothing to do with this blog or bloggers in general. They have been doing this since they scrapped showing professional models on the cover.

  20. Essence puts the same people on the cover that all of these blogs have everday all day. I am sick of all of these people. There are so many sisters out here doing things and not just entertainment things, but, big great things in medicine, behind the scenes, or creating businesses like the extremely intelligent lady who runs this blog. I would like to see more things like that. But I can understand Stephanie because Beyonce threads gets over a hundred everytime because people have to give their opinions about everything. But I would like to see more people like Vivian Green I would love to know what she’s doing now.

  21. Beyonce fans are older
    :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: rotfl PLEASE dnt go there

  22. @ Stephanie,

    A new design? YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :thumbsup:

  23. This doesn’t seem to be an “Essence” issue Jet does the same thing. I’m certain that if they did put a bigger variety of people on the cover more issue would be sold I might actually consider buying one myself!

  24. There are lots of sites that need love out here from Essence…Brown Sista is always Positive cept for those nasty folks who always got something negative to say…and BTW Stephanie…whatever happened to that Get Togetha? She was posting some amazing stuff for u!!! I miss her stuff!…

    Jenny looking good and yes…Essence need an upgrade…they are so in your face with the celebrity that they forget black people need more…

  25. Oh Lord, people still dont get it? Essence like every other publication put people on the cover who SELL MAGAZINES!!!! Alot of the lesser known stars mentioned would not get the issues moving off the newstands!!! For example how interested are you in a magainze whose cover features someone you do not know? Dont worry I’ll wait……………………………………………………
    Im 24 and I still have an Essence subscription because it sometimes has good articles, good product suggestions, and fashion ideas. I dont look for gritty cutting edge material, or hip music news in Essence! Thats what DEB and Juxtaposition is for. Unfortunately for Essence unlike publications that appeal to the white demographic the pool of recognizable names and faces is quite small and shallow.

  26. I think even the women you mentioned are still too mainstream (ciara, jazmine, megan etc). I would like to see more “alternative” black women celebrities (if they most stick with celebrities)…such as Estelle, Amel, Chrisette Michele, Goapele, etc.

  27. I am an avid reader of Essence and loved the issue with J Hud on the cover. I admit that they do recycle the same batch of women (if I see Monique on another cover I will scream)! I don’t know why that is but Keri Hilson, Chrisette Michele, Lauren London, Chandra Wilson, Audra MacDonald, etc. would all make worthy cover girls.

  28. I love BS but I don’t want to call you out or anything, it’s just a constructive criticism so please don’t get mad at me. But you also cover the same celebs most of the time. Sometimes I go to other blogs and I read news about other brown sistas and I go on BS to check if you’ve covered them and then, nothing. I also see that your blog recycles the same women over and over again.

  29. Correction: Taraji IS on the cover of essence..I have the book at my desk now. its with Serena, and Iman. the april 09 issue. Check your facts.

  30. Maybe you should check your facts. It’s May and the latest edition of Essence is the June cover, with Jennifer on it. The magazine is already on newsstands here in NY.

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