J-Hudson Debuts New Video

Along with showing off her fabulous new figure, singer Jennifer Hudson is also showing off her new dance moves in the video for her single “No One Gonna Love You.”

Directed by Diane Martel and featuring “The Wire’s” Hassan Johnson, ‘No One’ finds Jennifer lamenting the lack of interest her man has in their relationship.

Jennifer doesn’t pine for lost love too long as she quickly does what most broken-hearted women do: she invites her girlfriends over so they can dance about it (lol).

All kidding aside- I love this video and the concept. Jennifer’s confidence seems to be at an all time and it shows in her willingness to let it all hang out in this video.

“No One Gonna Love You” is the second single off of Jennifer’s “I Remember Me” album which is in stores now. Pick it up if you haven’t done so already.


  1. Like the song but not the video 🙁 …And Jen please only stick to singing.

  2. Too cute!! She is clearly trying new things and having fun go Jen!!!

  3. Mediocre song, mediocre video. Even mediocre camera work. Sorry.

  4. in my opinion its a boooo…still love her though. but she is trying to something i cant figure it out yet…

  5. this is the kind of music Beyawnsay needs to graduate to. Cute video, nice song.

  6. Can people please leave Beyonce out this…come on…the one that claim not to like her are the one that always talk about her…

  7. I really like that song and the video! I think I am about to get on Itunes and download her new cd right now.

  8. Nice song Jen should do wath she wants , unless you’re a man you shouldn’t worry another woman’s dancing take your lesbian self to the strip club. The word is singer , all the rest of the gyrating is smoke and mirror

  9. Is it blasphemy for using Beyonce’s name in vain or is it for using Gods name in vain or are they one in the same to you fools? I thought that cute guy, Julious, was her body guard but it looks like she has an army of unpaid militia out here trying to guard her body when they cant even get to her themselves. Idiots! Y’all are getting your panties in a bunch over that chick and she has y’all blocked away from her while she jet sets around the globe, shops at the finest and live in the finest using your money and not even giving damn about y’all. Do you think she is sitting around thinking how sweet you are for standing up for her and sending out handwritten thank you notes to you? Hell naw. Just buy the cd, the concert ticket and get away from her or her real body gurd will take you out. Y’all claim Beyonce is so great so why do you get scared and crazy when she is spoken of? Are you afraid of seeing the truth tht she’s only human? I swear half of you dont get this ruffled with people talk about God/Jesus, the being responsible for your life and well being. Y’all couldnt come any closer to Beyonce than you are now seated at your computer but you can go to God any time of the day. Still you rep her over Him all day long. With that said, I agree that Beyonce’s music needs to come to this for her to continue to grow with her audience or she will end up like Michael and Janet Jackson, both of whom kept reaching back for that younger demographic who is not interested in an aging artist while their core audience who supported them all along was maturing and moving on to other things/experiences. I think she gets that now and is trying to change it with this cd. Now, if only the BumbleBeys would get a grip and realize she needs to grow then maybe they will grow too. And, her career will have longevity because she has worked very hard to get where she is and I applaud her for that.SMDH! Stan for Jesus only. Human beings are fallible.

  10. This is my favorite song 4rm the album. But I still think she should’ve been a stalker. And to the person who wrote an article about Beyonce, SMH. This is a Jennifer Hudson post. Beyonce’s name gets involved then everyone starts forgetting the main topic of the post. Jennifer dnt try and dance. All I saw was body roll body roll left right left right. You did more than that in Dreamgirls. And I think a lot of Beyonce’s songs are even more mature than this.

  11. Haha Bailey so what did you think about Jennifer’s video? I mean that WAS the topic at hand.



  13. I love this video and the song even more now with the video…I think she did a great job! Jennifer has an incredible job in marketing her music…videos, etc…because her career is crazy…it’s playing out backwards, then forwards and then in the middle. So I like the changing up of things with this video…she won an Oscar before the release of her first cd and her acting career is in a dead heat race with her music career…her weight loss astonished and weight watchers’ commercials are like music videos…there is no box for Ms. Hudson…so this video is no surprise…a delight and ok to watch for younger fans…

    Go Jennifer!!!

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